Umenyiora elaborates on his feelings about LeSean McCoy

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The line between pro wrestling and the NFL continues to blur.  And we like it.

After taking a quick but biting slap at Eagles running back LeSean McCoy in comments to the New York Times earlier today, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora provided a more thorough explanation of the acrimony between the two players to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

The trouble started Thursday, when McCoy referred to Umenyiora via Twitter as “overrated n soft.”  Umenyiora has opted to respond verbally.

“I mean, he’s a girl, man. Who does stuff like that?” Umenyiora said.  “If he has more of these things to say, he can say ’em to my face.  Don’t be no Twitter gangster man.”

The friction began, predictably, during games between the Giants and Eagles.  “[W]e had words on the field — both times we played,” Umenyiora said.  “I hate him, he hates me, period.  He chose to take that off the field and make it public when it’s something that’s between me and him.  It’s something we can address on the football field.  He let the whole world know about it, so I’m going to respond.”

Umenyiora admitted that some aggressive words were exchanged between the lines.

“Oh, he said all kinds of stuff.  He called me an ‘African [expletive].’  It was bad,” Umenyiora said.  “It was pretty intense between me and him.  I said a couple of things to him.  I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was rough.”

We’ve got a feeling McCoy remembers.  And we’ve got a feeling he’ll be sharing it with the world soon.  In Umenyiora’s view, however, that stuff should stay on the field.

“People talk trash, people go at each other,” Umenyiora said.  “This is a very violent and physical game.  You’re attacking each other, you’re hitting each other.  Things are going to get heated, especially against Philly.

“This year was the worst in my eight-year career as far as animosity toward that team.  There’s a real hatred toward Philly and there’s a real hatred for them toward us.  So it was rough out there.  But I feel things like that stay on the football field.  Off the field, we respect each other because at the end of the day we’re all brothers.  But he decided to take it so far that there’s no going back from it now.”

It’s your move, McCoy.  Don’t disappoint us.  It’s the lockout, and we’ll take whatever we can get.

42 responses to “Umenyiora elaborates on his feelings about LeSean McCoy

  1. “The line between pro wrestling and the NFL continues to blur. And we like it.”

    I agree entirely! I was just talking about this the other day with a few friends of mine. If sports want to attract even more fans they need to hire some WWE story writers to help these players get some good things going. I personally think the NBA could benefit from this a lot also. I mean story lines are good but if you could add a little more between the players it could make things even more interesting. Not that the NFL needs help with that.

  2. I bleed kelly green, I’d like to make that clear. Osi is 100% correct, a real man with real beef doesn’t let it be known via twitter…that’s weaker than weak. I like the way McCoy plays football, but I won’t take a liking to any of my beloved Eagles acting like a little weasel.

  3. Wow, what a pu@@y that Umenyiora is. He’s calling someone else a “girl” and Ladygaga but HE’s the one with his panties in a bunch.

    What a loser.

  4. Shady should’ve kept it on the field but why would he care ? Mccoy owns the nyg . We might not have a ring (lame argument) but put both teams on the field and philly ALWAYS walks away with the W . Oh and p.s. If you guys want a chance next year heres a tip , DO NOT PUNT TO DESEAN JACKSON !

  5. i hate both teams and players, but Osi would kick the snot out of that whiny little maggot

  6. Yes McCoy is not a “little whiney maggot” in fact he is a running back who played games with broken ribs. I am not sure if you have ever broken your ribs but it is impossible to take a leak in that condition let alone play pro football and not complain.

    My guess is somone asked shady what he thought of Osi coming to philly on his twitter and he gave his honest opinion of him. In fact I think if giants fans thought it about impartially they would probably agree with shady. Osi is a bit soft and tends to not play up to the level of the game. He also seems to complain alot. And in the end objectively I would take Tuck ( who i think is a top 5 DL) Canty, and probably the young kid Paul over Osi. Don’t get me wrong he would be second best on the Eagles no doubt. But on the giants squad hes probably 3 best and an arguement could be made that he is 5th best if you count mathias as a DE.

