Osi Umenyiora on LeSean McCoy’s criticism: “She can say whatever she wants”


This slow lockout summer Friday needed a little something meaningless to write about.  Thankfully, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora are here to help.

Let’s start at the beginning, all the way back on Thursday.

When a report surfaced that Umenyiora was unhappy with the Giants about “broken promises” related to his contract, McCoy chimed in on Twitter that Osi was “overrated n soft.”   He called Umenyiora the third best defensive lineman on his team.

Umenyiora responded Friday through Mark Viera of the New York Times, calling McCoy a “Chihuahua” and “Lady GaGa.”

“She can say whatever he wants about it,” Umeyiora says.

Yes, apparently the entire Giants defense calls McCoy “Lady Gaga.”  Delightful.

Giants fans attending this season’s Giants-Eagles game can take it from here.

62 responses to “Osi Umenyiora on LeSean McCoy’s criticism: “She can say whatever she wants”

  1. Since Osi won’t be in NY much longer, I can’t see Lady Gaga being an issue. Osi, You’re welcome in Buffalo to join Dareus on the punish the QB campaign that’s been started.

  2. Umeniora pulls ahead on points by landing a couple of devastating low blows. But this ain’t over yet, folks, don’t give up your seats.

  3. Hmmm! I wonder if he called him Lady Gaga when shady ripped thru their defense for that 51 yard TD last year. 6 straight and counting.

  4. That’s rich, Giants defense. McCoy torches you (especially Osi) for about 175 yards in 2 games including a backbreaking TD run and you call the guy “Lady Gaga.”

    Keep remembering the good ‘ol days when you abused a rookie named Winston Justice, Mr. Softee.

  5. Sorry G-Men but you’ve dropped your last SIX games to the Eagles, including that GIANT defensive collapse last year! Until y’all win a game again against Philly then you should keep your mouth shut, Osi.

  6. Ya I agree with what McCoy said Osi Umenyiora is soft and overrated if he wasn’t on new york nobody would care but because he’s on the giants he gets overrated recognition like every other giants players.

  7. Mess with the bull and you get… called Lady Gaga for the next two to three years.

  8. You should ask Osi how he feels about playing for probably the only NFL team to lose to the same team in dramatic fashion in 3 different decades. Not only that, but I don’t know too many teams that would blow a 21 point lead with less than 8 minutes left–which should lead to the terrible feeling the Giants should have after getting swept and staying home with a 10-6 record.

  9. I think the “referring a male is a female” dig is one step above a “your mom” comment.

  10. I am not sure if you call this trash talking or a cat fight but I hope it continues. It will make for an interesting season if and when.

  11. God I hope GM Jerry Reese can fleece some team in taking this guy for a high draft pick. Let’s see how good he is without Justin Tuck, Kiwanuka, Pierre-Paul, Cofield and Canty.

  12. The Giants and Eagles are both loser franchises with a bunch of overrated diva’s. I suppose at least the Giants have a few rings so that’s something.

  13. Being a Giants fan, where does Osi have room to talk? The Eagles kicked our asses last year and LeSean McCoy one the game running a TD on Osi’s side. Calling Osi soft is a little hypocritical considering that McCoy’s game style is soft (being a scat back type). Is Osi the third best DL on the team? Depends. Are we factoring in Cofield/Canty who were great last year, or is he praising JPP? I wouldn’t say at this stage of the game but I see it in his future.

    The Giants call McCoy Lady Gaga? Well I didn’t know Lady Gaga was a football game breaker. Osi isn’t overrated, but he can be soft at times, but I definitely want him back.


  14. lesean averages 6 yards a caryy vs the gmen. but i really dont get why mccoy started this.

    maybe osi had something to say in the last game they played. i remember the giants talkin mad sh!$ that whole game. the oline, the dline, the saftey with the elephant ears, all of them were runnin they mouth. thats why it was so sweet the way it ended.

    you do recall how it ended,,do u osi?

  15. I don’t even know what that means or I might feel he insulted my team.

    Then again all the Giants D-Line see’s of McCoy and most of the Eagles is a quick burts of Green and then like Kaiser Soze poof they are gone.

    I think insulting a player on a team that thrashed you and pulled off one of the top 10 biggest comebacks of all time, ahhh almost not worth commenting on!

    Osi show up on the field and people won’t blast your Twiter!

  16. @nyg17 Osi certainly hasn’t played well enough the last couple years to demand that raise he always wanted. But then again, Canty sure as @#$! didn’t play well enough for Dallas to get the salary he got when you guys picked em up.

