Umenyiora to file affidavit about broken promises, may still want out of New York


This had been a quiet offseason for Osi Umenyiora, for once.  That’s about to change.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Umenyiora will file a sworn affidavit next month as part of the the players’ antitrust lawsuit against the NFL.

Schefter also says the Giants face a “critical decision” regarding Umenyiora, who has two years left on his deal and has moved out of his New Jersey home with plans to live in Atlanta.  Umenyiora is “no longer confident” he’ll get a contract extension in New York.

We’re not sure the Giants face much of a decision. Umenyiora is under contract for two more years at relatively low prices.  They’ll likely keep him and he doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

Of course, Umeyniora’s statements could further strain the relationship between the two sides.  Here is a portion of the affadavit, relating a meeting between Umenyiora and G.M. Jerry Reese.

“After about an hour of discussing my current contract, as well as the contracts of other defensive ends currently playing in the National Football League, Mr. Reese told me that two years from the start of the 2008 league year, if I was currently playing at a high level, we’d either renegotiate my current contract so that it would be equal to that of the top five defensive ends playing or I would be traded to a team that would do that,” Umenyiora said.

“Before leaving the meeting, I asked Mr. Reese twice if he was absolutely sure that would be the case. He then told me that he was an honest and church-going man and that he would not lie, which I believed to the be the case. Under the penalty of perjury these statements are true and accurate.”

The NFLPA* likely chose Umenyiora as one of the ten plaintiffs in their antitrust case just for this testimony, in order to show the players have suffered “irreparable harm.”

Our question: Why is this coming out now?

Is Umenyiora trying to signal interested trade partners that he wants out?  Or is it being used to further the player’s antitrust case?

No matter the reason, the timing is odd considering the tenuous progress and trust being built at the moment between the NFL and NFLPA* at the moment.

41 responses to “Umenyiora to file affidavit about broken promises, may still want out of New York

  1. Get over it! He has two years remaining on his contract.

    Good for the Giants, hold his hand to the fire or better the contract he signed.

  2. LeSean McCoy already tweeted that Osi was “Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly”

    you can follow McCoy @CutonDime25

  3. Come on man….can’t we all just get along?

    As a Giants fan, I like Osi, but he’s not an elite DE anymore. He’s a great pass rusher but gets washed out easily in the running game.

    Know your role Osi. Come on back to NY for 2 years, get your 7 or 8 sacks a year and then feel free to pack your bags.

  4. Umenyiora is “no longer confident” he’ll get a contract extension in New York.
    What has he done to deserve one?

  5. Diehard Giants/Osi fan here:

    I absolutely think he deserves the contract extension. Tied for 7th in the league in sacks last year and 1st in the NFL with 10 FF’s… and that’s being spelled fairly often by other DE’s (I couldn’t tell you the % snaps he played, but I’m positive it was significantly lower than Tuck). Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty dominant play for a defensive end.

    If I’m Jerry Reese, I’m extending Osi for 2-3 more seasons or trading him for no less than a 1st round pick elsewhere. Although he’s not “dominant” in run defense, he makes plays constantly in the pass game and creates turnovers more than any other player on our defense. It would definitely be a mistake to let him go.

  6. Question for the PFTers :
    If there is an agreement in the next 2-3 weeks between the players and the league, What happens to this antitrust lawsuit? Do the players still pursuit it? Does it get dropped as part of the deal? Also, do they settle the damages from the TV fiasco in this deal as well?

    These are some questions that haven;t been broached yet. Maybe because we’re waiting to make sure there actually is an agreement.

  7. Everybody knows contracts are only binding on players in the NFL. Teams sign them but aren’t bound by them.

    For a player to feel that he was mislead by the lies he was told is kind of silly. For his agent to let him publicize that fact is ridiculous, given that it makes Osi and the agent look like fools in the process.

    Rule 1 in the NFL for players: your contract is the only thing that matters and it only matters until your team decides that it doesn’t.

    And yeah, they should fix that, contracts should be binding both ways and teams should only try to lock up players under terms that are favorable given that reality.

