Moon thinks Pryor should get a chance to play quarterback

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Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon made major waves earlier this year when he suggested that some of the criticism directed at former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was motivated by race.  Despite the criticism, Newton became the first overall pick in the draft, and he’ll be given a full opportunity to become the Panthers’ first true franchise quarterback.

Given that quarterback Terrelle Pryor may not even be given a chance to play quarterback, Moon is expressing similar opinions.  In a recent interview with Hank Koebler and Jason Braddock of the NFL Red Zone Report, Moon addressed his concern that race is possibly fueling the presumption that Pryor can’t play quarterback.

“It really bothers me because this kid has won a tremendous amount of football games as a quarterback at Ohio State, a major university in a major conference,” Moon said.  “They’ve won BCS bowl games, he’s been a major star in those bowl games.  If you look at his numbers he’s a 61 percent passer in college, he’s first or second all-time in all of their passing statistics at Ohio State University, but for some reason they don’t want to give him an opportunity to play quarterback.  It just saddens me that people still think that way.  This is a kid that just needs a little bit more fine-tuning, he needs to be coached a little bit better, but he’s got all the skill set in order to be a great quarterback and I just don’t understand why we still have all that narrow-minded thinking when it comes to great athletes like a Terrelle Pryor, like a Cam Newton, or anyone else that has great athletic ability.  African-American quarterbacks get penalized because of their athleticism sometimes.”

But Newton ultimately didn’t get penalized; that’s where Moon’s argument crumbles a bit.  That said, Moon made a pretty good point in comparing Pryor to a fellow former Washington quarterback.  “Jake Locker’s a guy that I never heard mentioned playing another position,” Moon said.  “They just mentioned him going maybe a little bit lower in the draft, but he ended up going to the number eight pick as we all saw.  I think people are willing to give him the time to perfect his skills and some of the things he needs to work on to be a big-time quarterback in the pro game.  And I just wish they would do that for other guys.  Because like I said, if you look at what Terrelle Pryor has done on the football field he’s been as good as any quarterbacks in the country.”

Locker is regarded as a project of sorts, with footwork and accuracy issues being attributed to his baseball career — and the NFL apparently willing to give him the time to complete the transition.  Ditto for Tim Tebow, an athletic white quarterback who has a long way to go to become an NFL pocket passer, but whom the Broncos nevertheless made a first-round draft pick in 2010.

We’d like to think that race isn’t an issue in matters of this nature, in part because the obsession with winning and/or remaining employed would prompt a NFL coach to make colorblind decisions as to any position on the depth chart.  And in part because we’d like to think society has evolved to a point where certain characteristics unrelated to performance don’t matter.

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  1. One problem Warren, stupid knows no color. Pryor is possibly one of the worst decision makers on the field I’ve seen in the past decade.

    Nobody denies his talent, his football instincts suck.

  2. This isn’t racism, although Moon might have you think it is.

    Pryor isn’t being considered for other positions because he’s black, it’s because he’s incredibly fast and a great athlete. The comparison to Jake Locker is a red herring. If Locker weren’t such a good quarterback, the only other position he’d be considered for is punter.

    Moon thinks he’s keeping himself relevant with his comments supporting black quarterbacks, but in reality he’s becoming a sports version of Al Sharpton, trying to put out a fire that was extinguished years ago.

  3. They should make a movie for Warren Moon:

    Tyler Perry’s Warren Moon Battle Cry – A touching story how an old vet and hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon defies all odds and cries about racism at every turn when black quarterbacks are doubted. Moon excels in this role and shows off his acting chops on his way to a best actor nomination for an oscar. His ability to pull of the battle cry and non-stop complaining has wowed critics and fans alike.

  4. “African-American quarterbacks get penalized because of their athleticism sometimes.”

    Nope. They tend to get penalized because the overwhelming majority suck in the pros.

  5. Can Warren Moon please comment on Jamarcus Russell and Vince Young? Black “athletic” QBs can be total busts too. Is it because they are black, probably not, but Moon conveniently would never comment on those two.

