Kenny Britt causes a social media stir


Just when we thought we might actually go a few days without any Kenny Britt headlines, the volatile Tennessee Titans receiver has caused a stir in the social media world, with a post on Facebook saying he would retire from the NFL over anger at Commissioner Roger Goodell, another post recanting that statement, and then yet another post saying his Facebook page was hacked.

Brendan Prunty of the Newark Star-Ledger, who covered Britt at Rutgers, spread the word on Twitter of Britt’s bizarre posts. (Prunty told PFT via e-mail that Britt does update his own Facebook page regularly.)

Britt’s first Facebook post was short and to the point: “Retiring from the NFL. F*** You Goddell.”

Presumably, that would be a reaction to Britt’s perception that his multiple arrests would lead to a suspension under the league’s personal-conduct policy, although preemptively retiring due to an assumption that he’s going to be suspended would be rather odd.

However, a second Facebook post just 25 minutes later offered an about-face.

“Change of HEart,” Britt wrote. “My family is always here for me. I made mistakes and i am sorry i am going to change and become a better person and mentor for all my young fans. I will accept any penalty like a man. The road beings Sept 11 in Jacksonville. ill be ready!!!”

And then in a third Facebook post, Britt said the previous two weren’t from him.

“my fbook was hacked with those past 2 status’s,” Britt wrote. “i am not retiring and do not have any hate toward the commissioner.”

And that concluded an odd hour of social media from Kenny Britt, whose hacking claim sounds about as believable as Anthony Weiner’s.

65 responses to “Kenny Britt causes a social media stir

  1. Wow, a retraction!

    His agent probably called him up & screamed at him on the phone.

    Either way, his suspension should go from “one or two games” to at least four. At least.

  2. And guess what – you said you had a “change of heart,” so you unintentionally admitted you wrote the previous item.


  3. … and then he accidentally sent Jane Skinner his Best Weiner Photos……

  4. He denied writing the first two posts, which would include the one with the “change of heart”. I’m not saying I believe him by any means, but maybe you should read a little more carefully.

  5. “my fbook was hacked with those past 2 status’s”

    Ah my bad. Missed the “2.” Still an awful excuse that no one is going to buy though. I also find it hilarious that he types the exact same way as the supposed “hacker”

  6. This wouldn’t be happening if Britt were white… or a QB! Why didn’t Britt get a chance to play QB in the NFL? He has just as much a right to play QB as anyone else!


    Warren Moon

  7. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    For supposedly being men, they sure act like children.

  8. Everyone knows that hacking into your friends FB results in only one kind of post, and it’s usually c**k related. Nice try, Kenny…

  9. Who is his agent??? This kid is COMPLETELY out of control! Geeez…..

  10. After those he needs a timeout and a mental evaluation. The commish needs to sit him down for about 6-8 games. Let him get some perspective and realize playing in the NFL is a privilege. Then maybe he will come back humbled and focused. Right now he’s not fit to play in the NFL.

  11. “My account was hacked”

    Haven’t we heard that before. How’d it work out for the last guy that said it?

  12. Rep. Weiner got hacked too…. Allegedly LMAO! Anyone who would take a page out of this guys book is pretty stupid…

  13. Why does it even matter what KB does now? The NFL has no jursidiction over the players. KB is not working for them. The NFL cannot have it both ways.

  14. Everybody; delete all of your social media accounts! Do it now! Nobody needs to know what we are thinking all of the time. It’s just a matter of time before twitter causes a world war.

  15. Kenny- You would have gotten fired from any other job after getting arrested multiple times. You think your “boss” is tough on you if he suspends you for a game or two. I’d love to see you try to make in the world outside of professional athletics.

  16. I suspect that his retirement from the NFL will happen at the same time he is sentenced to a long prison stay. Give him a year or so for that.

  17. See everyone it is all good, the old “my account was hacked” excuse was used.

    Tennessee seems to draft some very emotionally unstable and problematic characters, Vince, Pacman, Britt..

  18. cleanface says:
    Kenny- You would have gotten fired from any other job after getting arrested multiple times. You think your “boss” is tough on you if he suspends you for a game or two.

    ANY other job? Are you sure of that?

    Just for arrests? Not convictions?

    How about being…ummm…a major league baseball, basketball, or hockey player?

    For the record, Britt has been charged with (not convicted of) resisting arrest, and plead guilty for careless driving. Of course, the more fanatical posters at PFT Nation have their panties in a bunch over a whole lot of nothing.

  19. He would’ve been better off saying it was 92 degrees in Tennessee and he suffered from a heat flash. Sorry C’mish

  20. What a stupid comment! Wait, I take that back. On third thought, I’m not saying this at all…it’s an imposter!

  21. It’s a damn shame that many middle school kids have more maturity than a lot of these buffoons. Hacked account? Yeah, right.

  22. I’m pretty sure that if Kenny Britt never played professional sports again that he would qualify for disability due to his mental state. So he really has nothing to lose.

  23. This will sound like a joke, but it’s meant seriously. Has anyone tested a guy like this, or Vince Young for that matter, to see if either is bipolar? And what’s with the Titans that they attract these off-kilter guys?

  24. How does this guy attend a school like Rutgers and not get in trouble? Or any of these idiots BUT when they turn pro …. just sprinkle in some millions and fame and its inevitable.

  25. Kenny Britt and Charlie Sheen should team up strippers, drugs, warrants, arrests, pissing off employers, getting suspended, tons of talent no brains they have a lot in common!

  26. I didn’t write this comment calling Kenny Britt a bonehead. Someone hacked my Pro Football Talk account. You darn KiDz!

  27. Dear Kenny:
    You can steal my headlines but you cannot outshine my jewels !

    Sincerely, Dez Bryant

  28. The ones who normally would be smoking crack but cant due to league drug testing are now enjoying whats in their DNA to do,…enjoy it now Holmes, the CBA is about to get done,..but you already are.

  29. This is complete Bull****!!! If you decide to hack any type of social media account, there is no way you’d retract any statements. You’d continue to slander until busted (or bored).
    Here’s what happened….Britt is pissed off that he’s gonna be suspended so he posts the 1st statement, thinks twice about it and posts the 2nd statement. Gets a call from his agent and posts the 3rd statement.

    What an idiot!!!!

  30. While I don’t believe his account was ‘hacked’ (in the strictest sense of the word), I don’t think it’s completely out of the question that he was Fraped.

    Of course, I’m not saying he didn’t just completely make the whole thing up either, just looking at the different possibilities.

  31. What a complete loser…like so many of these moronic, overpaid man-children, he thinks we care…should be in the turd column again soon.

  32. This guy is still young. We’ve got entertainment coming from him for years to come.

  33. Delete your Facebook and Twitter accounts and then you don’t have this problem.

  34. Rutgers educated. Rikers bound. There won’t be ivy climbing the walls in the slammer, Kenny. That’ll be you trying to escape your new roomie. I just looked up DUMBF#@K in the dictionary, and it’s got a picture of Kenny Britt next to it.

  35. I thought up a clever rap song this morning about Kenny Britt, but I can just wait and post it later in another thread because the dumb*ss is guaranteed to do something stupid or illegal in less than a week.

  36. Yeah…Go ahead and retire Kenny. That’ll show ’em.
    Who needs all that money. You’ll do well in the real world without it.

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