Despite lockout, crooks still have a taste for NFL jerseys

From KRQE-TV in Albuquerque comes one of the most entertaining stories we’ve seen during the 101-day-old lockout.

At Krystal’s NFL Shoppe, a man and a woman brazenly stole six authentic NFL jerseys last week, stuffing them into a bag in plain view of a surveillance camera.  Two days later, the woman returned and tried to take more jerseys.  She got away after the police were called.

The video version of the story, available at the link to the KRQE-TV website, is worth watching, if for no reason other than the owner of the store, complete with a British accent, slams a certain team from Carolina while commenting on the contents of the video.

“And another Panthers jersey,” the owner says as the woman steals another shirt, “so she’s clearly got no taste.”

Further proving her lack of taste?  At one point, she lifts from the rack the jersey of one of the greatest safeties to ever play the game.  And then she puts it back.

The couple, when caught, will face felony charges.  And they’ll surely be caught; their faces can plainly be seen on the video.

19 responses to “Despite lockout, crooks still have a taste for NFL jerseys

  1. “OMG! The owner is SO right. She, like, has, like NO taste what-so-EVER. Baby Blue. That is like SO disgusting. When ever you steel something, you, like, always go for the NAVY blue. Once this couple get’s out of the place my BFF Paris went to in 2008, we’re going to, like, check her style. That choice of color is like a felony.”

  2. Panthers have one bad season, the bud of joke, and the jerseys are still flying off the self! Better then most fan bases, at least we still love our cats!

  3. ok, a few things: if they stole 6 authentic jerseys, they’d be worth more than $600. Authentics cost about $250 each. The replicas and premiers are in the $85-$115 range. 2nd, since the guy in the video has the British accent he’s probably one of those english bucs fans and that’s why he takes a shot at the Panthers. Lastly, the picture in the article isn’t even a real jersey. It’s one of those fake, $40, straight from china, ebay jerseys. The color is wrong, the quality of the numbers is trash, the font of the name is wrong, and the size patch isn’t in the correct place. Don’t promote counterfeit products please. The NFL needs our hard earned money so they can split it up amongst the greedy owners and equally greedy players.

  4. Sure it’s a $160 “Authentic Stitched” Jersey, but Krystal probably buys them in bulk from So it’s more like “Hey officer! Someone is stealing our counterfeit jerseys!”

  5. If they stole Clausen jerseys then the store was smart for letting them get away. The insurance company’s replacement value is higher that the clearance price those jerseys will be on soon.

  6. Gentlemen, please! If people like you and me didn’t pay $300 for authentic jerseys, then they wouldn’t sell them. Come on, think way back to your economics 101 class in college. You know, supply and demand. In a free market economy, businesses are price takers, and consumers are price setters. If you don’t like paying $300 for a jersey, don’t set the price that high by buying it.

  7. the owner of that store should be a play-by-play announcer for the NFL. he broke down the robbery perfectly hahaha

  8. I din’t know where you guys are buying your jersey but I got a cm3, woodson and jfinley jersey from eBay for about… 200 bucks total. all authentic stitch with tags.

  9. Like he was going to be able to move those Jimmy Claussen jerseys anyway.

    The store owner should have just let them go and maybe even thrown in a couple Carson Palmer Bengals jerseys.

  10. bird2jasun

    i’ve been to 10 other stadiums,, panthers fans have the least amount of heart and dedication. be real with yourself brother.

  11. To myeaglescantwin:

    Well, if by “heart” and “dedication,” you mean vomiting on other fans and slinging batteries at people, I guess you’re right. Panthers fans don’t do that. Being classless and trying to intimidate visiting fans doesn’t mean you’re “dedicated” – it just means you’re a coward. Sick of these fans of teams from the Northeast thinking they’re actually a part of the team. Congrats on being
    “dedicated” buddy – those players don’t care whether you live or die….

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