Bruce Allen on McNabb trade: “We would make the move again”


There has been a lot of dissection of Dononvan McNabb’s year gone wrong in Washington during the lockout because, well, we don’t have a lot else to talk about.

Whether the guy likes wristbands or not, the trade for McNabb just didn’t work in 2010.  But that hasn’t changed G.M. Bruce Allen’s mind that it was the right move.

We would make the move again for Donovan,” Allen told Kelli Johnson of Saturday. “The 6-10 record isn’t what we dreamed for our season.  Once again, I can’t pinpoint one person to blame for that.  We have to improve on special teams, defense, and offense.”

Allen says it takes time for a new staff and quarterback to grow together, but made no promises about McNabb’s future.  Allen insists he appreciates Donovan as a player and disputed the idea that McNabb didn’t work well with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

“I don’t know if I would use that characterization,” Allen said. “I thought they gelled very well at times.”

The McNabb trade set the Redskins organization back.  They gave up a second- and fourth-round pick for him. They paid McNabb roughly $15 million last year, including a $3.5 million signing bonus in November after they benched him.

And once this lockout ends, they are expected to quickly say goodbye.

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  1. Shanahan needs to stop letting his son Kyle call the shots. Or they will never make the playoffs

  2. Considering the Redskins have been making and repeating high priced mistakes for years, that statement shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

  3. Eagles immediately faxed a trade into the league office, announcing they were sending McNabb to Washington for a second and a third in the 2012 draft.

  4. At least Allen acknowledges the team has holes everywhere. Listening to Andy and Opie Shanahan, as well as some Redskins fans and media, you’d think they were on the verge of becoming the ’78 Steelers until Donovan came in and screwed up everything.

  5. McNabb is an egotistical baby that pouts if everybody isn’t kissing his arss. He’s also shown that he’s soft as illustrated in the Superbowl against the Patriots in which he blew lunch all over the field and couldn’t set the necessary pace as the clock wound down. I further believe he just doesn’t have the fire in the belly anymore (did he ever really have it to begin with???).

    He’s got lots of talent…. but it takes much more than that. I think Donovan did well in Philly and basically served them well. But I also think he never lived up to his complete potential because he lacks the intangibles mentioned above. I think he’s now just a “has been” on the way down because he’s frustrated and doesn’t have the fire and determination to start all over again. I think he could, physically and from an Xs & Os standpoint. But he hasn’t got the will.

  6. @ludawig1029

    I disagree entirely, Kyle is the future of offensive scheming. He’s the one who gave the Texans the amazing passing scheme they have right now. An when he started calling the plays in the later half of their season their offense did better statistically (When he was the cord for the Texans in 09-10). The problem is his offense is very complex. Hence why mcnabb needed an wrist band to remember the plays even though he refused too.

  7. If Bruce Allen is inferring that given how it turned out, he would do it again, well than frankly the dude has a serious mental issue.

    No one, absolutely no one, would justify spending a 2nd round pick, a 4th round pick and 15 million dollars, to obtain 5 wins, 14 TD and 15 INT. You cant even use the argument regarding selling tickets, because every single Redskins until, well lets say forever, is sold out.

    His statements demostrate why every article written on comments from NFL executives is just crap. They have no merit whatsoever. The write might as well get a quote from the Rocky statue in Philly.

  8. He has to say this stuff. It’s almost like meeting the love of your dreams after you’ve been divorced 3 times and have 6 kids. Mentally and emotionally it’s worth it in the end because you’re happy, but you hate the fact that you have a bill at the end of the month.

  9. Why in the world would you make the Eagles your worst enemy? They never win a big game and Lincoln Financial Field is a far cry from the old Vet. Anybody can go to a game there and be fine. Plus the whole city is busy with the Phils anyway, the Eagles don’t even register on the scale these days.

  10. “18.5 million? And to think…all that money is handed to McNabb like a fat welfare check because the media puts so much energy into keeping the white man down.” ~Rush Limbaugh.

  11. bison4me says:Jun 18, 2011 8:24 PM

    Didn’t the Skins get those picks for McNabb back through trading down in this past draft? If so, then its a wash.

    I don’t know what they did in the draft but when you factor in the fact that they gave a hated division rival a 2nd and a 4th round pick that “wash” tilts back to “FAIL” on their part.

    They helped a hated division rival not only add to their team but they took a “past his prime” QB off their hands letting them move forward with younger, more talented prospects.

  12. Why does Mike Shanahan get a pass from everyone for being a lousy head coach? OK, so the guy used to be at least a good coach over a decade ago, but he sucks now. What players did he “coach up” last year? What half time adjustments did he make? How many of their 6 victories were due to his coaching?

    The guy cares more about showing he’s going to do things his way, than winning games…see Detroit game last year.

  13. If he would make the move again then he really is a dope. Uh, let’s just say it didn’t work any too well.

  14. It doesn’t matter those picks and money would have just been wasted as long as Danny Boy was in-charge. Come on be honest people you know I’m not lying.