    I think MF nailed it on the head. All that matters is wins and losses. With 60% of the NFL being black (while only 12% of the american population is black), I think there is little to none “Racism” going on it. Do some decisions here and there maybe have race being a small factor, maybe. But Cam Newton should tell you right there that his race didn’t matter.

  6. Moon, should just let it happen. I dont need nor want Moon telling me how good Prryor is, Ive seen him play and he aint that good. I’ve read where Pryor is a likely 4th rd pk. And Moon, dont even compare Pryor to Tebow.

  7. I think a lot of the talk of Pryor transitioning comes simply from his terrific size/speed combo. He is about 4 inches taller than Locker, faster over 40 yards, has longer arms and bigger hands. Jake has to make or break at the Qb position. I don’t really think he has an alternative.

    Surprising factoid – Tebow was the MOST PRODUCTIVE OFFENSIVE PLAYER IN THE NFL over the last three games of the 2010 season, once he became a full time players. According to the NFL Fantasy analysts.

  8. As long as he’s black he supports. This just in, Warren moon supports Marcus Vick leg stomping, and Michael Vick dog fighting. Oh and he thinks Jamarcus Russell is the next Jim plunkett.

  9. It is certainly not like it was in Moon’s day, but it would be a little naive to think that it has completely gone away.

    There were just as many Tim Tebow critics, and plenty of experts predicted he would go or at least should go in the 4th round and play TE instead of QB.

    I think GMs and coaches are lot more color blind than the public is, and there is a different level of critism in general, not just on minority QBs. People were calling out Cutler for not playing through injury and I read a lot of critical articles and comments about Joe Flacco, while other guys like Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman get praise for doing less.

    Pryor will get a chance to be an NFL QB, even if he does not get picked until the 4th round or later. The critics will not get off his back unless he wins a SB though, he already has his haters and a hater is going to hate, it just does not mean what it used to, when the hate was really hateful.

  10. Warren Moon is coming off like a racist himself by always crying racism when a black QB is involved.

    How many times has he come out in defense of a white QB?

    Racism is racism Warren. Look in the mirror.

  11. I think he should get a chance to do what the coaches tell him to do, just like every other player in the NFL. If that is play qb, great. If it is to run down on punts and try to make the tackle, great also, contribute in the best way possible to your team.

  12. Moon is absolutely right. Can you blame the NFL? No one would ever start an athletic black quarterback. Especially in Atlanta or Philadelphia……. Way to keep the racism alive Mr. Moon.

  13. Jesus.

    Here’s the thing;

    Locker doesn’t have the athletic skills that Pryor or Newton has. It would be a waste of time to convert him to another position, unless maybe running back, but that’s pushing it.

    On the other hand, whatever Pryor’s stats might say, the game tape says that Pryor has a horrific throwing motion, is unbalanced and has very few of the attributes that NFL teams are (re: should be) looking for in a QB.

    The difference with Tebow is that he actually throws the ball pretty well, even if his wind up is a little on the long side.

    It has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with skills.

  14. Matt Jones was a star college quarterback drafted as a receiver, and last time I checked he’s white.

  15. When you stop having to delete overtly racist comments from this forum is when society will have changed. Just as (almost) everyone is blaming him for Tressel being fired. The coach got himself fired. But it’s easier to blame the young, black kid.

  16. This is 1 of the realest guys, he is speaking from a standpoint that most of us dont understand. What he had to go through to earn that QB position title was crucial back in the day…

    T.Peezy will get his chance to play QB no doubt, I dont think all the teams execs are that dumb to pass up on what would have been a potential 2012 1st rounder…

    without all the media twitter & facebook negative hype, on the field he can ball…yeah he needs to be tuned but so do a lot of other rookie QBs this year…

    Him & Newton probably have the highest ceiling of all this years QBs, people are underestimating their arms… ?

