Devin Hester talks fatherhood

Getty Images

Every Father’s Day we come across a number of stories related to the NFL, and they’re often, sadly, about absent fathers. That’s why it was particularly pleasant to read some Father’s Day thoughts from Devin Hester.

Hester, the Bears receiver and return man, spoke on Father’s Day about how the presence of his own father in his life was so important to him as a boy, and how being present in his son’s life is so important to him as a man.

“Time is more important than the having the best toy at Toys R Us or a new bicycle,” Hester said at a Father’s Day event, per the Daily Herald. “My brother and I were the only two kids with a father that stayed with their mama.”

Hester said he hopes his young son will some day have similar thoughts about his father.

“I want D.J. to tell his friends in middle school and elementary and high school that I have the best dad ever. Not the superstar on the football field, but off the field I have the best dad in the whole wide world,” Hester said. “I don’t know how much to stress how important it is to be in your kid’s life. Time is the most important thing you can give a kid. I just get a kick out of coming home and seeing how excited my kid is to see me walk in the door.”