Dhani Jones disses Brian Urlacher

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Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones has been making the rounds lately, promoting his new book, The Sportsman.  (The tour included a stop on PFT Live.)

During a recent visit to NFL Network, Jones was asked to list the top 10 linebackers in the league.  Per the Chicago Tribune, Jones put himself at No. 7 — and left Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher off the list.

Asked about the omission of Urlacher, Jones said, “When’s the last time Brian Urlacher got off a block?

Brian?  The ball is in your court.

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  1. Not sure about getting off a block, but the last time Urlacher got off a crack was a few days ago when he still insisted the Bears were a better team than the one that won the Super Bowl.

  2. Watch any tape you can find on Dhani Jones. The guy is atrocious … hits like a Grammatica brother.

    The bow ties don’t look out of place on Dhani at all, much how bow ties were perfectly apt for Pee Wee Herman.

  3. Jones is absolutely CORRECT! If you doubt it either A. watch a freaking game or B. go back to the 2004 pick and go back through all the reasons the Bears drafted Tommie Harris 14th overall. Even in his prime and when he was getting all sorts of man love from the fans, the 1 thing that separated he from Ray Lewis more than anything was the fact Urlacher can NOT, for the life of his neo nazi looking @$$ get off a guard block. WHY should Urlacher be on ANYONE’S list of best LBs when he’s not even the best on his own damn team? C’MON MAN, why ya think he’s been flipping that flap of his so damn much recently? It’s the only way ya know he’s there anymore

  4. Two things that suggest Dhani is off his rocker:

    1) He ranks himself as 7th, which is insane given that he is only starting because he plays for the Bengals. If he was that good, I doubt the Giants and Eagles would have let him walk.

    2) When was his last pro-bowl? Has he ever even gotten a vote for the pro-bowl?

    Hmm, I suppose this could be due to his free agency.

  5. Dhani – Become an all pro and play for over a decade at a high level then talk, til then go and worry about becoming a better athlete in third world countries.

  6. There are a number of better teams than the Packers……just because you win the SB doesn’t mean you are the best team in the league. packers are NOT the best team in the league…..sorry!

  7. Jones isn’t better than Urlacher, but Urlacher is one of the most over rated players in the league.

    And Jones, well, he’s just not all that good.

  8. Pro Bowls:

    Urlacher: 8
    Jones: 0

    100 tackle seasons:

    Urlacher: 9

    Jones: 2

    Urlacher may make stupid statements and is dumb as a box of marbles, but he can play. Jones is smart and media savy, as a football player he’s average.

  9. Dhani’s list was a little silly to say the least…not as silly as Woodley’s but silly. The reason Dhani’s list was silly was NOT leaving off Urlacher though. Urlacher is a good fit for that defense but his great player days are long gone.

  10. Just cause I am a Chicago homer I’ll even show you Mr. Jones what your career, albeit over the same time, is lined up against Urlachers…

    Urlacher – 1192 tackles, 41.5 sacks, 18 ints, 10 FF

    Jones – 891 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 5 ints, 6FF

    Yup 54 is much more overrated. I see that clearly.

  11. Dhani Jones was the weak link in the Philly LB’s a few years ago and everyone knew it. Now he starts for the worst organization in sports and, for reasons unclear, feels good about his game.

    I don’t care where he ranked Urlacher; for him to rank himself 7th is flat-out comical.
    He’s not even the best Jones playing LB.

    Maybe he should just keep pushing bow ties.

  12. Dhani Jones is not a great linebacker, but he is right that Urlacher is not either. Great sideline to sideline and pretty good in coverage, but when you go straight at him he has his problems. He has been one of the most over rated players in the NFL for a long time. That doesn’t mean he sucks, it just means he is not the all world middle backer that people make him out to be.

  13. Anyone who says Brian Urlacher is overrated or not a beast obviously doesnt watch Bears games.

    Because if you did, you’d see him make plays all over the field. There’s a reason he made the pro bowl, and it’s not just reputation. Dude’s a beast

  14. “golonger says:
    Jun 21, 2011 9:43 AM
    There are a number of better teams than the Packers……just because you win the SB doesn’t mean you are the best team in the league. packers are NOT the best team in the league…..sorry!”