  17. Funny, I dont remember Warren Moon running to try and change peoples minds in regards to Tim Teebow last year. Draft Nicks were talking about him being a TE, an H-Back, a Wild Cat package guy. Race may have been an issue in Moons day, but I firmly do not believe coaches, GM’s or Fans choose who to play or root for based on their nationality in todays society.

  18. @harmcity…Flacco’s problem is mainly his recievers dropping passes @ the WORST of times the last three seasons. That and not finding Troy Polamalu…duhhh.

  19. This racist witch hunt is getting tiresome. The latest data I can find is 2009 from the Black Coaches Association, who report there were 67% black as compared to 31% white. Five out of six of the last Super Bowl teams have had either an African-American head coach or general manager: Tony Dungy (Colts), Lovie Smith (Bears), Mike Tomlin (Steelers) and GMs Jerry Reese (Giants), Rod Graves (Cardinals). There are numerous other data points that show the NFL is indeed a racial mixture. We need to move forward and stop stumbling over the woes of the past. Stay alert, but don’t keep dredging up the past. Seeing that Cam Newton went #1 this year, it’s hard to believe that owners that want money and coaches that want to win will keep Pryor from being a QB if he has skills to help them.

  20. Warren,

    I’d advise keeping your opinions to yourself as it relates to minority QB’s.

    Rush Limbaugh

  21. Moon is right. Tebow is a prime example. Tebow being black wouldve had him drafted in the mid to late rounds. Same with Locker. No question.

    People on here are confused and delusional rednecks. They keep denying that racisim exists, yet they keep mentioning Jamarcus and Vince as reasons why black QBs are no good. Hmmm….

    Moon is 100% correct.

  22. Heck while we are at it why not make Denard Robinson an NFL QB while we are at it? He and Pryor had almost identical passing numbers in Big 10 play. But the thing is Denard was a 1st year starter, Pryor was a 3rd year starter, with more talent.

    I would like to think Pryor would have put up better stats than he should have with the playing time he got and the talent he had around him.

    But if a Denard Robinson is putting up almost identical passing numbers in Big 10 play. It seems like Pryor has reached his ceiling.

  23. All we heard about prior to last years draft was whether Tebow could be a QB! I heard suggestions he was destined to be a TE/FB/H-Back or even a linebacker!

    Truth is Moon, YOU are the only one talking about race. You never said a word to defend Tebow as a QB, but you have sprinted to the defence of the Newton and Pryor.

    Now who looks like a bigot?

  24. I don’t blame Warren for being bitter though. He got passed over and proved the entire world wrong when it was considered a basic fact that black guys couldn’t play quarterback at a high level.

    I can see why many roll their eyes when he rushes to defend other black QBs…but he was looked at in the same way at one point.

  25. Its sad Moon still hasnt gotten into recovery, after all these years of alcohol abuse…sad.

  26. i personally would take pryor any day of the week over jake locker are inaccurate and pryor is bigger stronger faster and knows what it takes to win since he won alot more than locker did, allthough i see both sides i think white qbs fail more often than black ones because they get more chances but with jawalrus, vince, akali smith, and so on it just donest help our cause. Hell the 2 best black qbs we have in the nfl the past 10 years have been mcnabb vick and they are hated by most of america ,but i think everyone regardless of color should get a chance to play and if not good enough consider other options to use them.

  27. He might have had an argument three years ago. But, not any more. Ever since Tebow and Newton got drafted.

    We as black people need to stop looking for excuses and start trying to make people look beyond the color of our skin.

    For the record: Racism is still alive. Moon just doesn’t have a point here.

    “Racism still alive, they just be concealing it.”

    ~ Kanye West

  28. Jake Locker ran the wing-t offense in high school, was recruited as a safety by most big time college programs, runs a 4.5 forty yard dash, and is an amazing athlete and runner, yet he can’t hit a barn if it was in front of him, and he still gets drafted #8 as a QB and nobody talks about a position switch.

    I’m convinced that if Jake Locker’s name was “Dante Williams”, he had cornrows, hailed from Compton, CA and put up the same stats (and he was black), people would have talked about switching him to a different position, and no way does he go in the first round.