  15. Yet again just another reason to be proud of not being a Deadskins fan.

    Thank You Dan Snyder!

    Tip for Washington Fans:
    man up, quit wearing dresses and maybe your team won’t suck as much as you do!

    Tip for the rest of league:
    Dont trade future draft picks to your biggest divisional rival for a player you will eventually bench, then increase his salary by millions of dollars, only to release him the following year.

    For more ways to set your team back an entire decade, check out Washington Times best-selling book, “How to destroy a respectable franchise” by Daniel M. Snyder

  16. I thought Bruce Allen was supposed to be a smart GM?

    Why would you do the same thing again……..he sucked and got benched you moron! It was a bad move, just admit it and move on.

    Jesus, is the NFL just full of stupid people? This sounds just like ConVick saying he wouldn’t change a single thing about his past if he could.

    Oy vay!

  17. You guys crack me up. If the Redskins came out and said, “we made a mistake,” you would say the Redskins are stupid because they are driving his value down for a potential trade.

    But if the Redskins say “we would do it again,” you guys bust on them for lying or being stupid.

    No matter what the Redskins say, a lot of you would rationalize it as their being stupid.

    It’s clear to me that Bruce Allen is just saying the political thing to keep his options open and maintain some value for McNabb should they find a trading partner.

    Seriously, you should not take every statement at face value.

  18. I was always a big McNabb fan but he’s done. He’s never going to lead a team to the promised land. He could be a good backup but at this point he’s just not worth the money , even though he will probably get it form some stupid GM somewhere. Any bGM that signs him is an idiot!! SO SEZ ME.

  19. What players did Shanny coach up? Are you kidding? Not only did we have one of the worst rosters and oldest, by the end of the year this team dropped 3 years in age, had undrafted/late round draft picks, and former busts actually playing well. Anthony Armstrong, Brandon Banks, Keiland Williams, Ryan Torain, Kory Lichtenstieger, Will Montgomery, Perry Riley, Terrance Austin all 5th round to undrafted playing regularly by seasons end. Not to mention, somehow threw for 3900 yards with a terrible offense and were in all but 2 games(eagles mnf and @giants). Plus they just had the best draft since ’86 with 12 selections and 3 could easily be starters for 10 years(kerrigan, james, hankerson), 2 good backs(helu, royster), and a nice nose tackle from WVU. Everyone loves to bash the Skins but they still have as many Superbowls as the Giants and 3 more than the Eagles

  20. mdnittlion says:
    Jun 18, 2011 9:57 PM
    It doesn’t matter those picks and money would have just been wasted as long as Danny Boy was in-charge. Come on be honest people you know I’m not lying.
    Seriously? Snyder signs checks…..based on bad advice occasionally….but he only signs checks. Casserly, Schottenheimer, Cerrato, Gibbs and Allen drafted players and orchestrated trades from 1999 – 2011….moron.

  21. I wasn’t aware that the football Allens are of the same DNA as the Maccaca Allens until now. Small minds, small world.

  22. Huh, and to remember when McKnabb would get upset if someone would even hint favre was better then him

  23. Nothing new here. The org still makes horrible decisions and supposedly have the best football minds in the NFl in place at the highest possible salaries. Let’s facee it… franchise QB with the weakest roster in the NFL equals FAIL and another last place for years to come.

    I give it another yr before weasel boy fires everybody and starts over again. Why this org did not draft Blaine Gabbert knowing they need a franchise QB is beyond belief? The scrubs they have at QB right will get you maybe 2 wins if your lucky…LMAO.

  24. @ baddegg

    McNabb has been around the league long enough for every GM to know what he’s (was) capable of. Every GM also knows not to take anything Allen says at face value for the exact reasons you stated. He’s in “used car” salesman mode right now. The bottom line is McNabb was finished before he got to DC and now he’s another year older and rustier. Allen is trying to sell a used up car.

  25. @baddegg

    You can’t be serious. Even IF a team was willing to take a flyer on McNabb and give the Skins something of value, there is no team that would take on that awful contract. Bruce Allen is just a coward.

  26. Good god there are some low IQ’s posting on this site. Have any of you idiots ever heard of trade value? What do you expect him to admit mcnabb is a bum so his trade value drops even further? Some of you idiots need a lobotomy. Seriously.

  27. Kyle runs a Very complex version of the WCO offense. McNabb didn’t have a chance and never would. You run his offense the way he wants it. You adjust based on the direction he provided. Bill wash did the same thing. His QB ran the Offense the way he wanted, from drops, to his reads, to his audibles. everything came from him.

