Ozzie Newsome expects Ravens to be patient in free agency


Don’t expect the Ravens to jump into free agency as aggressively as teams like the Eagles and Jaguars.

“Is it probably going to be fast-paced? Yes. But I think a lot of teams are going to exhibit some patience, and I think that’s the position we’re going to be in,” Newsome told Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun.

There are different ways to get value in free agency. Newsome sounds more likely to look for value after the first few days of free agency, especially with players that get cut elsewhere.

Coach John Harbaugh indicated some level of interest in cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, but that’s the type of player Newsome doesn’t sound likely to go after.

“We have a veteran team, but some of our success in the past is waiting and keeping an eye on guys who get cut, players that can come in and help our football team just as much as [unrestricted free agents],” Newsome said.

The Ravens would benefit as much as any team if the league returned to 2010 rules and it took six years to reach free agency.  If that happened, they could far more easily keep offensive lineman Marshal Yanda, tackle Jared Gaither, fullback Le’Ron McClain, safety Dawan Landry,  and cornerbacks Josh Wilson and Chris Carr.

“If it is six [years], like it was last year, then that number decreases significantly for us and works into the Ravens’ favor. We’re prepared for both scenarios,” Newsome said.

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  1. Few coaches wouldn’t express some level of interest in a player like Asomugha. I’m disappointed the Steelers aren’t going after him, even though we all knew they wouldn’t. But the great thing about the Steelers and the Ravens is that even if our teams don’t get into the scrum for hot players, we can still feel confident that Colbert and Ozzie will make sound decisions for the teams. They’re the two most consistent player-personnel guys in the league.

  2. Good to see a Steelers fan complimenting the Ravens personnel. Anyway, a good solution is trade McGahee and free up some cap room (if a salary cap comes back as expected) and pay out Asomugha to lock up the cornerback postition with Jimmy Smith for years to come. If Kindle can truly play this year, our pass rush issue is looking more positive. Seeing Le’Ron go would be tough, but if Ozzie could work his magic and manage to get a FB like Vonta Leach or Lawrence Vickers, Ray Rice is going to have a phenominal year.

  3. At this point I’d be fine with the Ravens not signing a single free agent from another tieam. As long as they get to keep Yanda, McClain, Wilson and possibly Carr.

    I’d love to see Landry stay but he’s going to get a whole lot more money to play elsewhere and after that scary injury he had in 08, I think its probably going to be best for he and his family to take the money and run.

    Gaither is whatever. I dont think there will be as much competition for his services as he thinks. Wouldnt be surprised if the Ravens or some other team snatched him up on a 1 year, prove it to me deal. I’d prefer it be the Ravens of course.

  4. let McClain McGahee and Gaither go and that’ll free up SOME cap space to bring in Nnamdi. I don’t think that’ll happen but just thinking about Nnamdi in purple and black is awesome.

  5. @qj1984
    Seriously? Landry? Zib and Nak are infinitely better. Let him go. McClain is Mughali x2. He will fade into the night – rich nonetheless – but he will still fade when he leaves. Fullbacks area dime a dozen; We will be more than better with Smith, Fox, Webb and Carr (hopefully Wilson too) – but yes, Namdi would be xmas early!
    agreed – hate to say it

  6. Typical Ravens… they think they look smart by not “jumping” at a need. They do it in the draft, they do it in free agency. Nobody cares how much money you save if you can’t even beat your biggest division rival every once in a while.

    If the Ravens don’t aggressively go after a linebacker or defensive end such as Ray Edwards… you have to question if they’re really serious about trying to make a Super Bowl run while they still have the luxury of having Ray Lewis and Ed Reed on the team. They should go after Sidney Rice too… but that’s not nearly as much of a need as linebacker/defensive end.

    Asomghua is old, not something the Ravens defense needs. Josh Wilson just needs to be resigned. Combining him with a healthy Foxworth, Lardarius Webb, and Jimmy Smith… should be just fine if they fix the pass rush. Chris Carr isn’t good, but he can provide depth as long as he only has to cover the opponents absolute worst receiver.

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