Ochocinco elaborates on his Terrelle Pryor praise

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Earlier this week, former Ohio state quarterback Terrelle Pryor and agent Drew Rosenhaus met the media together, for the first time.  That same day, another Rosenhaus client, receiver Chad Ochocinco, gushed via Twitter regarding Pryor’s abilities.

On Friday, Ochocinco joined Waddle & Silvy on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, and Chad elaborated on his views regarding Pryor.  “I understand the whole hoopla everybody saying all this, you know, OK, he messed up,” Ochocinco said.  “I had the first chance actually yesterday was my second day throwing with Pryor.  Dudes’ arm strength [and] timing was unbelievable.  I don’t care what ESPN said, I don’t care what the report, I saw with my own eyes.  I’ve seen every NFL quarterback play.  Dude, it was unbelievable, with the right coaching — listen to what I’m saying — with the right coaching he can become a great NFL quarterback because he has all the tools.  He has all the tools that these scouts look for in a quarterback.”

So what of the belief that Ochocinco is merely talking up another “Rosenhaus guy”?

“Dude, what is Rosenhaus?” Ochocinco said.  “You know, I don’t sugar coat nothing.  I don’t care who my agent is.  If you suck I’m gonna tell you, ‘You suck, this is what you need to work on.’  I just said he has great arm strength and timing but with the right coaching he can become a great quarterback.”

In the end, Ochocinco’s opinion doesn’t matter.  But to the extent that his words prompt scouts to have a more open mind when scrutinizing Pryor’s abilities as a quarterback, it can’t hurt.

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  1. Something tells me Chad didn’t do this out of the kindness of his heart…

  2. well theres a good chance that Ocho might be reunited with his old coach Hue Jackson who he called like a “father” in Oakland…

    & theres a good chance that Terrelle Pryor will be taken by the Raiders in the late rounds of the Supplement Draft – what a STEAL by Al…

    & theres a good chance Pryor can sit behind Jason Campbell as we give Jason a chance to prove if he can be the long term answer, if he succeeds and Raiders go playoffs, Pryor will wait and develop as Jason leads the team, possibly being trade bait for the future…

    If Jason does not succeed, well there ya go , you got Pryor as your next starting QB in Oakland…

    sound like a plan?

    Setting up your team to win NOW & the future…

  3. This has nothing really to do with the story, but I’d like to point out how comfortable we’ve come to saying the name Ochocinco without thinking it’s weird. Maybe it will be the same thing with the last name weiner.

  4. Chad is generally a positive person and mainly does praise other players. I don’t think he’s just pimping Pryor for Drew.

    That said, I trust his scouting report as much as I do his bull riding prowess.

  5. I’ll say this as a devout detroit lion as well as university of michigan fan…in the right situation some team is going to get a steal in pryor.

    again, he needs to be put in the right scenario, with the right people around…proven vets, solid locker room, and a solid vet playing ahead of him for a couple of years at QB to learn behind.

    message to whatever team out there is about to sign donovan mcnabb…”take a flyer on pryor in the supplemental draft too”. let pryor learn and develop behind mcnabb for a couple of years and when he hangs em up throw pryor in. mcnabb has shown to be a good mentor in the case of vick, and from a physical skill set compares well to what pryor brings to the table.

    the other scenario that jumps off the page to me is philly. just as they did with vick behind mcnabb, bring in pryor to learn behind vick after kolb has departed and then reassess the QB situation in a couple years.

  6. Look at Pryor’s game film, and compare it to Brady’s film from Umich of course Brady was in a prostyle offense, but its clear Pryor DOES have all the tools!


  7. It would be so great if he went to oakland.. He can sit behind Cambell for a couple of years while he is groomed by Hugh Jackson.. He is the perfect Raider and has a chip on his shoulder.. The players would haveto check him fast though.. Come on Al give up a 3rd for the kid..

  8. You have a whole year with Pryor, to work on his QB mechanics or convert him to WR, before you have to use the draft pick on him. Technically he would be part of the draft class of 2012, but he is going to be way ahead of anyone else in that draft.

  9. @joshsports6000 …

    I still have trouble with “Ochocinco.” Reminds me of “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.” Keep thinking it’s a phase he’ll outgrow and usually just call him “#85.” Was kind of hoping we wouldn’t have to get used to the name “Weiner” once he resigned. But they just reported seeing him at the grocery store so guess that story isn’t going away. No mention of whether he bought weiners.

  10. How a propos… a snake wrangler working jointly with a snake oil salesman to sing Pryor’s praises

  11. I would love to see Chad’s reaction if Pryor was the starting QB for the Bengals. For some reason I doubt he would be gushing.

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