Report: Saints gave Bush permission to talk to other teams in February


The Saints and Reggie Bush have publicly said nice things about staying together this offseason, like a divorcing couple that is trying to break the news gently to their kids.

(Although in this case, many of the kids — Saints fans — want a separation.)

The reality is that the two sides know they are likely headed for a break-up and haven’t done a great job concealing it.  The latest piece of evidence via Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports is that the Saints let Bush talk to other teams to gauge his value in February.

“Bush and agent Joel Segal were told that a number of teams would be interested in paying him handsomely, or at least more than the Saints have apparently been willing to offer at this point,” Cole writes. “The expectation from Bush, according to the sources, is that he will be playing for another team next season.”

In the meantime, the Saints have drafted Mark Ingram and Bush hasn’t shown at Saints workouts.

So where might Bush end up?

One of Cole’s sources says the the most likely suitors include the Dolphins, Steelers, Seahawks, and Giants.  Philadelphia also showed “strong interest” but Bush has reservations about playing behind Lady Gaga.

Miami makes a lot of sense.  Pete Carroll is in Seattle, but running back is not one of their bigger team needs.  The Giants could fit if Ahmad Bradshaw leaves, but that’s a big if.  It’s hard to believe Pittsburgh would spend big money just for third downs.

No matter who shows interest in Bush, we’d be shocked at this point if he worked out a new contract with the Saints.

27 responses to “Report: Saints gave Bush permission to talk to other teams in February

  1. I like Reggie Bush. He did wonderful things for the Saints. I still would love for him to return to New Orleans, but his departure looks like a forgone conclusion at this point.

  2. He absolutely does NOT fit in the Giants offense at all. We only like tough runners – hence Jacobs and Bradshaw. Bush is one of the softest runners in the league. An amazing pass threat, but a terrible runner. As Chris Collinsworth said – the one time I agreed with him – a few years ago, Bush should be a WR.

    He’d fit as a PR/KR for us and that’s it. But… we drafted JJ in the 3rd this year, so that idea’s out, too.

    100% not going to be a New York Giant. Any team that signs him is making a huge mistake.

  3. I can’t wait to see which bench Bush will strike his Heisman pose on.

  4. Reggie Bush gives the Giants a reciever out of the backfield for the first time since Tiki Barber. D. Ward was a good reciever but definitely not in Barber or Bush’s league.

    But Bush can’t be the top guy, if he can’t do it behind Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans, he isn’t going to be much better a combination of Diehl, Seubert, Petrus, Boothe etc. Snee won’t be a problem.

  5. He’s had a few great games with the saints, but I’m really stressing a FEW it’s time for him to move on so we can spend that money where it’s needed.

  6. LOL strong interest before the draft maybe and we drafted both a FB and a RB why in the world would the Eagles pay a guy that much money to sit behind McCoy?

    The reality is every FA is saying that the Eagles have shown a lot of interest in them to raise the asking price of the player, because everyone knows the Eagles are going to be active in free agency.

    News Flash the Eagles need a CB not a RB

    CB, LB, DT, S maybe a TE or OT

    RB is so far down on the list it’s not even worth talking about.

  7. Pitt really could use him more than most teams. Im not a Bush fan, necessarly, but Mendenhall and Redman have the same running style and Mewelde Moore is all but gone.

    Still, the whole not overpaying FA thing is really hurting his chances.

  8. Speaking of the Giants. I’m impressed with DJ Ware everytime I see him on the field. He doesn’t play much though. Pass blocking an issue?

  9. I really don’t understand why people think he would go to Pittsburgh. They have beasts in Mendenhall, Redman, Moore, and now Jonathan Dwyer. There’s no need to overpay for Bush. I like Reggie Bush, but Pitt’s not a good fit.

  10. As much as I like having Bush on the Saints roster because of his potential explosiveness, he’s becoming a distraction. What he doesn’t realize is that talent doesn’t always correspond to production but production = big pay day. He’s evidence of that…he’s not done anything to merit being considered a RB, he sucks on punts and KRs, and he can’t run in a straight line b/t the tackles, he hasn’t played a full season since coming into the league. Whatever he’s smoking/inhaling/drinking to think that he deserves to be so handsomely compensated, I want no part of it. Reggie, do some introspection. The green may be longer someplace else, but you are in a good situation in NOLA, with a coach that understands how to use you and your talents. If you go elsewhere, it’s going to get worse long before it gets better.

    btw, if I had a dollar for every time he beat himself in the head for making the wrong move or bad decision, I’d have his contracted salary for this season.

  11. I can see it now, Reggie Bush will have a “Decision” tv show that will be exclusively on ESPN, and will have proceeds to benefit the Boys and Girls clubs of America. He’ll decide to take his talents to South Beach. Wait, that’s already been done…

  12. All You fans who have a favorite NFL team, know good an damn well that all of you will be screaming for REGGIE to sign with your team..Its called being a 1st class Saints front office,Reggie thinks he’s worth more than what the Saints FO they let Reggie or whatever player it is, to go find how much their worth for themselves..Does’nt mean that Reggie wont be back with the Saints…just respect giving To the Saints players!!!!

  13. From cwmorga:

    “I still think he’ll restructure with the Saints.”

    I think so, too.

  14. EAGLESFAN, I agree that RB is not the top priority for the Eagles, but we could definitely use some depth at RB. If McCoy get injured, would you really be confident with Eldra Buckley, Jerome Harrison, or Dione Lewis getting the load of carries? I sure dont. But with that being said, I think Bush’s asking price will be too high because the Eagles need to keep in mind that McCoy should be getting a nice new contract within a year or 2. Theres no way they should go out and pay Bush the big dollars while McCoy is still sitting on his rookie contract. I wouldnt mind if the Eagles took a look at Portis for a 1 year contract or at least invite him to camp to see what he has left.

  15. I could see Bush going to Seattle and fitting in with Darrell Bevell’s offense. They would have a 3-headed rushing attack with Lynch, Forsett and Bush.

    Carroll would find a way to optimize his talents and receiving skills out of the backfield.

    IF the price was right….. I could see a reunion.

  16. Jason Cole has hated Reggie Bush (and the Saints) since he was drafted. Google Jason Cole Reggie Bush and you’ll see.

  17. Reggie Bush may not be the best returner in the league (by far). However, it is important to note that he’s taken 5 punt returns to the house in his short career so far. Strangely enough, there are only about 20 people ahead of him on the PR for touchdown list in the history of the NFL.

    Anyway, just sayin’.

  18. I would love to see him in Tampa as a KR/PR guy. He has killed us several times with that. He can also replace caddy as a 3rd down catching option for Josh to use.

    He can be dangerous, you just have to realize it won’t be between the teckles.

  19. I do find it funny that the same fans who blast Reggie Bush want him on their favorite teams.

  20. Reggie:
    Your career will be measured in Super Bowl rings, not dollars earned. With this year’s draft, Gregg Williams’ defensive genius, and Payton’s knowledge of how best to use your unique talents, you have a good chance of getting a couple more rings.
    Restructure. Be a good team mate. Break a few long ones. And hold onto the ball. Saints fans will love you for it.

  21. Bush needs another creative OC like Payton who loves the passing game. He’s a role player and Payton maximized his abilities. I say Chan Gailey’s Bills or Spags’ Rams with McDaniels are his best fit as far as his abilities.

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