    Umm…. yes it does mean they are the best, and yes they are the best.

    I think you need to put down the Rex Ryan/Urlacher Kool-Aid

  15. I was squarely in the “Urlacher is overrated” crowd until I saw the Bears defense without him two years ago, and saw the impact of his return last year. (Can’t ignore what Julius Peppers brought with him, but still…)

    I believe the pendulum has swung from Urlacher being the most overrated player to the most overhated player. Frankly, a lot of that is his own doing.

    I’m not sure he’s in my top 10 list, but I can guarantee you Dhani Jones is not.

  16. golonger says:
    Jun 21, 2011 9:43 AM
    …just because you win the SB doesn’t mean you are the best team in the league…”

    Ahh, sorry , but that is EXACTLY what winning the SB means.

  17. golonger says:
    Jun 21, 2011 9:43 AM
    There are a number of better teams than the Packers……just because you win the SB doesn’t mean you are the best team in the league. packers are NOT the best team in the league…..sorry!
    Scoreboard says different.

  18. I remember when Dhani was a Giant. Oh, he’d get plenty of tackles… 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. I’m not sure how he’s still in the league, to be honest. Average as hell.

  19. I’m a Bears fan, so I guess I’m biased, but I’ve seen what this defense is with and without Urlacher and I don’t see how anybody, especially Dhani Jones (who?), can call him overrated. He makes plays all over the field; in pass coverage, in the backfield, and sideline to sideline. He’s a 7 time pro bowler, and 4 time first team all pro. He’s had two bad seasons in his entire career (due to injuries), and has quaterbacked some great defenses. He was the premier linebacker in his conference, and second only to Ray Lewis (possibly the best LB of all time, coming from a Bears fan) for the better part of a decade.

    Dhani, the ball is still in your court, because nobody even realized you were playing.

  20. ‘Never trust a man who wears a bowtie.’ – A saying I’ve heard many times, that certainly applies here.

    Players who are more concerned with self-promotion than being part of a winning team usually end up a Cincinnati Bengal…

  21. If winning the Super Bowl doesn’t make you the best team in the league, then why even have the playoffs? Ridiculous.

    Sure a good chunk of the Packer fans commenting here are gloating and acting a little like a$$hats, but their team won the Super Bowl, yours did not. Tell me you wouldn’t be doing the same if your team won. Get over it.

  22. Anyone who says Urlacher is overrated is either a hater or an idiot. Seriously. I don’t think anyone (maybe beside himself) claims he’s the greatest LB in the league, but he’s one of the top LBs without a doubt.

    Urlacher is the Bears all-time leading tackler (think about the defensive names attached to the Bears and read that again). He led the Bears in 2010 with 146 total tackles, 11 tackles for a loss, 13 passes broken up and three fumble recoveries. Since being drafted by the Bears in the first round of the 2000 NFL draft, Urlacher is the only player in the league to record 40-plus sacks and 15-plus interceptions.

    That’s not overrated. That puts him squarely among the best. Not just currently in the league, but of all time.

  23. Let’s all be honest here…Jones DOES NOT belong at #7 on ANYBODY’S list..including his own. He AND Urlacher are BOTH mediocre LBs

    Urlacher IS overrated, and simply gets the accolades because of the position he plays on a historic team in a major football city

    Case and point…how about the play when Jerome Bettis trucks urlacher to score…I see it every morning on my sports shows…Funny as hell!!!!

  24. goawayeverybody says:
    Jun 21, 2011 9:43 AM

    Brian Urlacher is a 7-time Pro Bowl selection. Dhani Jones? Not so much.

    cause pro bowls get you what exactly?

  25. @golonger, I’m sure whatever team you pull for is the best in The NFL. Year in, year out.

  26. As a Patriots Fan, I think Urlacher is a decent linebacker. On that note however- anyone remember Tom Brady (probably one of the slowest players in the league) looking like Barry Sanders and juking Urlacher out of his shoes a few years ago?

