Texas reportedly “would love” to have Matt Leinart back

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When writing Houston’s post lockout checklist on Friday, I considered including backup quarterback as an area to look at.

Dan Orlovsky is due $2.75 million in 2011, but he stayed ahead of Matt Leinart all last year.  Kubiak seems to like Orlovsky enough and the post was getting too long, so I just ignored the position.

Apparently the Texans are open to bringing Leinart back.  John McClain of the Houston Chronicle writes the team “would love” to do just that. McClain just doesn’t see the scenario as particularly likely.

“Leinart wants to play for a team that’ll give him a chance to start. I see him being reunited with Pete Carroll,” McClain writes.

We doubt that chance to start is out there.  And while the Texans “would love” to have Leinart back, it would probably be for a third quarterback’s salary. They’d let him compete with Orlovsky.

Leinart wants a better opportunity than that.  But are we sure that a chance like that is out there, even from Carroll?

Teams weren’t exactly beating down Arizona’s door when Leinart was made available early last September.  The Seahawks didn’t go after Leinart when he was cut.

We’d guess that Leinart is viewed no differently than a David Carr-type at best by most teams.  He’s an option to be your backup, but it would be stunning if Leinart convinced a coach he was “The Guy” in training camp.

It’s possible Leinart won’t get a better opportunity than returning to Houston.

18 responses to “Texas reportedly “would love” to have Matt Leinart back

  1. He’s got a lousy work ethic and a noodle arm. Even if he gets the chance to earn it, he will never be a starter. I honestly can’t name a single starting QB that he’s better than.

  2. Although there are a ton of obvious jokes here, I think Leinart deserves one last shake as a starter. It’s obvious that Whisenhunt did not like him, and his opportunities to be the starter was minuscule at best.

    Give him one last shot, and if he can’t do it, time to call it a career.

  3. “Leinart wants to play for a team that’ll give him a chance to start. I see him being reunited with Pete Carroll,” McClain writes.

    I’m sure Carroll understands it’s different in the pro’s. Good college QB, just plain lousy in the NFL……..PASS.

  4. As you can see, Matt has retained his youthful look and fitness, but former teammate LenDale White has aged rapidly.

  5. Leinart needs to look at the success Matt Cassell and think that he probably wasn’t even the best QB on his college team when he was there, so maybe his draft stock was a bit inflated at the time. He should reexamine his self value and find a good backup job somewhere in a system he is comfortable in. Then sit and wait for the starting guy to go down and then give it everything you have with the chance you have, or just be a career backup which isn’t that bad of a gig when the alternative is being out of the league. Why some of these guys cant get over the fact that just because they were stars in college and first round picks, and accept that they aren’t automatically going to be stars in the pros and just be thankful you are a QB in the NFL.

  6. Texas doesn’t like a good fit for Leinart they don’t have the right coaches for him

  7. I’d take that Hollywood party boy for depth on my flag team. We usually go through two quarterbacks a year, so he will play. Have him call me, we have tryouts next month.

  8. Except Carr might have been ok, except for getting his brains beat in while in Houston. Leinart was doomed to suck from the start. Spoiled brat.

  9. Leinart is and will always be a never-was.He had plenty of chances over the years,different teams, and nogo. He makes Alex Smith look like Joe Montana.lol

  10. Thought this was about Matt (Hasselback) for some reason…but often times I get irrelevant quarterbacks mixed up.

    I stopped caring about Matt Noheart years ago, shame he’s still considered “news” worthy.

    In other news of “quarterbacks no one gives a sh*t about” Kyle Boller is still a bum.

    p.s. – F*ck you Kyle Boller!

  11. Leinart’s a sad case. He was progressing nicely before he got Wally Pipped by Kurt Warner. I don’t know if it got in his head or what, but he’s never been the same since. It would be nice to see someone take a flier on him, it would be a move with more upside than recycling another old backup QB.

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