    People who don’t see that are just ignorant and blind. Call a spade a spade. It is what it is.

  29. Hey Warren, I have a great idea. Scrape together some money, buy a 51% interest in a team, then you can spend a 1st round pick on him in the supplemental draft, pay him BIG bucks and make him your starting QB

  30. I love moon as a former QB – but he is obviously INCORRECT! There is NO NFL team that will make that offer – and rightfully so – this kid is an athlete- but not a QB…

  31. famucancer says:
    Jun 17, 2011 7:14 PM
    Oh here come the lil AWMs mad because Moon told the truth and hurt their world view.

    And here comes all of the RBBMs (race baiting black males) who claim that black QBs are being held back despite the fact that Cam Newton was drafted number one.

  32. This just in: blacks are amongst the biggest causes of racism…..ugh…keep stirring the lot. How long til fat ass sharpton gets involved

  33. my guess that pryor ends up getting picked up by Philly.


    1. mike vick’s age and the problems he went through. He can serve as a role model for pryor. Pryor can sit the bench for the next 3 years and learn how to become a QB under Vick.

    2. Philly loves to get Qbs and develop them and possibly use Pryor as trade bait like Kolb and Kafka

    3. Pryor is a mismatch weapon that can line up as a QB,TE,WR in the wildcat or other special formations

    4. Andy Reid and the Philly’s organization love to give 2nd chances

  34. “This just in: blacks are amongst the biggest causes of racism…..ugh…keep stirring the lot. How long til fat ass sharpton gets involved”


    I have to agree.

    Seriously…who uses the “N word” more…whites or blacks?
    And dont give me this “a” vs “er” bullsh!t…

    Colleges let lower qualified black kids in at the expense of more qualified white kids, all because of enrollment minimums. Nevermind that the percentage of black kids getting into college is higher than the percentage in the overall population.

    Racism is most definitely a 2 way street, and I’m sick of people only acknowledging one side of it.

    One side is trying to make things right, the other is trying stay divided so they can play the victim..

    Its gotten old already Warren, sing a new tune…or at least a racially diverse one…

  35. A’men on the Matt Jones comments. White country boy deer hunter rushing quarterback that was never considered for the position. Where was Warren Moon then?

    Full disclosure: I bought a Matt Jones jersey. I hoped it’d work out. Just another Shack/Jack goofy 1st rounder.

  36. Sure Warren, if you know so much put your money where your mouth is, oh yeah, that’s not your job on the line if the kid busts out. And what do you have to lose? You save face by extolling his virtues, yet it’s not your money down the drain if he busts, either. Easy for you to say, so man up Warren. Put your money up or shut up.

  37. Am I missing something or was a black quarterback the top pick in the NFL draft? By the way what do Matt Jones, Scott Frost, and Eric Crouch have in common? The were all WHITE quarterbacks who were asked to sitch positions to play in the NFL, and Crouch was a Heisman trophy winner. The issue is style of offense and not color of skin. Moon is playing his card to trying to get attention because he can’t get anyone to care what the hell he thinks or says.

  38. Newton fits all the stereotypes of the black “athletic” dual threat quarterback, on the field and off. He went first overall despite a dozen solid reasons to pass him by. That pretty much undercuts Warren’s claims.

  39. Here’s something that’s racist AND true…

    The funniest thing about these “Moon Threads” is that you can tell with 99.9% certainty who the white posters are and who the bitter excuse making black posters are.

    Racism will die in America only when Black America truly wants it to die. (And they don’t)

    God Bless America!

  40. “Moon thinks Pryor should get a chance to play quarterback”

    I don’t know who this “Warren” guy is everyone keeps talking about.

    I wonder what the Sun thinks?

  41. Funny. Everyone is racist when They believe an african american QB might have to switch positions. I can’t be certain, but I don’t remember Moon mouthing off when teams were saying Tebow might have to switch to TE. Or, when Eric Crouch (cant remember if he won heisman) was shifted to WR immediately. How about it Warren? Why no problem here?