  27. Overrated? Not even close, watch game tape from the years he has played and compare them to the 2 seasons he was injured….Overhated is the word you’re looking for here. How could someone compile stats like he has over the years and still be hated this much? Football players ALL say something stupid at one time or another…the stats don’t lie, he IS one of the best at his position and will go down in the books as one of the top to play that position.

  28. Yes ace and I also remember him BSing about it to save face as is his toolish wont. He claims he thought Brady was about to slide so he didn’t jump on him. Nevermind the fact Brady was like 5 yards from him.

    Look, if they have to dig up a highlight of an INT you made in Jan 06 to show on the top 100 players show when it’s a 3-5 minute segment, tops, as they did with Urlacher, that means you flat out do not make enough impact plays anymore to be on that list. If you are a true top 100 player the farthest they should have to go back is two seasons, this past one and the one before it.

  29. Ace, not a very good comparison. Brady didn’t “juke” Urlacher so much as “pretend to go for the QB slide” which caused Urlacher to kill his momentum and slow down, only for Brady to then pull as much of a juke as he could. It was a cheap move, but yes, Urlacher ended up looking a fool.

  30. Speaking as a Packer fan, Urlacher deserves all the credit he gets as a player. He carries that team, and every time somebody mentions “Superbowl” and “Rex Grossman” in the same sentence, I hope he’s getting a royalty check. When he retires, the Bears will look mediocre in a hurry.

    And just b/c I don’t agree that the Bears are the best team in the north, that doesn’t mean Urlacher should stop saying it. You want guys like that on your team.

  31. “golonger says:
    Jun 21, 2011 9:43 AM
    There are a number of better teams than the Packers……just because you win the SB doesn’t mean you are the best team in the league. packers are NOT the best team in the league…..sorry!”

    These people amuse me. Here you have the Packers, arguably the most un-hateable team in the league, and fans of other teams “have issues” with the fact that they’re world champs. Um – as of right now, they ARE the best team in the league. Who is better? Until someone else is crowned world champs … no one!

  32. Urlacher is overrated. He is hyped up only because he is the only player that Bears fans can hang there hats on. I do think he is good linebacker. Hall of Famer…..No Effen way. Not even close. Dahini is even further away.

  33. just because you win the SB doesn’t mean you are the best team in the league


    Commandment of Football #1 – You are what your record says you are.

    Last team standing = best

  34. Now don’t be bashing Brian!

    Brian is the starting linebacker on the Summer Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears. And as we all know, getting off a block is not a requirement for being the Summertime Champs!

    … Just flapping yer jaws is quite enough.

  35. He listed himself as 7…That tells us all we need to know, pay no attention to the list. He’s not even close to the 7th best LB in his own division

  36. lrt79 says:
    Jun 21, 2011 11:47 AM
    Ace, not a very good comparison. Brady didn’t “juke” Urlacher so much as “pretend to go for the QB slide” which caused Urlacher to kill his momentum and slow down, only for Brady to then pull as much of a juke as he could. It was a cheap move, but yes, Urlacher ended up looking a fool.

    You did see how far Brady was from Urlacher when that play happened right? Just a matter of 2 different opinions I guess.

  37. Looking at his career accomplishments it is impressive…on paper. The most important stat is listed at the bottom.

    4× First Team All-Pro selection (2001, 2002, 2005, 2006)
    1× Second Team All-Pro selection (2010)
    2000 Male Athlete of the Year (UNM)
    2000 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year
    2001 Football Digest Defensive POY
    2005 AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year
    4× Defensive Player-of-the-Week
    Special Teams Player of the Week
    NFC Player of the Month (Dec/Jan 2010/11)
    NFL Rookie Defensive Player of the Month (10/2000)
    Brian Piccolo Award (2007)
    NFL 2000s All-Decade Team
    Led the NFL in fumble return yards in 2001
    Most tackles in a season (University of New Mexico)
    Chicago Bears season tackles record (153, 2002)
    Chicago Bears career tackles leader (1,192)
    NO RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. These “best of” lists by individual players are just one guy’s opinion. The lists I’d like to see are …

    Best d-linemen and linebackers voted by o-linemen and RBs
    Best receivers voted by DBs
    Best DBs voted by receivers
    Best o-linemen voted by d-linemen and linebackers
    Everyone can vote on best QBs

    Let the people who most often have to face off against them tell us who’s the best.

