Pete Carroll won’t talk about NCAA issues at USC

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With the college football program over which he presided reeling under NCAA-imposed sanctions and, most recently, a stripping of its 2004 BCS national title, the man who ran the show doesn’t have much to say about the events that caused the collapse of one of the greatest teams of the last decade.

Whether it’s in a sit-down with ESPN or, as explained by Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports, a “Win Forever” seminar series, Carroll won’t delve into the situation.

With ESPN, Carroll was asked this question:  “You’ve talked about how you’re disappointed in what the NCAA has done with USC.  How do we get our arms around a problem that has been around for such a long time, and seemingly hasn’t gotten better?”

“Yeah, that’s a big question, and I’m not gonna answer it,” Carroll said in response.  “I’m not going into it.”

In fairness, Carroll then offered up some aspirational jargon about the importance of critiquing processes and whatnot.  But it appears that Carroll has decided generally that he will avoid saying something that could make him look bad and/or in any way responsible for the sanctions by generally refusing to say anything.

A similar approach apparently is taken at Carroll’s seminars.  Farrar’s explains the flaw with almost apologetic tact, but the point resides somewhere in the words chosen more carefully than he’d cut the red, blue, and/or green wires of a ticking bomb.  “If there’s one thing I would advise for future seminars,” Farrar writes, “it would be to open the dialogue on what happened at USC from a violations perspective during Carroll’s time there.  It was unfortunate that this wasn’t addressed during this presentation when everything was supposed to be so much about learning from one’s past — the ‘hands-off’ nature of that line of inquiry drew back from the professed line of honesty.”

More bluntly, directly, and concisely, it’s hypocritical for Carroll to conduct seminars that encourage attendees to learn from their past while refusing to delve into his own.

Though Carroll faces no sanctions from the NCAA personally, he apparently realizes that his image would potentially suffer if anyone ever concludes that he knew what Reggie Bush (and possibly others) were doing, and that he failed to do anything to stop it.

It’s a shame.  Carroll has an opportunity to effect real change by coming clean, especially since it now appears that his program was hardly the only one where guys got something more than room, board, and books.  Maybe he will when he’s done coaching for good.  Hopefully, by then, the problem will have been solved.

15 responses to “Pete Carroll won’t talk about NCAA issues at USC

  1. “it’s hypocritical for Carroll to conduct seminars that encourage attendees to learn from their past while refusing to delve into his own.” What makes you think he hasn’t delved into it. I’m by no means a USC homer or even like Pete Carroll, but does the media have to be sports figures psychologist. Really?

  2. Who cares? This issue will never go away in college sports and Pete Carroll could give an rats arse about USC and affecting change. When it hit the fan he was gone and its not his problem anymore. Even if he did come clean, its not going to stop a Terrell Pryor from “getting his” or a coach from covering up or looking the other way like he did.

  3. The scandal is the reason he’s back in the NFL, no way he would have left otherwise.

  4. Of course. He’d rather talk about why Mark Sanchez should have stayed in college than his dirty program. Naturally.

  5. You can’t talk about principle if you dont have any. You can’t become principled after the fact. You either have character or you don’t. Pete has shown he has none.

  6. He’s a terrible coach who actually should have won more than he did at USC. The guy is a liar.

  7. Hell…..Just say it Pete…….Something along the lines of……”I did Not. Have. Sexual relations with that woman”..

  8. Yetteyskills, you are so right. With the amount of talent he had, they should have rattled off 5 ‘ships in a row. I still wonder why Reggie Bush lattereled the ball back after he ripped off a 25 yard+ run against Texas. The Titans might have won a superbowl because of it. Each day Vince Young gets out of bed, he should count his blessings for the money he has.

  9. Its funny cuz on right now there is an article where he does talk about the sanctions at USC. Maybe he just didn’t like Doug Farrar

  10. One thing for sure Pete’s in the right spot because he will not have to worry about recruiting, cheating, player off the field activities or boosters in the NFL. He would have been ideal as a Raider head coach. Just win baby!

  11. A big part of “learning from the past” is letting some things go. Carroll isn’t going to be very successful in the present if he spends all his time replaying the past. Anyone that thinks Auburn was any less corrupt a program last season than any USC team is deluding themselve. Newton took more dirty money in one year than Bush did in three.

  12. he belongs in the ncaa turd hall of fame along with tressell,kiffin,and john calapiri!

  13. Who cares? Apparently the sports writers/columnists do not realize that all sports, including college sports, are just entertainment and at the end of the day do not amount to a hill of beans! I have told my kids to look up to certain people as role models, but certainly not any atheletes.

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