    Just the truth man. Oh and above all else, when your teams blows a lead like Osi’s team did and gets swept by a team and Shady was one of the key reasons for that last year and hasen’t beaten that same team for 3 full years, perhaps just keeping your mouth shut no matter what the players on that tea say is a good idea. I believe they call it “bragging rights”.

    Oh and before the haters start with the “no superbowls” crap the Eagles have 3 NFL championships if it makes you feel any better you can call them superbowl -13 or whatever the minus number would be. Its still a world championship. So deal.

  7. The Way He Shredded Your D I’d Be Mad To And The Only Girl In Football Resides In NY Goes By The Name Sheli Peytons Little Sister

  8. Osi is beginning to sound like the dumped girlfriend in high school. Maybe Shady isn’t returning his texts and has his feelings hurt. Man up Osi.

  9. Prrrrrrretty sure “Scoreboard” is all mccoy needs to say back. Cuz, for now at least, boy ain’t it the truth, eh G-Men. Y’all can’t buy a win vs. us.

  10. ….as shady burns the giants for a game winning td with 3 mins left in the 4th quarter.

  11. While I agree with Osi about keeping things on the field, he’s the one that publicly vented his frustrations about the Giants ownership not making him a new contract. Maybe he should take his own advice…

  12. Osi feels so strongly that “things like that stay on the football field”, that he turns around and puts it out in public? Uh, McCoy stated an opinion about your game, YOU told the world what was said on the field.

    Who’s the one taking it public?

  13. “There’s a real hatred toward Philly and there’s a real hatred for them toward us.”

    Everyone hates it, Osi. It’s the a-hole of a America. I’d rather spend a week in Tehran draped in the US flag than ever go back to Philly.

  14. The NJ giants are a subsidiary of Philadelphia. Property Of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia NJ giants, It has been 3 and a half years since the last time the giants beat the eagles. Bush was president, and lady gaga was an unknown ny weirdo back then.

  15. Philly fans only worry about ny not getting a W against them and they satisfied. Sounds like lechoke, great in reg season choke in playoffs celebrate in bahamas,,, very satisfied. Come on phily win something then talk crap.

  16. Little baby Umenyiora can’t take some trash talk..

    When you drop a huge lead and the opponent is talking smack about ya.. Suck it up and go think about the crappy team that YOU play for..

  17. Let me see, McCoy averaged 6.2 yards per carry against the Giants, which is better than any RB since the merger. Maybe he did talk trash off the field, but he certainly took care of business on the field as well. If it takes this to get Osi to want to play well, the Giants should take back their money and just pay someone on the team they’re facing to talk trash about him every week.

  18. The NJ giants are a subsidiary of Philadelphia. Property Of Philadelphia.


    Does that mean you can share their championships since you don’t have any of your own?

  19. Ahh yes, Eagles fans thumping their chests about their annual Super Bowl wins against the Giants. Don’t make any snide or vitriolic remarks toward these poor souls, folks. Seriously, where else in the world besides Philadelphia can you find so many who take such pride in pleasure in being the neglected step-child?

    Every year, Cinderella gets all gussied up, puts on her best evening gown, works on her hair and makeup for hours, and looks perfect for yet another exciting night at the Ball, where she just KNOWS she’s going to win the title of “Belle of the Ball”

    :Phone rings:

    “What?! You have to work late?? Don’t you DARE tell me you can’t make it!! Nooooo…..”


    “Well, thats alright.:sob: I’ll go out anyway, get hammered, find some drunk, unemployed slob, which should be simple here in Philly, give him some sugar, and I’ll still WIN! I’ll be the CHAMPION!!1!”

    Pity them, folks.

  20. I’m gonna thumbs down my last comment….forgot the Dolphins won in 72…but since that was before I entered this world in 75….doesnt matter to me.

  21. awwww theres a new type of hate for philly in new york??

    was that before or after you handed the game to our clearly superior team the first time? or was it after the new miracle?

