Vrabel says Ohio State hasn’t called about coaching job yet

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Linebacker Mike Vrabel went sack-less in 16 starts last year, turns 36 before this season, and will be an unrestricted free agent once the lockout is lifted. There has been speculation that Vrabel wants to be a football coach, but that opportunity hasn’t come from his alma mater just yet.

“No, [Ohio State coach] Luke [Fickell] hasn’t said he wants me on his staff,” said Vrabel after Fickell’s introductory press conference. “Luke knows I still have time to play, and I’m traveling to Chicago or New York for meetings with the owners. Luke knows I’ve got a bunch on my plate right now.”

Vrabel has been active in labor negotiations between the owners and players. He does want to coach someday, though, and it ideally it would be for the Buckeyes.

“I think it’s certainly something I’d be interested in under the right situation,” Vrabel confirmed. “I’d have to look and see when my playing career comes to an end and my involvement with the players association and being on the executive committee and being in that role.”

Vrabel indicated that he still has designs on playing in the NFL.

“My contract is up with the Chiefs,” he said, “So I’ll be looking for a job as soon as this lockout ends.”

Ohio State currently has a vacancy at linebackers coach, Fickell’s old job.

12 responses to “Vrabel says Ohio State hasn’t called about coaching job yet

  1. MIKE
    Dont hold your breath there son, Luke will not be around a year from now.

    Urban next coach…..

  2. Thats B.S. Tressell dont coach there no more – whatever aside on the field he beat a Miami U team that was full of NFL future pro bowlers, no other coach could probably beat that team in the ’03 BCS title game…

    9-1 vs. Michigan

    thats all you need to know.

  3. Didn’t Vrabel get in trouble at a casino this winter for taking some beers without paying for them? I think they’re trying to get away from that type of behavior at Ohio State.

  4. I find it hard to believe not paying your bar tab is a felony. But anyway i think that was resolved .

    Vrable would make a good coach. He’s a smart guy who knows how to play the game. As far as being with this current regime at THE Ohio state, they won’t be there long. Its really hard to follow a great coach like that. I kinda also think that we might see U. Meyer or one of the Stoops boys take that job in the next few years. Unless they have a big season, but with all the distractions i don’t see that happening

  5. MIKE
    Dont hold your breath there son, Luke will not be around a year from now.

    Urban next coach…..


    Actually, you might consider exhaling yourself. Meyer isn’t going to your Suckeye program after the NCAA drops the hammer on Ohio State.

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