  17. @ dallassux:

    Congrats on your regular season win. That’s the apex of your franchise: beating us in the regular season and getting stomped in the playoffs evvvvery time.

    The 3-Time Champs

  18. well as a Lion fan ill take OSI for a 3rd rd pick. lion him up with Suh , KVB and Fairley, corey williams and Avril. Should be fun to watch!

  19. Skoobyfl – I just find it hilarious that Bills fans actually have come out from under the rocks where they have been hiding to talk a little smack. 2011 Bills record = 2-14, number of team qb sacks = 4

  20. The eagles fans superbowl only surfaces when they beat the giants in the regular season. We have the 3 championships to prove it! Mccoy needs to pipe down for a guy who has never won a damn thing. He should show Osi his superbowl ring if he wants to talk big. Philly when you join the super bowl club then you can chime in.

  21. So what he said really was “Our defense was so bad, we couldn’t stop Lady Gaga.” Last I recall, Shady McCoy was leaving the Giants in the dust on that 50-yd TD on 4th down late in the 4th quarter on SNF.

    Shady is the man about to finally be noticed as a top back in the NFL. Osi on on the downside of an average career. He can says whta he wants.

  22. @jcg23 You know Canty is not even making that much compared to other DTs? Not even in the top ten. And you also realize that since he was healthy last year he was a penetrating machine which is the responsibilty of the 3-tech position which the Giants position both of their DTs, similar to the Eagles. I would not even say that it is that far off to say that as a TANDEM, the Giants probably had the best DTs (I stress TANDEM). You can credit health or Robert Nunn, but the DL definitely bounced back. To win ten games playing Nickel almost the whole year, and forcing as many turnovers as NY did last year speaks largely to Fewell and the rest of the defnese and it is most definitely not far off to say the DL was the feature and foundation of the Defense.

    Canty is probably the reason McCoy called Osi the third best DLineman on the team, then again, im just speculating.

  23. He’s worth at least a 2nd round pick. And I’m sure the GM of a team struggling to find a DE this offseason, I’m calling the Giants when free agency begins. Elite DE’s are hard to come by.

  24. Raise your hand if your favorite team’s DE had a double-double in sacks and forced fumbles last year.

    Yeah, Osi sucks.

    The last DE to win Defensive MVP? Jason Taylor, 2006. 13.5 sacks, 9 fumbles.

    Osi in 2010? 11.5 sacks, 10 fumbles.

  25. Funny hearing Eagles fan talk about the past (beating G-Men 6 straight) when it’s convenient, but dare mention their titleless history … see how quickly they are to counter-argue that it’s silly to mention the past and that only today matters.

  26. how are eagles fans of all fans gona call OSI underrated…i believe it was him who crushed mcnabb for 6 sacks in a game that had the whole team destroyin him for 12. now i understand that was a while ago but last year my man had 11.5 sacks and tied nfl rec for most forced fumbles. hah cmon now hes a beast

  27. Always interesting seeing the Gmen bring up the Superbowl when us beating them 6 straight is more recent that that very Lucky Superbowl.

    Who is living in the past again?

    Oh yeah Osi who wants a contract based on 3 years ago! LOL

  28. Eagle fans – where are the Lombardis? Waiting four plus decades to go from one Penn Station to the other for a Super Bowl parade. Still hasn’t happened. Enjoy your regular season wins. Someday, maybe, you’re realize what a poor substitute they are for a Super Bowl win.

  29. To the comments saying Eagles have no championships…

    They actually have three, they just weren’t not called Super Bowls back then. Argument is invalid…..just like our world championships in the 60’s

  30. dirtmcgirt24 says:
    Jun 17, 2011 3:41 PM
    “Osi in 2010? 11.5 sacks, 10 fumbles.”

    Forgot to mention that nearly all of those came against the bears.
    Like saying Deangelo Hall is better than Revis cause of that 4 interceptions in a single game.

  31. Here is fact.
    Mr McCoy screwed over 2 groups after accepting money and then being a no show for the events.
    Mr McCoy charges 9 grand for a 2 hour autograph session
    He claims he needs the money because of lockout….via his brother

  32. Osi is such a little girl. You are an overrated one trick pony 3rd down pass rusher who got exposed. As for Giants fans, hearing about the lack of SB trophies means that Giants fans know they can’t beat the Eagles now, in other words… they used to be better than the eagles one time. That’s their argument that Shady shouldn’t say anything about the Osi because the Giants won the SB before he was in the league.

  33. movieman5 says:
    Jun 17, 2011 1:52 PM
    Why can’t these guys get along? They are both philadelphia owned teams….

    PFT comment of the year … very funny.

