Jones-Drew defends Garrard, prefers low-key receivers

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After the Jaguars traded up to take quarterback Blaine Gabbert with the 10th overall pick in the 2011 draft, running back Maurice Jones-Drew said that incumbent starter David Garrard is “our guy and he’s always going to be our guy.”

Nearly two months later, Jones-Drew’s message is consistent.

In a Monday night appearance on NFL Network’s Total Access, Jones-Drew said that the Jaguars should have gone in another direction in round one.  “I just feel like what we needed as an offense wasn’t a new quarterback, we just needed another year amongst each other because we had a lot of new players come in,” Jones-Drew said.  “You see a team like the Patriots or the Steelers or the Colts, those guys [have] been in the same system for the 10, 12 years together, and so that’s what we’re trying to grow right now.”

Jones-Drew has stopped short of connecting the dots into a full-blown complaint, even though the Jags could have gone a long way toward getting help for the offense by standing pat at No. 16 and not giving up a second-round pick in order to move up for Gabbert.  But it’s the logical extension of the position Jones-Drew has taken, and we wonder if/when he’ll ever go the next step and openly and publicly question why the Jaguars didn’t use those picks on acquiring weapons for Garrard.

As to the topic of weapons for Garrard, Jones-Drew explained that high-profile receivers with baggage won’t be a good fit with the Jaguars.  “Plaxico [Burress], because of his circumstances, what just happened, the zoo is going to come to Jacksonville, and we don’t do that,” Jones-Drew said.  “We’re kind of laid back, low key.”

Except, of course, when it comes to sharing strong opinions about guys like David Garrard and Plaxico Burress.

23 responses to “Jones-Drew defends Garrard, prefers low-key receivers

  1. Rashard, LeSean and Maurice. Somethings in the water for running backs on the East coast. They’re all saying some dumb things.

  2. I have to give MJD credit: he sticks up for his team and his teammates. I agree with him the Garrard isn’t the problem in Jacksonville.

    I also love that MJD is savvy enough to recognize the media circus that Plaxico would bring.

  3. Garrard is no Tom Brady & he certainly is no Manning. That’s why those teams have been good. Garrard has had 2 many years 2 prove his worth. Over those years. He has proved 2 b average at best!

  4. Jags used their next two picks after Gabbert to draft offensive players. Lineman Will Rackley and wide receiver Cecil Shorts.

  5. Five years as a starter Garrard has a .500 won/loss record. Last year the team had a .500 record. Maybe you’re too laid back, Mo.

  6. caliviking805 says:
    Jun 21, 2011 12:18 AM
    I can tell their fans agree on being low-key

    And I can tell you agree on being on the down low(look it up). There’s always one or two misinformed wanna be PFT comedians who write the same lame comments about the Jags. Get some new material. That joke is 2 years old Mr. Funnyman.

  7. Trading up for Gabbert was a reach and he’s right, quarterback wasn’t at the top of their needs.

  8. News flash, RB doesn’t want high profile receivers and pocket passer on his team…….

    Can’t blame MJD, what RB doesn’t want more carries? You’ve got a problem if your RB doesn’t.

    That being said, the GM must’ve felt that the non loyal fans of Jacksonville area are only impressed by a flashy offense, and they needed to go in a new direction to get people interested to sell tickets.

    I feel bad for Jacksonville fans that actually care about their team and are not just bandwagon hoppers.

  9. Coming from a 6 year season ticket holder, I wish he would keep his mouth shut. Although Garrard is a nice stand up guy, he’s average! He needs to realize that good friends dont always equal good QB’s.

    2007 appears to be the anomaly at this point. We had Fred and MJD running the rock and game manager tossing it to Matt Jones and Reggie Williams. That right there proves we don’t need anymore weapons as those 2 coke heads are unemployed.

    I’m all for McCown starting the first 5 games if we can get a tuna sammich for DG.

  10. bad drafting and bad qb play is why your team sucks mjd. oh yeah and your “injuries” that never show up on the reports until after the season.

  11. MJD is right, throwing away a second round pick to move up seven spots is a head scratcher. Garrard has never had a decent receiving corp and yet everyone is quick to judge him. I could be the greatest chef in the world but if you give me rotten meat and vegetables my food is gonna stink. The Jags are loaded with holes on D: one injured DE, one LB, and no safeties. We are heading for another sub-par season due to a brutal schedule but by all means lets waste our first and second round pick on a QB for the future but why should I be surprised. Gene Smith spent the first four picks of our draft last year on the D-Line when we had a completely decimated secondary and no depth at LB. If Smith doesn’t hit a HR in free agency, he will be out a job in a couple years just like Del Rio.

  12. @trbowman says:
    Jun 21, 2011 12:11 AM
    Why would they draft an overrated QB when they’ve got a franchise quarterback already?

    Good question, MJD

    I hope that was sarcasm….Franchise QB? Really?

  13. Garrard was going to be replaced in the next few years anyway and Gene probably didn’t see any college qb’s available at their pick level at 15 to 32 (provided they continue to go 8-8 and better). Garrard is an ok quarterback, but not exactly Mr. Excitement on or off the field. MJD isn’t going to call out any of his teammates, and if he can’t call out the secondary, he won’t call out anyone.

  14. I hope you guys who are calling Garrard “average at best” aren’t the same guys arguing that every team with a QB need should fire away to acquire Kyle Orton.

    Personally, I think Garrard is a better version of Kyle Orton.

    Purely based on the probability of 1st round Qbs (NOT based on anything I do or do not know about this year’s crop of rookie QBs), you can take 5 1st round QBs and statistically only one of them will ever be as good as Garrard is.

  15. This is nothing new. Fred Taylor said the Jaguars did not need a new quarterback when they drafted Byron Leftwich. Of course, Leftwich was a horrible failure, but the point is that players get tight in the locker room and don’t want to see their leader pushed out. But the fact is simply that Garrard is on the way out. MoRon MoJo had better come to grips with that.

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