    O. Umenyiora, 2010 vs. Phi Total Stats
    7 tackles (6 solo), 0.0 sacks

  22. McCoy’s comments are understandable. All Eagles fans and players are bitter. If you were the only team in a 4-team division that’s never won a Superbowl you’d be yapping too. Yeah, NFC East has 11 trophies… and none of them are in Philly. Go ahead and talk McCoy… talk talk talk.

  23. Apparently it’s required that your organization owns a Lombardi trophy to be allowed to say anything at all as a player…pffffffffhahaha.

    As a fan, when your team sucks NOW…seems like all you losers can do is cling tightly to the past. Savor it as long as you can…(Dallas)

  24. captainwisdom8888 says: Jun 18, 2011 11:42 AM

    As a fan, when your team sucks NOW…seems like all you losers can do is cling tightly to the past

    The Eagles didn’t win another game after the Giants comeback debacle, and went one and done in the playoffs. Seems to me that they’ve got some major suckage going on themselves, but wait…..whats that, you say?

    Oh yeah! They don’t HAVE a past to cling to!

    Even if you want to count the pre-Super Bowl era into the equation, Philly still comes in dead last. That last trophy is so old that even if you DID cling to it, the damn thing would probably turn to dust and blow away.


    Giants – 7
    Dallas – 5
    Washington – 5
    Philly – 3

  25. LOL! I thought only Giant’s fans were under the delusion that we care about them. Seems the players have a similar sense of self importance. Listen, Eagle fans are born and bred to hate Dallas and Dallas alone. Seriously fellas, you are irrelevant to us. Not just to us but the rest of the league really. LT and Phil Simms ain’t walkin’ through that door anytime soon. Get over it. As much as Goodell and WFAN wish it were otherwise, you simply don’t matter. Stop living in the past.

  26. captainwisdom8888 says: Jun 18, 2011 12:57 PM

    Congrats on the past, but while solely referring to the present: EVERY TEAM IN THE NFC EAST IS AN AFTERTHOUGHT COMPARED TO THE EAGLES.

    You really believe that, don’t you? Poor delusional fool.

    To quote the great Ralph Kramden:

    “Somewhere in this world, there is a strait-jacket waiting for that man”

  27. All you NJ Giant fans are whiny b*tches. Just like a b*tchy girlfriend to bring up the past when the argument is about the present. The fact is, we embarrassed you. One and done in the playoffs huh? Is the tampon putting to much pressure on your brain? We lost by 3 points to the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS and we gave them the best game in the playoffs including the super bowl. So….why not make an argument that stands up to something that deals with the present you little b*tchy, whiny chicks. Or go back in your hole and enjoy your trash ridden, pee smelling city. NY is trash and so are the people there. You b*tches root for a team that you have to go watch in Jersey you dumb c**ts!

  28. sufferingbirdsfan says: Jun 18, 2011 1:11 PM

    Seriously fellas, you are irrelevant to us.

    If you’re gonna call yourself a fan of a team, at least take the time to learn a little bit about the history of that team. You sound like a complete moron who just jumped onto the Philly bandwagon last week. The Giants don’t matter to the Eagles? The Giants aren’t relevant to the rest of the league?

    You’re ‘suffering’, all right. Suffering from a case of acute ignorance and alcohol poisoning.

  29. “Hurtful words that are shouted in the heat of battle on the field offends me! ”

    *writes complaints to the commissioner*

    (commissioner fines players $100,000)

    ^ and that is why Basketball sucks compared to Football.

  30. In his first crack at the Philadelphia Eagles’ NFC East rival, the New York Giants, LeSean McCoy gave the Giants a taste of what was to come.Rushing for 82 yards with one TD to go along with two receptions for 10 yards, McCoy and the Eagles had an easy game, winning 40-17.McCoy has played well against the Giants over his career, accounting for at least 50-plus total yards or more in each outing. sweet. In Week 11 of last season, LeSean McCoy took it to Osi Umenyiora and the New York Giants in a 27-17 rout.McCoy racked up 111 rushing yards, one touchdown—which was a 50-yard TD run— to go along with 28 yards receiving.McCoy helped give the Eagles the first of two wins against their NFC East rival, which always makes the win all that more sweet.

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