Doubt emerges about Waters’ future in Kansas City

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Five-time Pro Bowl guard and 2010 NFL Man of the Year Award winner Brian Waters could be looking for new job at the end of the summer.

Pro Football Weekly credits team sources that say Waters “might be nearing” the end of his time with the team. And that Waters could be released “soon.”

The Chiefs like backup Jon Asamoah, who makes $3 million less than Waters.  The news doesn’t come as a huge shock because we’ve read previously that Waters would have to compete to keep his starting job.  Waters is part of the NFLPA Executive Committee. Fair or not, Waters may wonder like NFLPA* President Kevin Mawae whether that helps his marketability to teams.

Still, leaders like Waters don’t come along every day.  Replacing his presence on a young roster isn’t as simple as finding someone who is a comparable run blocker.

13 responses to “Doubt emerges about Waters’ future in Kansas City

  1. And don’t forget…….No One, and i mean No One, can exit a hotel in a Jos.A Bank 189 dollar suit, sporting a man purse with such style……..Look, how he casually grabs his phone…….Hello, Obama?…….Yes sir, I’m ready to solve the middle east crisis……..Do i have to take a 3 million a year pay cut?……Something is wrong with 5 time pro bowlers getting released, i suppose the union players voted for him, cause he is the team rep…….

  2. Word…When you’re an older player with declining skills coming off a subpar season, kicking your employer in the crotch might not be the best idea.

  3. C’mon Redskins…pick this guy up and move away from dumb free agent tendancies

    A hopeful, sad, and delusional fan.

  4. I remember in 2003 when Brian Waters was the nobody on a KC O-line that featured Will Shields, Willie Roaf, John Tait, and Casey Wiegmann. Talk about a group of vets to learn from. No wonder he has played so well.

  5. As a Chiefs fan I think he’s done in KC. Too many needs to stay atop the AFC West. That extra 3 million could go a long way once FA opens up. As far as I’m concerned they drafted Waters replacement in the 2nd round. KC needs a RT, DT, WR, OLB, ILB. I like Waters but I think he’s out.

  6. Waters isn’t as good as he was three or four years ago, but he’s a terrific leader on the line, and still an extremely effective guard. I like the future that Asamoah offers for that line, and I’d really like him to claim his spot that he can hold down for years to come, but I’d hate to see Waters pushed out the door for him right now.

  7. He’ll be there as long as he wants to be. You can never have too many leaders on as young of a team as the Chiefs. The Chiefs aren’t deep at OL and besides, this will be Vrabel’s year to leave.

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