Jeff Fisher not thinking about next job until next year


Five months after he left the Titans, Jeff Fisher says he hasn’t given any thought to what his next job might be.

That’s going to be a January thing. That’s next year. I don’t think much about it. I don’t pay much attention to it,” Fisher said.

Fisher saying that finding his next job will be “a January thing” suggests that he expects to be on the coaching market next year. At age 53, Fisher probably isn’t done coaching, and he’ll likely have multiple suitors in 2012.

But Fisher has been either a football player or coach every autumn since his childhood, and he says he’s ready for a break.

“First time I’ve had a spring, a summer, a fall,” Fisher said. “I’ve not seen Montana in the fall, so I’m going to do a lot of that stuff.”

9 responses to “Jeff Fisher not thinking about next job until next year

  1. If the following Teams don’t make the playoffs this yr I see Jeff as a possible HC replacement;

    5. Bengals (How many chances are u going to give M. Lewis, C’mon man)
    4. Bears (Lovey is always on the hot seat)
    3. Texans (Win or go home for Kubiak)
    2. Jaguars (Same as the Bengals)
    1. Chargers (Best fit)

  2. Was he wearing his Peyton Manning jersey when they interviewed him?

  3. If I were an owner contemplating a coaching change, having a coach like Fisher available would influence my decision. He’s a very good coach that any team would be fortunate to get.

  4. He’s doing the right thing in recharging his batteries. It’s like a bucket list, except that Jeff’s bucket has another twenty great years and a couple of Super Bowl titles left in it.

  5. gotitan says:
    Jun 18, 2011 10:15 AM
    As an average coach at best, what exaclty has Fish won that would qualify him to be receiving multiple suitors in 2012?
    I’m with you on this one. People rag on John Fox all the time but he’s a better coach than Fisher IMO. The real “star” coach on the Titans’ defensive staff was Jim Schwartz.

  6. Top 5 teams that might look for him could be 1. Bengals 2. Jaguars 3. Texans. 4. Dolphins 5. Cardinals

  7. Longest tenured coach with no ring. Followed by Andy Reid longest tenure no ring. At least Bil Cowher went out a year after bringing a championship home.

    People around the league keep bringing Fisher up as a possible replacement like it would be some kind of upgrade. He’d be a John Fox kind of guy by which I mean kicked out of a franchise and send to a team with no real chance of willing a Super Bowl, but with the possibility of winning more games than the year before and still not making the playoffs. How many times did he let Indy win the division in the past 9 years?

    I’m really not impressed with anything he does. He’s to hm coaching the Deadskins or Bungals next year.

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