    As for the comments of the players. Shady needs to shut up because he is still a young player, but the reality is Osi is soft .

    And truthfully calling a man a “girl” is pretty lame. You’d think a guy who went to college could do better than that. Also calling Shady soft is kinda silly since he killed YOUR team with broken ribs last year. Oh and then there was that lil collapse you had. Soft ?? Take a look in the mirror good sir. Oh and you are the third best DL on your team. And that young kid was coming on at the end of the season so you might even be the 4rth best. Weren’t you benched last year Osi ??? just checkin …

  34. east96st says:
    Jun 17, 2011 4:39 PM
    Eagle fans – where are the Lombardis? Waiting four plus decades to go from one Penn Station to the other for a Super Bowl parade. Still hasn’t happened. Enjoy your regular season wins. Someday, maybe, you’re realize what a poor substitute they are for a Super Bowl win.


    Don’t forget those 2 playoff loses in 07 and 09…..whoops! So they just don’t beat them in the “regular season”

  35. Dear Eagles fans,

    Osi’s rings in the past 4 years: 1
    Eagles rings in the past 50 years: 0

    I’m pretty sure the Giants won 9 in a row against the Birds 10 years ago from 97-01 but you don’t hear Giants fans talking about that streak like it matters because ultimately, nothing but rings do and Philly ain’t got em.

  36. Shady already proclaimed the entire Giants defense his bitch.. Osi’s clever comments are good for a moral victory, and I guess that means something special to him and NY Giants’ fans after 6 straight losses against the Birds..

  37. ALL YOU EAGLE HATTERS>>>>LISTEN UP!! The Eagles may not have a superbowl ring but they have at least 3 championships and check the top 100 players of all time, see how many EAGLES names are on there and how many retired at the top of there game at their positions. A certain RB that retired an Eagle as the all time rusher in the game when he retired for example!!!! I won’t say names b/c I want all you haters to do your homework before you keep running your traps! The Eagles are not a overatted franchise by any stretch of the imagin ation! The Giants are more overatted then the Eagles will ever be, EVER! Eli Manning has a ring and I give him his due for that accomplishment but he will never win another playoff game as the QB of the GIANTS, he stinks! I probably wouldn’t think the Giants were overatted if they had a different QB! As for McCoy and Usi, I would love to have Usi on the Eagles and you Giants fans should want him to stay! Yea, sometimes he runs off at the mouth but he has a lot of talent and he is a force when he is focused!

  38. Well … Lady Gaga breaks records … 6 straight against G-women, I think Osi is a little tender. players aren’t history buffs, that 2007 superbowl by giants is irrelevant, the eagles think they are set to win it all, then again, the eagles have had plenty of chances over the years, if they would have won one it would have been with McNabb, Vick is due for injury and if they eagles trade bait Kolb, then they will fall apart when Vick cracks another rib. NFC is the packers again, they lost 11 starters to injury and won a superbowl, lost #1, #2 RB’s, #1 TE, 2 Safetys, and the list goes on. Rodgers will get back Jermichael Finley and if that WR core stays healthy he will throw darts to the superbowl again. Not too mention a nice defense.

  39. The obvious comeback for mccoy would be the triumphant upset in the super bowl……oh wait!

  40. @ 808raiderinparadise:

    It doesn’t take a history buff to remember 4 years ago

    and @ jake6881:

    No one’s saying the Eagles are irrelevant, they’ve just won fewer Championships than the Browns and Lions.

  41. @billsfan1

    Funny how a bills fan is insulting the eagles for not having rings when you guys choked for 4 straight years in the 90’s at the superbowl. And you guys haven’t even made the playoffs since 1999….. I rest my case

  42. dallassux says: Don’t forget those 2 playoff loses in 07 and 09…..whoops! So they just don’t beat them in the “regular season”

    So, you guys MUST have won a Super Bowl, right? I mean even the Skins have won three, so a team as “dominant” as you claim the Eagles are MUST have at least one, right? Loser team, dying city, league’s worse fans.

    As for the clowns that are talking trash about your 3 pre-Super Bowl championships, the Giants have four. Funny how all you idiots say Super Bowl 42 is ancient history but take such pride in championships won in 1948, 1949, and 1960. So, using Philly logic, a championship won in 2008 is old news but one won in 1960 is relevant. That’s why people having been leaving Philly for decades now. Too many morons who can’t manage 2nd grade math.

  43. @ 808raiderinparadise,

    Read the whole thing and understand i before you comment knuckle head! The Eagles have won 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS but have never won the SUPERBOWL! So how many championships does DETROIT and CLEVLAND have?

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