  42. Greg Salas caught more passes last year than A.J. Green and Julio Jones combined. How come he last to the fourth round and get picked as a “#3 possession receiver”?

  43. Moon might have more credibility if he was lobbying for Tyrod Taylor. Taylor had a similar season to Newton and Pryor in 2010, but he wasn’t drafted until the late rounds, and strictly as a WR conversion project. Newton got way more than he deserved out of the draft, and Pryor has yet to enter it.

  44. UN FRICKING BELIEVABLE! i thought his last b.s. comments about racism would have made him think before he spoke out again.warren moon needs to seek help he is the one with race issue and the sooner he addresses it and gets help for it the better off he will be.

  45. I don’t recall any Warren Moon stories when Pat White got knocked out of the league after 2 seasons. Why wasn’t he all up in arms about that?

    Terrelle Pryor was an awesome basketball player in high school. He’s supremely athletic. Maybe, just maybe, pro coaches are trying to utilize his skills at another position where he can contribute right away, and be successful.

  46. I don’t give a care about what Moon says, but I did enjoy this post for the sweet pic of that old Oilers uniform.

  47. This thread is filled with a lot of stupid conments. Black ppl want racism to contiue so they can play victim? Smh.. as far as moon comments he is wrong. I think pryor the person is holding him back. I wouldnt trust someone who seems selfish with my franchise. Qb is too valuable to miss on

  48. Of course he thinks he should get a chance, he’s black.

    And the only reason Cam Newton was the #1 pick in the draft is because he was black! They wanted to shut everyone up.. “OMG this is sooo racist” so they bullied carolina into taking him first. They weren’t about to take the heat!!

    I think its racist Tebow wasnt picked first overall last year.. Same difference..

    I’m going to move to a country where the people that run it don’t let people influence their decision with the “race card”

    Seriously people, lets move on. We have a black president, we are racially equal now..

  49. Racism is a complicated beast. I would suggest that “racism” is when someone attributes a trait to an entire group of people based on their skin color…regardless of whether that trait is good or bad. For instance, “Asians are better at math” or “Jews are good with money” is, without question, examples of racism…but both suggest a superiority in a certain area.

    Bigotry, of course, is the use of racism to support an argument that YOUR group is superior to ANOTHER group.

    Where Warren Moon may be right–but missing the point–is a strange example of REVERSE racism. Specifically, the suggestion that Jake Locker is not being looked at in other roles.

    I personally think this has less to do with a shared belief among white coaches and fans that Locker is a superior QB than players like Pryor…and more to a belief that QB is the ONLY thing he could play…because he is white. There are few white QBs who were spread-offense trained that converted to other positions in the NFL (Matt Jones, who did so poorly, and who?).

    The suggestion that Locker would be a bust was high. While all it took was one team to have faith in him–much like Cam Newton–it is pretty clear he COULD have slide Brady Quinn like if that one team had not emerged. This is true for Pryor as well. If one team really, really believes he is the answer…he could go in the first three rounds. If no one does (I don’t), he could slide into the 5th-7th, or even get passed over completely.

    But, unlike Jake Locker, many teams will see him as an “athlete” that can be molded into other roles.

    Would Locker have gotten that look?

    I will say this for Warren Moon. I believe he deserves credit for trying to help these kids. As one of the first successful black QBs, he sees it as a responsibility, and while it leads him to say certain things that are inaccurate or offensive…I personally can cut him some slack. He could just say “I got mine” and ignore the situation entirely. Right or wrong…he’s trying to help, and I give him nothing but credit for that…

  50. randysavage4ever says:

    Him & Newton probably have the highest ceiling of all this years QBs, people are underestimating their arms… ?


