Heath Evans: Brees and Vilma are the difference in New Orleans

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Heath Evans will be a free agent whenever free agency starts, and he doesn’t know if he’ll be back in New Orleans whenever the season starts.

But while he’s not sure if he’ll remain a Saint, Evans is sure that the Saints are in good hands. And he credits all of that to the leadership of quarterback Drew Brees and linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who have been leading the team through as normal an offseason schedule as possible during the lockout.

“Really the only difference is Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma,” Evans said on 620 KTAR, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “I’m not saying that other teams don’t have great leadership because I know that exists on most teams in this league. I think there’s very few teams that have it on both sides of the ball. . . . Everything [Brees] does is methodically mapped out and planned out. The guy’s been playing in this league 10 years, going on 11. He’s been through plenty of minicamps. . . . Those guys are doing a great thing and I definitely think it’s going to give the Saints a leg up, an advantage, especially early on in the season if this lockout pushes on into late July, early August.”

In addition to putting in the time to organize the workouts, Brees is putting in the money to fly people to and from the workouts, which Evans praised.

“Drew has done, amazing is not even the word,” Evans said. “You talk about your quarterback picking up the tab for flights and hotels and the Tulane strength and conditioning staff and the medical staff. I cannot say enough about Drew and what he’s done for our team.”

And even if the Saints aren’t Evans’ team any longer, Evans will continue to praise the Saints’ leadership.

11 responses to “Heath Evans: Brees and Vilma are the difference in New Orleans

  1. Ok. Lockout Champs : New Orleans Saints.

    SuperBowl Champs in RexWorld : NY Jets

    Best Team in NFC Central Division: Chicago Bears

  2. Not gonna hate on Drew, I know he’s a leader. Many people disagree with his words regarding the labor dispute which is why Brees is getting a lot of hate coming his way, I’m one of the many who have been critical of him during this whole process. But, I know he is good QB and a good guy. Kudos to the Saints and good luck to Heath Evans wherever he might end up.

  3. Much respect to Brees. That man has done a lot for New Orleans, IMO one of greatest cities in the world.

    And not just with him winning a super bowl either. With his time & his pocketbook too.

  4. Bree’s and Vilma are both stand up guys. As far as Bree’s in the press a lot of it is misconstrued and the majority of haters fail to realize players one their team either don’t have the star power or the cojones to put their face or name on this bargaining battle.

    Where is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in all of this???? Basically disappeared and to worried about their own image, instead of standing up for their beliefs. Bree’s doesn’t need the money he really has nothing to gain from this…..

  5. I like Heath Evans. My respect for him grew a lot when I read the story about him selling his second home and creating a nest egg for his family when he saw that the lockout was inevitable. The man is financially wise, unlike, um shall we say Charlie Batch and Mark Brunell….

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