    If a typical contract was 2 years, guaranteed both ways, with the player a free agent at the end of it all of these issues would go away.

  8. You know between this guy, Jacobs, Burress and even further back to Barber, you have to question the Giants ability to culture quality sportsmanship.

  9. Sometimes the juxtaposition of stories s just too perfect.
    This story: Osi spending money on suits.
    Story below this: JDR also spending money on suits.

  10. Plax needs a home and deserves a big contract, but he is an ex con that has been a girlfriend for 2 years

    Osi doesn’t make enough $, but he is under contract for 2 more years, need this done asap too.

    how about the Giants go away for a bit till we have actual football under way

    or do we need to talk about that loser Jacobs this week too

  11. @ Chapman_Jamie:

    Name me a team that hasn’t had player contract issues in the past 5 seasons…

  12. “What has he done to deserve one?”

    How about having 10 forced fumbled… 4 more than anyone else in the league, whilst having the same sack count as Tuck?

  13. berniemadoffsides says: Jun 16, 2011 11:31 AM

    @ Chapman_Jamie:

    Name me a team that hasn’t had player contract issues in the past 5 seasons…


  14. Wow, do any of you actually watch Giants games or football for that matter? Osi terrorizes QB’s every game, whether he’s actually knocking them to the ground, sacking them, hitting them, or even just hurrying them, he’s ALWAYS involved in pass plays.

    And again, 12 sacks last year, 10 FF’s. Jason Taylor won Defensive POY in 2006 with 13.5 sacks and 9 FF’s. Really? Osi hasn’t done anything in this league? Averaging 10.5 sacks and 5 FF’s in his past 5 full seasons with the Giants? I’ll take that every year from my weakside DE.

    Who’s been better statistically? Jared Allen, that’s it. The only other WSDE that’s comparable is Dwight Freeney.

    “two years from the start of the 2008 league year, if I was currently playing at a high level…”

    too bad he wasn’t playing at a “high level.”
    he missed all of the 08 season with an injury. in 09 he lost his starting job for the last 5 games of the season, didn’t make the probowl or allpro team, and finished tied for 23rd in the league with 7 sacks. seems to me like he wasn’t playing at a high level.

    if that’s the best the NFLPA can do to “prove” damages they’re in trouble.

  16. I’ve been a Giants fan since I was born and I always support the players, but as spoken about above, Burress, Jacobs, Umenyiora, and Barber ALWAYS gave the organization unnecessary stress/problems. Plaxico Burress is my favorite player but the slacker couldn’t make team meetings, hated to practice, and wanted to be a rogue player at the WR position, which is unacceptable. Jacobs was a distraction on and off the field for two years with his mouth and his actions. Osi has been complaining for years about contract issues and problems with the defensive coordinator (believe me, I hated Bill Sheridan too, but Osi was coming off of microfracture knee surgery and was not playing at the height of his game, so he deserved to be benched at times), and Barber was a distraction with and without the Giants, announcing retirement in mid-2006 like a jackass and dissing young Eli Manning (who by the way, led the team to a Super Bowl promptly following Barber’s departure). This has nothing to do with the organization. There are idiot players all over the place and we only seem to have a few, so it’s not all that bad. Reese hooks players up with contracts if they show him what they are made of. Osi had a decent year last year, but nothing to drool over. Cut the nonsense and wait until the lockout is over and just play the damn game.

  17. @ berniemadoffsides

    too bad the verbal agreement wasn’t for 3 years down the road (not that there has been any sort of offseason since the ’10 season anyways). it was for the offseason BEFORE 2010. how can you expect the giants to restructure his contract & give him more money when he’s not even good enough to keep his starting job.

    @ nahcouldntbethat

    1) the GM didn’t lie. osi was so bad he lost his starting job in 09.
    2) the contracts are binding from a players perspective. haynesworth still got his guaranteed money when he refused to actually try. burress still got his after he shot himself in the leg with a gun he was illegally carrying.

