Bush disputes report that he had permission to talk to other teams

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In response to Jason Cole’s report that Saints running back Reggie Bush received permission in February to talk to other teams, WWL radio opted to go straight to the Bush’s mouth for confirmation.  Or otherwise.

They got the otherwise.

The question from WWL, via text:  “Yahoo sports is reporting that the saints gave u permission back in February to gauge interest of other teams for u.  Is that accurate?”

The response:  “Lol!  Absolutely not!

Then:  “just so I have this right u were never given permission to gauge interest of other teams? Right?”

The reply:  “For the second time no.”

(And then the cock crowed.)

There are, in our view, four possible explanations.  First, Cole is wrong and Reggie is right.  Second, Cole is right, the permission had been given directly to his agent, Joel Segal, and Bush didn’t know about it.  Third, Cole is right and Bush knows it and Bush decided to lie for the sake of lying.  Fourth, Cole is right and Bush knows it but Bush panicked and denied it because the Saints insisted that the information be concealed.

Regardless of whether Bush didn’t know, whether he lied because he likes it, or whether he was simply trying to keep his word to keep it secret, we suspect that Cole’s report is accurate.  With Reggie due to earn a base salary of $11.8 million in 2011 and with the Saints surely unwilling to pay that much money for a third-down back and kick returner, the Saints likely believe that, in the end, they’ll offer as much or more for a part-time player than any other team would be willing to spend.

Of course, the fact that the Saints could be the highest bidder doesn’t mean that they’ll get the contract.  Bush, a marketing dynamo with no need for money, can make his decision for reasons other than the price tag.

Finally, as to the notion that the Saints gave Bush permission to talk to other teams in advance of a possible trade, we can’t imagine Bush agreeing to rework his contract when, as a practical matter, the Saints surely won’t let him take a rep in training camp under his current deal, given the reality that a torn ACL would cost Bush the season — and the Saints the full $11.8 million.

So look for everyone to continue to say the right thing.  Right until the second training camp opens, and the Saints part ways with the second overall pick in the 2006 draft.

14 responses to “Bush disputes report that he had permission to talk to other teams

  1. They’re going to work it out. He’ll be a Saint in 2011. Doesn’t really matter what’s said now. The Saints value him higher than anyone else.

  2. I tend to believe Reggie in his denial that he was given permission to talk to other teams. Cole has had a vendetta against Reggie for several years and if he had 3 sources claiming that “several” teams were willing to pay him “handsomely” this would have leaked out back in February when this supposedly happened.

  3. Bush is great at denying things. At least the Saints wont have to worry about their Super Bowl trophy getting taken away

  4. He’s mad because after telling teams interested how much he wanted, they all texted back: LMAO!

  5. Whatever. As a Saints fan, I don’t care. None of this crap matters. It’s all speculation. We have a better shot at knowing who killed Kennedy. Whenever the CBA is reached, then his contract matters. Right now, he’s probably shagging on top of a thousand $1 bills in a foreign country while we’re debating his future.

    We’re all football hungry right now, but come the heff on and let’s talk about something that matters.

  6. “Bush, a marketing dynamo with no need for money”
    Really? The Reggie Bush that had his Heisman recalled? That cost his school a title? The Reggie Bush that’s done next-to-nothing as a pro? A marketing dynamo?

  7. goforthanddie says:
    Jun 17, 2011 7:38 PM

    The Reggie Bush that had his Heisman recalled?

    You have as much credibility as Jason Cole.

  8. Let’s see. Things are slow and continuing to push the idea there’s drama between the Saints and Bush keeps the speculative posts coming. It’s pretty convenient for PFT to believe Jason Cole, Mike.

  9. Why is this tagged as a Steelers article? Do you really think Pittsburgh is in play for this guy? If we were going to spend that kind of money, it should be for a shutdown corner … even though you don’t think we really need a shutdown corner 😉

  10. “Lol! Absolutely not!“


    I thought only chicks typed “lol”.

  11. Bush needs to go to a passing team without a rb like Colts or NE … He has to walk from his millions before he is cut but he will be paid what he is really worth at least.

  12. I can see Ireland and the Dolphins going after him once free agency begins. They need a scat back/third down back that can relieve rookie Daniel Thomas. Also Bush would be a huge upgrade at KR/PR as well.

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