    Not only do you have MM’s name but you have his intellectual and analytical capacity…

  51. Let me start off by saying that Warren Moon is one of the most exciting QBs that I have had the pleasure of watching during his career with the Oilers. That being said he is flat out wrong crying racism with Black QBs in the NFL. The name Mike Vick should end all complaints right there. The guy has had more chances then most, considering his past crimes and was then embraced again by both the media and fans after several highlight reel plays. The reason why Newton and Pryor are under scrutiny is because of their glaring character flaws and nothing more. Though even with all of that, newton still ended up being the #1 overall pick and has been saddled with the task of rebuilding a franchise. Pryor on the other hand, while a gifted athlete is simply not suited to be an NFL QB. He does not have the intangibles to be a successful QB. Was it racist that Jamarcus Russell enjoyed going to Vegas instead of going to training camp? Is the Vince Young situation racist? I am sorry Warrent, but you are flat out wrong here.

  52. Warren, I luv ya…you hung around in cold ass Edmonton and won five Grey Cups when the NFL wouldnt look twice at you…but shut up already. Trotting out the race card is getting old in any major sport. If you honestly think that GM’s dont sign the best players available due to race, you are 10 times more racist and delusional than you get credit for. The race card seems like an easy way out, as always. THIS IS A MONEY MAKING BUSINESS and winning makes more money than losing.

  53. I am trying to phrase this without sounding racist myself, which I am absolutely not but gifted, athletic QBs (honestly mostly black) dont seem to get the same coaching as passers early (teens thru college) that less athletically gifted QB’s do. They are not forced to stay in the pocket as their legs are an asset. One or two reads and go. Very easy to rely on their legs and that can still generate wins thru college. Unfortunately legs go early. Just observing but cannon arms, so/so accuracy and sub par defensive coverage reads.

    The slow as molasses Peyton Mannings of the world have to learn to read defenses early and be the best of the best to succeed. If not, there is no athleticism to fall back on, never was. Plenty of big arm white QBs who fail miserably cause they couldnt read the D to save their life. How is Jeff George doing by the way??

    Dumb is Dumb, white or black. And you have to be brilliant to play QB in the NFL.

  54. “It really bothers me because this kid has won a tremendous amount of football…”

    It really bothers me that Warren Moon once was put on trial for beating his wife and was only acquitted because she went on the stand to say it was “her fault” for him choking and hitting her to the point that it left scratches and bruises on her face, neck, back and leg.

    So, yeah, we should hold you up as a paragon of virtue and truth because he once played QB.

  55. “I am trying to phrase this without sounding racist myself…”

    No need to apologize in advance for anything you say. Don’t let the race hustlers define you as something you aren’t.

  56. If Warren isn’t driving drunk or beating up women, then you can usually find him pontificating his unique brand of ignorant wisdom upon the masses.

  57. I grew up loving Moon & Jerry Rice and it turns out they are more racist than two 80 yr olds in a coffee shop in Mississippi! This is not about race it is about a young man breaking the rules (remember PAC Man or Bush) and how that transfers to the Pros or real life. This is about the movie Blue Chips and when these boys realize they aren’t special they BUST! Throw a tight spiral on target like Elway and this so called racism (by moon) never happens. Top Qb Vick isn’t crying, top NBA guy LeBron isn’t crying even Tiger never cried race … Because they were were worthy to play.

  58. Warren moon seems like he became an instant idiot, any quarterback thats black and dont make a team its racism to him come on. Same old sensitive stuff its the new millenium moon get over that nonsense.

  59. “THIS IS A MONEY MAKING BUSINESS and winning makes more money than losing.” That is well said. The funny thing is that Terrelle Pryor was used frequently in the Ohio State offense as a receiver or lined up as in certain packages there. Therefore given his skill set, why wouldn’t an nfl team at least give some consideration to using him in this fashion if that his is where he contribute? The NFL is about gaining yards, scoring touchdowns and winning games. Plain, pure and simple. All this speculation about Russell, Young, Vick and Newton being targets because singled out as targets is crap ! Who is one supposed to choose in a discussion about skill level and pro potential? Spurgeon Wynn or Seneca Wallace or Tee Martin ? And shall we compare them to the likes of Derek Anderson, Ken Dorsey or Rusty Smith ? You compare the most talented to the most talented or highly touted. Pryor has talent. That isn’t in question. His character and ability to play the most important position in sports is. Welcome to the NFL draft process. You play where you are told to if you want the paycheck. Like it or leave it.

