Pat Shurmur expects Montario Hardesty to be ready for camp


One of the items on Florio’s checklist for the Browns was to find a running back that can take some carries from Peyton Hillis.  The Browns hope that an option already on the roster steps up.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer on Monday that he expects Hardesty to be ready to go when training camp starts.  (Everybody now: “If it starts!”) Hardesty is coming off a torn ACL, but it was only a year ago Browns coaches were gushing about his smarts and future as the team’s bell cow.

Shurmur has spent plenty of time learning about his roster during the lockout and likes what he sees.

“I feel like the systems that we’re teaching are time-proven. I’m not going to be predicting, but I feel like we’ve got the foundations of a good team,” Shurmur said.

All new coaches are going to say that, but in this case we agree.  Eric Mangini did not leave the cupboard bare.   With a schedule that includes the NFC West this year, the Browns have a good chance to sneak up on teams.

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  1. With head hung low, Hillis handed the cow bell over to the new bell cow, and began that long walk to the end of the pasture where the big Elmer’s truck was parked.

  2. It feels good knowing the team is FINALLY moving in the right direction…the team was a train wreck the last 2 years under Mangini…

  3. As a Clevelander and Browns fan they have thought entirely to much of Hardesty from the get go.Not to say he wont amount to anything but they have been acting like he is the next best thing.They past on some decent RB in the later rounds of the draft so i hope they are right because Hillis needs a good backup

  4. Hobart, you’re a dumbass. Hillis isn’t going anywhere.

    trav, I don’t know why you’re so down on Hardesty. We only drafted him a year ago. I don’t know how expecting a 2nd round rookie to be a backup is thinking entirely too much of him.

  5. Hardesty is gonna be a legit back up for Hillis they talk him up cause they traded up to get him. All i know is that there was another running back who came out of Tennesse the same year by the name of Arian Foster….. ever heard of em

  6. Sneak up on what teams? My steelers and the dirty birds get the west too. Brownies could easily 1-3 in those games anyway.

  7. Hillis will not be the starter in Cleveland very much longer. It wasn’t Hillis that made Cleveland’s run game so good last year, it was their O-line. You get a back with some speed that can hit the whole with more of a burst and Cleveland will be a top 3 running team. Than watch the offense come together after that. Trust me on this, Hillis is very similar to Earnest Graham was for the Bucs years ago. He also fumbles too much. Hardesty might be a fantasy steal because by week 6 might prove to be more effective if he hasn’t lost his burst.

  8. Picking Hardesty over Foster was like trading Byner for Mike Oliphant lol. Shurmur will be a flop w/ the Browns. He can ride out of town on Colt McCoy with a bag on his his head!

  9. Guess what? Hardesty’s done. 4 knee surgeries before he has played a down of real professional football. If he’s lucky, Hillis will let him carry his pads after practice. Anybody that is thinking any different should take off those rose colored glasses. It was a reach to draft him. Didn’t pay off. Move on. Badger, you my friend, are an idiot if you think they are going to bench their 1000 yd. gainer for “a back that hits the hole with more of a burst.” Just admit that you don’t like Hillis because he is white. Btw, the entire right side of the offensive line last year was just that, Offensive!!! So unless they ran left every time, which they did not, Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach will have to settle for all pro honors as linemen, not running backs.

  10. I absolutely love the hindsite comments that make no sense. Hardesty hasn’t played a down of actual football to call him a bust #1 and was drafted to compete for the top running spot with Jerome Harrison. It wasn’t a reach in any aspect as the Browns and their fans figured Harrison was the guy. Had Harrison not fizzled out and/or Hardesty not gotten injured there is no telling if Hillis (who was #3 on the depth chart) would even be in the discussion for 2011.

    As for the whole “they could have had Arian Foster” arguement. Look at Fosters numbers against good defenses. He would have been chewed up and spit out having to face Pittsburgh and Baltimore every years. He looked pretty pitiful against the Ravens when they played the Texans.

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