  18. This is exactly what is wrong with the CBA, the NFL is locked into everything and the players think after they sign a contract…………it’s only insurance and if I out play it I will holdout till they give me a bigger better contract!

    The Judges need to explain to the players a contract is a promise and no goodwill is created by never living up to your obligations!

  19. it is obviously to get a trade both the players and owners know this lawsuit is pretty much done when they seal the deal on june 30th osi just wants to signal to other teams that he wants a trade maybe the cowboys land him i wouldn’t mind him playing alongside d ware and ratliff man that would be awesome he seems like he would love to get some retribution on the giants for the “broken promises” what better way then to plant eli into the ground repeatedly 😀

  20. Tuck gets maid less then Osi. Osi has earned the contract he has, 6 years 41 Million. He signed it and he has produced as expected. He has not exceeded the contract. He missed all of 2008 and still got paid. 2009 he was a malcontent, so it sounds like Jerry Reese honored his word because two years from the begining of 2008, Osi had not done anything. Be thnakful you have a job making $3.5 Million. If you suffered ireeperable harm, look in the mirror chief, becuase you signed that contract for six years.

  21. Tuck gets paid less then Osi. Osi has earned the contract he has, 6 years 41 Million. He signed it and he has produced as expected. He has not exceeded the contract. He missed all of 2008 and still got paid. 2009 he was a malcontent, so it sounds like Jerry Reese honored his word because two years from the begining of 2008, Osi had not done anything. Be thnakful you have a job making $3.5 Million. If you suffered ireeperable harm, look in the mirror chief, becuase you signed that contract for six years.

  22. He lost his starting job because of a knee injury… before 2008, Osi was the clear-cut starter. He wasn’t fully healed from knee surgery in 2009, and that’s why he wasn’t himself. Two years after tearing his ACL – 12 sacks and 10 FF’s?

    Yeah, you’re right. He’s terrible. Lots of DE’s do that.

  23. @ berniemadoffsides

    “before 2008, Osi was the clear-cut starter”
    and that was the same time they made their agreement. osi had to continue playing at that same level (a top producing player) for another 2 years to get a new contract or be traded. he didn’t. do you honestly expect the giants to say, “even though you have yet to show you’re the same player you where before your injury, here’s a new contract anyways”?

    if he wants to argue that after this past season he’s back to where he was before and now deserves a new contract or to be traded, that’s fine. they can work it out after a new CBA is reached. but 1) the GM didn’t lie to him 2)the uncapped year had nothing to do with him not getting a contract last offseason 3)the current lockout has not permanently prevented him from getting or reduced the amount of a new contract he could receive. 4) the time period for that deal expired.

    thus, his affidavit is pointless. he’s just trying to use the league’s current situation as contract/trade leverage.

  24. @ ravensfan4life52:

    A lot of teams would want him… St. Louis is one of them, I’m sure. If we got a 1st and JPP had another year under his belt, I’d feel a lot better about parting ways with Osi.

  25. It never ceases to amaze me that so many of you hate the players so much. This man has a very very time constrained window within which to sell his talents.

    Why is it that his efforts to maximize the gain for those talents within that window are somehow evil? It’s exactly the same thing the owners are trying to do, except that no entire team will ever fall to injury. In other words, a player is bargaining from a position of inherent weakness, and a team is bargaining from a position of inherent strength.

    A player signs a big contract, is suddenly injured, his production falters and fails, his contract is not guaranteed. One year later, he is released. The next year, he has to fight for a contract, if he’s able to play at all. Perhaps he gets one, perhaps he does not.

    A team has a great player at a crucial position, they have paid him, and promise to pay him more. But he is suddenly injured. They put him on IR and go get another player. When the injured star is released, the team has already transitioned seamlessly. Their revenue stream was not in any way interrupted. The injured star however, has been released, and now he’s an injury question mark. Can he perform? Who’s going to take that chance? Where is his revenue stream?

    This is the reason that the old CBA was weighted towards the players. Because they risk more, and when they lose what they risk, it cannot be replaced.

    Why are you all so stupid and blind?