  28. Ok Bruce, you know youre my boy, weve met a few times when you were the Caps cruncher in Oakland,…you were the only numbers guy I ever saw sitting in his office with a wad of Skoal in his lip,..and your father was unquestionably the best…and Im still bummed out you arent working in Alameda anymore,…(so is Amy T.),…HOWEVER old buddy,…dont publish comments like that!!!!!….dangit I hope you were misquoted,…you must have never gotten that email I sent you,…dont work with that rat Shanahan!!!!!…

  29. I’ve always thought that Kyle Shanahan’s comment, ”He’ll never take another snap in my offense,” said more about him than it did about McNabb. McNabb could easily make Minnesota or Arizona contenders again.

    To his credit Kyle Shanahan was very succesful in running the Texan’s offense, and developing Schaub.

  30. jbcommonsense says:Jun 19, 2011 12:22 PM

    I’ve always thought that Kyle Shanahan’s comment, ”He’ll never take another snap in my offense,” said more about him than it did about McNabb. McNabb could easily make Minnesota or Arizona contenders again.

    To his credit Kyle Shanahan was very succesful in running the Texan’s offense, and developing Schaub.


    I highly doubt it but odds are we’ll get a chance to see if you are right with one of those franchises this year.

  31. “backinblack67 says: Jun 18, 2011 10:39 PM

    Shanahan will go through every QB he can find looking for another Elway. Until he finds his QB…they will suck.”

    he is never gonna find another elway,but don’t you think the man knows that butthead? i’m not laying this mess on DM.joe montanna could’nt complete a pass with the OL we have in washington,and until they fix that problem,we are’nt gonna do much on offense!if they finish 6-10 this season,i’d be impressed!
    hopefully,andrew kuck will be taking snaps next year in dc behind a better ol!

  32. skinsdiehard says:

    Seriously? Snyder signs checks…..based on bad advice occasionally….but he only signs checks. Casserly, Schottenheimer, Cerrato, Gibbs and Allen drafted players and orchestrated trades from 1999 – 2011….moron.


    Actually based on your response I can tell you are pretty uninformed as to what goes on with the Redskins. Snyder gave a series of interviews less than two months ago about his role in the organization. And the fact that he wanted to stay more hands off with the team in the future. And yes he does sign checks he also put Jim Zorn in charge just something to think about.

  33. This article is disappointing. It is about 5% news and 95% editorial by Mr. Rosenthal.

    Fact is that McNabb did a pretty good job last year and is far and away the best QB that the Redskins currently have on their roster.

    Let’s do a little recap. First, statistically the Skins had one of the worst defenses in the NFL last year. Orakpo, Landry and Fletcher (and perhaps Hall and Alexander) might be the exceptions to this, and there defense should be much improved this year. Many had last year’s D ranked at the bottom of the NFL.

    Clearly the 3-4 defensive scheme is taking some time to get used to, and to find the right players… of which is not Haynesworth on the end. If Haynesworth wants to be a Redskin he has to do at least three things, get in shape, be a team player, and play in the middle.

    Now, a brief game recap. Before the break they were 4-4. Two of those were losses against the Rams and Lions. They were team losses and not McNabbs fault. In fact, the Lions game could have been a coaching error for benching McNabb when the game was on the line.

    Another of those losses, against the Texans, they lost a 17 point lead by a field goal in overtime. Again, hardly McNabbs fault. Blame goes more on the coaching staff than McNabb.

    Without those SNAFU’s, the Redskins could have been 7-1 at the end of the break, with the only loss against the Colts in Indy, and then only by 3 points.

    Off the break, the Eagles, and Vick, totally dominated. We all saw that in awe. But even then, the Skins won three quarters of that game. We all only remember the first quarter. Wow do we.

    Game 10 they beat the Titans in Nashville in OT.

    Then the wheels came off. A penalty that cost a touchdown assured a loss to Minnesota by 4 points in Minneapolis.

    Eight turnovers doomed them against the Giants. Admittedly, it was McNabbs worst day. But much of that was because the OL was getting whooped all day. Players or Kyle, either way it was a disaster for the Redskins.

    A botched PAT cost the game against the Bucs.

    Take the SNAFU’s away and the Redskins could have been 10-3 at this point. I know, I know……coulda, woulda, shoulda. But the point is, it wasn’t McNabb’s fault.

    The fault lies more with the defense, the coaches, the kicking game, the offensive line, in that order.

    At this point McNabb was benched. The Skins fared no better under Grossman, losing two games and winning one in OT. All were close, 3 point games.

    McNabb is due to make a lot as a Redskin in 2012. That’s par for the course under Snyder. They didn’t want McNabb to go to free agency and they signed him to a cheesecake deal. Cheesecake for the Redskins if they let McNabb go. Cheesecake for McNabb if the Redskins keep him. Still, Haynesworth made more last year for not playing.

    Unless the Skins can make a trade for a solid free agent, I simply don’t see any other but McNabb. Grossman is an adequate back-up but he is short and throws way too many interceptions.

    Beck was a back-up for the Ravens, for gosh sakes. Not exactly a team known for it’s quarterbacks. (Not until the Flacco era anyway.)

    It’s McNabb, or a free agent. And this year, well, who knows if the NFL will even be playing.

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