Trent Williams takes heat for skipping lockout workouts

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As Redskins players conduct the June edition of their lockout workouts, the first draft pick of the Shanahan era is catching flak for staying away from the sessions.

Tackle Trent Williams hasn’t showed up for any of the practices.  He is now defending himself from criticism arising from his no-shows.

I thought this was a quarterbacks and receivers thing,” Williams told ESPN 980 on Wednesday. “I haven’t talked to anybody on the O-line.”

He offered a different excuse for not being there in May.  “I was in a wedding,” Williams said.

Williams says he’ll use the criticism as motivation, that he has been working out on his own, that he’s stronger than ever, and that he has spoken with some teammates about his absence.

With Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth destined to become former Redskins, Williams is hanging out in the work-ethic on-deck circle.  Once they’re gone, look for coaches, teammates, media, and fans to pay a lot more attention to whether the fourth overall selection in the 2010 draft is doing all he can do in order to be the best he can be.

9 responses to “Trent Williams takes heat for skipping lockout workouts

  1. Word in college = lazy and gifted.

    Word in NFL = rich, lazy and gifted.

    That combo usually leads to = just lazy.

    The lazier you are, the quicker your skills diminish, and sooner you’re broke.

  2. Totally stupid. As a Redskin fan, I could not care less if Trent Williams skips some useless, symbolic workouts that could lead to a freak injury. No player, in fact, should be doing any organized ball, just stay in decent shape.

  3. He isn’t the only player that has avoided these meetings. He claims he is working out hard. He is trying new training techniques and claims that he is in the best shape that he has ever been.

    Also, I am really not sure how much benefit the offensive and defensive line will get from practising without pads or helmets. I can see why players that are on roster bubble could benefit from demonstrating their commitment. I can see why players who work in space could benefit from these shorts and shirt sleeve get togethers.

    I find it hard to criticise the only guaranteed starter on the offensive line from turning up to sessions with a bunch of guys who may well not even make the final roster, let alone start alongside him on game day. I’d rather my starting left tackle didn’t risk injury in a makeshift training session.

    Now, if he turns to training camp out of shape(presuming we get them) his team-mates should feel free to criticise. However, Kory Lichtensteiger should probably wait until he has demonstrated that he has improved his strength enough to stop getting shunted into the backfield by everyone he plays against.

  4. Why haven’t you pointed out that Laron Landry hasn’t shown up either? Don’t these fools realize what not showing up says to their team? Don’t the Dallas Cowboys understand what a massive bag of smashed a**holes they are?

  5. How many great left tackles have come into the league in the last several years, while the Redskins were drafting boneheads?

  6. Who cares, lots of players aren’t doing these and linemen benefit the least from non-contact “practices”.

    Also, thinking the practices were for skill position players and being in a wedding are not mutually exclusive.

    Not story-worthy.

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