  26. @ t1mmy10:

    Bottom line: if he’s being paid under $5M/year, he’s underpaid. I’m talking about his base salary and his guaranteed signing bonus. If those two combined for 2011 are less than $5M, he’s getting hosed. I realize he was given a $15M signing bonus… I just need to see what the breakdown of his contract is and how much he lost in 2008.

  27. Trade him to Cincy for Carson Palmer.

    The Giants can then trade Palmer to any team who is willing to give up a young LB for him, and the Giants will fill one of their big holes.

    Everybody gets what they want.

  28. @ blarch

    we don’t hate the players, we’re just realistic. there is a finite revenue supply. if you’re going to continue to pay a former superstar player that can no longer start due to an injury like he is still a superstar, then that money has to come from somewhere. it’ll come from the player’s salary who took his place. i think if that player is no longer on a team’s roster, he doesn’t deserve to still be paid for the job he’s no longer doing. that’s true of any profession.
    plus, just because he can’t make millions any more doesnt mean he’s cut off for life. he can go out and get a normal job just like anyone else. i think being paid a couple million in the past few years & now being on a 40-60k/year salary is perfectly fine to live off of. every sports player (and every non-sports worker in america) knows that the non-guaranteed portions of his/her salaries completely depends on them being able to physically & mentally do their jobs. if they can’t they aren’t going to make as much as they were before. that’s why mommy & daddy always said it’s important to save your money & not to go out and blow it on expensive tastes.

  29. i like osi but the giants have an emerging star in JPP. i say shockey his azz to the team that gives the giants the best deal. with the remaining years on his contract im sure the giants could get a 2nd and a 5th in next years draft. the giants are known for treating their players well….trade this dope to some garbage organization and let osi realize just how good he had it.

    oh, and lets not forget….osi didnt do shiite in 09 because of injuries….but of course he still got paid. as far as i can tell osi still owes the giants one more good season before he gets his extension.

  30. @ berniemadoffsides

    Lol not really. I’m not arguing that osi doesn’t currently deserve a new contract. Mikes post & osi’s filing of the affidavit has nothing to do with that irrelevant point either. I’m saying its a complete joke he’s claiming he was “irreparablely harmed” and that the GM didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. Again, if he feels he currently deserves a new contract, that’s fine, he can demand a trade or sit out til he gets one when there is a new cba. But this is certainly not the way to go about it & in no way did he deserve one last off-season.

  31. Where was his agent? If you are told something that you need for the contract to be a good one… GET IT IN WRITING!!!!

    When the GM said, “…. two years….,” then Osi should have said, “Put it in writing.”

    Many contracts have an opt-out after 2 or 3 years for just this reason. That allows both the team to get rid of a draft bust and a player to get paid if he becomes an unexpected star. Any competent agent would know how to word that.

  32. The ONLY reason Osi got all the attention in past years is because Stray was on the other side and usually double teamed allowing Osi an easier route to the QB.

    What has he done lately?? He is just not all-pro caliber these days.

    Yeah he was hurt but it seems like he hasn’t put out 100% effort. Ya know, once an acl is blown guys always think twice. He previously mentioned he wanted to be reunited with Spags, I say trade em. to St Louis

    He’s just gonna whine for the next two seasons and will be a cancer in the lockeroom.

    Gotta watch out for those “honest church goin’ types, they’ll screw ya in a NY minute

  33. He missed the 2008 season, and was mediocre during the 2009 season coming back from the injury. So when the 2010 ‘nfl year’ began, he was not playing at a high level, not even close. So where did the Jerry Reese lie?

    I like Osi, but most of his sacks where knocking the ball out of the QB’s hand as he was running by behind the QB, not actually hitting him. He isn’t even close to the level that Tuck plays at. No way is he worth top 5 money.

  34. If Osi does get traded i think the Giants should look for a linebacker in exchange Like Paul Posluszny or a 1st round pick. They should also Get Tamba Hali, Good Pass Rusher at Outside linebacker and Defensive end in Free Agency!!! PSU linebackers Will solve the Giants Linebacker Issue once and for all.

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