  60. Seems to me that Moon almost got to the real core issue at work, and then got derailed by the race thing: “African-American quarterbacks get penalized because of their athleticism sometimes.”

    I don’t have the numbers in front of me to make generalizations about athletic ability as it pertains to race, so I won’t. I will say this, though: Pryor (and Newton) have more athletic ability than Jake Locker does. Whether that’s because of race or it’s chance or it’s something else, it’s true.

    So here’s the deal: if you need a QB, you consider taking Jake Locker because you need a QB. Jake Locker isn’t going to deliver for you at another position. Either he’s going to end up being a good QB, or PFT will be posting about his exploits coaching in high school around the 2017-2018 season.

    A guy with the athletic ability of Pryor is different. A team could draft him because they’re willing to take a chance on a guy who could be a good QB… but a team that sees a more immediate use for him requiring less development may draft him sooner. If he’s more likely to get on the field and produce at another position, a team may take that chance, just to get someone who can get on the field and produce.

    Jake Locker wasn’t drafted to be a WR, but it’s not because he’s white. It’s because he’d suck at WR, so there’s no point drafting him to be anything else. If Terrelle Pryor is (supplementally) drafted to be something other than QB, it’s not because he’s black. It’s because he stands a shot at being good at that other position, owing to his raw athletic ability.

    Put another way: I’d give Locker and Pryor about even odds of flopping if they were handed starting QB jobs in 2011. (If I were in that business, I might even consider giving the same odds on Newton flopping.) Locker, however, would get far worse odds at succeeding at WR than Pryor would.

  61. Would you be commenting if Prior was white, Warren? I don’t think so…. Nothing to see here, move along. If you want to see TP succeed in his next career, you better decide now if you want fries with that.

  62. Pryor has a lot of baggage. Locker and Tebow don’t and that goes along way with Goodell running the show. Carolina panicked with Cam like most teams do when they have the first few picks.

  63. I would say, “Warren, stick to what you know best” but I’m not a fan of violence against women.

  64. OK, so yes, Warren Moon was passed over and had to spend time in the CFL, and there is evidence that it was because of his race. IT WAS 30 FREAKING YEARS AGO!!!

    Warren, you broke a barrier, be proud, but let’s move on. The NFL, and the world, are thankfully very different places in 2011 as opposed to 1978.

    Here’s the deal, if I’m an owner, and I need someone to be my quarterback of the future, do I invest my time and millions of dollars in a kid that maybe isn’t the best athlete but has a track record of being hard working, respectful, and responsible, or do I take the kid that has all the athletic tools, but HAS TO LEAVE COLLEGE BECAUSE HE KNOWINGLY AND REPEATEDLY BROKE THE RULES???

    Being a QB in the NFL is as much about mentality as it is physicality- on and off the field. Any other position player can be a complete train wreck mentally and it won’t affect a franchise with nearly the same impact.

    It’s not a race thing.

    It’s not an athletic ability thing.

    It’s a “Do I trust my entire offense, and the face of my franchise to a kid that can’t follow the most basic of rules?” thing.

    How does a kid that like respond to coaches that are trying to teach him?

    How will he represent his franchise if he’s out there with a few million dollars in his pocket?

    How will earn the respect of the 10 other men in the huddle with him?

    Pryor is suffering the very natural scrutiny of his very unwise choices the same as anyone else of any skin color would have to suffer.

  65. Race and religion, whats with these fools?

    Just play football and stop talking about those 2 things.

    Moon obviously had a much different experience in the nfl 20 years ago then black qb’s do today. He really needs to acknowledge that,its not the same. The way he talks makes it sound like nothings changed though, and thats not a fair assumption.

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