Derrick Mason on Jeff Fisher: Players love him


Derrick Mason hasn’t played for Jeff Fisher since leaving the Titans for the Ravens after the 2004 season. But Mason hasn’t forgotten what the experience of playing for Fisher was like.

At a charity softball event in Tennessee that doubled as a going-away party for Fisher, Mason was one of many players who sung Fisher’s praises.

“I’ve always respected him so much. He’s been a fixture in my life the last 15 years,” Mason said. “Guys came back for this because they love him. I don’t think too many coaches, once they leave, have guys come back and show how much they appreciate him. I know I wasn’t going to miss this.”

Although Fisher’s last couple years with the Titans weren’t successful, he remains one of the most popular, respected men in Tennessee. Mike Munchak has a tough act to follow.

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  1. Enter the Fisher haters who think he secrectly conspired to make Vince Young look like a lazy, self indulgent diva headcase.

  2. I’m sure he is a “nice guy” and a “players coach.”

    But, a 142-120 record with a .542 winning percentage in the regualar season, in addition to a 5-6 record in the playoffs and only one superbowl appearance in 17 years just isn’t that impressive.

  3. Many of you forget that the Titans were in “Salary Cap Hell” for a number of years, and Fisher in a number of those years did the best he could with what he had at the time. He also took the team that when he took over had a lot of uncertainty in Houston through a very rough period, and that’s why he remained the coach for as long as he did.

    There was a reason before he hired Buddy Ryan, then-Eagles owner Norman Braman was looking to hire Fisher as head coach of the Eagles in 1986 when he was only 26 years old!

  4. Fisher haters merely point put his record is not that great. Mediocrity is not “greatness” unless you are a Browns or Bengals fan (and apparently some Titans fans).

  5. I still don’t get why ever since drafting Vince Young… they STILL haven’t gotten a receiver for their team. It’s kind of impressive what they (Fisher, Young, and even Collins) was able to do with pretty much no receivers since Vince Young has been drafted.

  6. @iplaybingowitholdpeopleandwin

    Bro have you ever played bingo with old people? My nana asked me to go once and I did out of being nice. I got creamed… Bunch of old people wearing visors and smoking cigars playing 5-6 cards at once. I walked in and got mean mugged by 14 people over the age of 85. It was rough and probably one of the most confusing/scary moments of my life!

  7. Fisher is a great coach and if Reid ends up getting fired next off season(which i dont want to happen) , philly would be lucky to get him… Jeff Fisher did great with what he was given .

  8. Oh, I guess that’s why we get fed that lie that he’s one of the league’s “great” coaches because people are equating being a seemingly good guy with his coaching ability.

    Why didn’t that work for Jim Zorn then? He was on track for the Jeff Fisher career model, alot of bad to mediocre teams and maybe a 10-12 win team every 4 or 5 years.

    Plus, he’s a seemingly “great” guy. Why’d the media slam him so much? Guess he didn’t make the right friends at BSPN and the NFL network. I’m just asking.

  9. kiltherl,

    Would you say the same about Wade Phillips? His record’s better you know, but he’s considered a loser, while Jeff Fisher is praised for putting a good team together ever 4 or 5 years despite having one of the AFC’s best QBs last decade in his prime (McNair) for many years.

    And before anyone brings up the playoff records, consider without the Music City Miracle, there’s 3 less wins on that part of his resume too…especially since it was highly controversial to begin with. He’s won one playoff game since then.

    I’m just saying, being a good guy who has alot of media friends to shape your public perception doesn’t make it true. He’s a mediocre head coach who largely underachieved since he became an HC. I mean it took him 5 years just to get his first winning season, and subsequently they were few and far between after 2002.

  10. I’ve always liked Jeff Fisher. I’d take him over Tony Sparano any day. Has Fisher ever had the benefit of anything resembling a franchise quarterback during his long tenure? I’d say his teams have always been pretty competitive w/o one…

  11. Hey Hicks and Necks.
    *Do you guys still give away samples of smokeless tobacco at your home games?
    *Does “bring your wife to the game day” still count if she’s your cousin?
    *Will the Road Kill Cafe still fry Possum Pounders in the parking lot?
    *Is peeing in the parking lot still a right of passage for the youngins’ ?
    * Will “The Titans” ever be replaced as the stupidest name in sports?
    I still think the “Hound Dogs” would have been the best name ever… but what do I know.

  12. Whenever I think of prototypical franchise qb’s, the name Steve Mcnair does not enter my mind…..just my lowly opinion bud.

  13. freedomispopular says:Jun 19, 2011 2:57 PM

    You also have to keep in mind that his hands were partially tied by Bud Adams. I’d like to see him get a chance to run things under a hands-off owner.


    Not to sound ignorant but other than Vince Young, when has Bud been a hands-on owner?

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