  39. Best of lists are getting out of hand.

    NFL Networks Top 10 shows are awesomely entertaining.

    However, these “top 100 of 2010” and then following up with another show arguing about the previous show is crazy. Way too much info…..I don’t watch it. What a time trap.

    Now, you have these athletic demi-gods doing THEIR own lists. Enough already. Your killing the idea

  40. richm2256 says: Jun 21, 2011 9:41 AM

    Brian Urlacher …….. didn’t he used to be somebody???

    Unlike Dhani Jones who has never been anybody and is carrying on that fine tradition.
    If Urlacher is overrated then what does that say about Dhani Jones?

    What is the sudden whining about the Bears from the Bengals all about?
    No one in Chicago gives a damn about Cincinnati, their team or the collection of turds they suit up on Sundays.
    What you have is a couple of players in Cincinnati that were cut by the Bears for being a-holes and/or non-productive (Benson & Johnson) and they have spent the last year whining about their former team.

    It seems to me that there are black players in the league that have a real problem with Urlacher’s skin color because there is no other explanation for the bitching at this point.
    A stiff like Dhani Jones puffing out his chest while ranking Urlacher is a real good example.
    Dhani Jones?

  41. I’ll chime in now to point out since I started the whole Packers being the current Super Bowl Champion arguement that I am a Bucs fan. I’m just also a realist. And I realize the Bears lost not once, but twice to the team that won it all. And I also realize the Bears are NOT the best team (nor are the Bucs, although the future is bright).

  42. The Brady, Bettis, etc. moments — who cares? You guys sound like nitpicking henny penny bee itchers. EVERY player has moments like that. People just single them out against Urlacher because he’s such a high-profile player.

    My question is: ever see Dhani Jones almost SINGLE-HANDEDLY take over a game and by sheer force of will and athletic skill lead his team over nearly insurmountable odds to victory?


    Anyone else remember the MNF Chi v. Arizona game? (the famous “they are who we THOUGHT they were” game?)

    Of course you do.

    But aside from the Denny Green spasm, and the Hester return — THE pivotal moment of that game was Urlacher’s ripping that ball out of Edge’s arms.

    In that game, Urlacher registered 25 tackles and forced the key fumble (which Penaut Tillman returned 40 yards for the TD) bringing the Bears to within 23-17 with 5:00 remaining. “Overrated” Urlacher also recorded three devastating hits on Leinart and broke up two passes in the game.

    In the fourth quarter alone, Urlacher made solo tackles on Edgerrin James after gains of 0, 2, -2, 2, 1, and -2 yards.

    How about the 06 NFC Championship game against the Saints? Remember when Reggie Bush pointed at/taunted Urlacher on his way into the endzone? Remember what happened after that?

    My point is — only GREAT players can totally take over a game like this (and have).
    Besides being the heart, soul, and general of the Bears defense — with a host of honors and RECORD-SETTING stats that speak for themselves, Urlacher is a game-changer.

    Yes, Willis, Beason, Ruud, etc. might be younger, more dynamic, and have gained a step on Urlacher — but until they can play at this level for OVER a decade, make the same kind of impact plays when it counts, and show the same leadership on the field and in big games, Urlacher was, IS, and will continue to be the best LB in the NFC.

    (which is what those who think otherwise must be on)

  43. I’ve never been a huge Urlacher fan, despite being from Chicago, but when he’s healthy Brian Urlacher is a great MLB. People can say all they want about Urlacher failing to get off blocks, but the same can be said about virtually every middle or inside linebacker. In fact, one of the knocks on Ray Lewis for several years was that he struggled to get off of blocks, especially when Baltimore played more 4-3 defense. That all changed when Haloti Ngata began playing at an All-Pro level. Maybe now that Urlacher has a big Tongan of his own, he’ll return to playing at an All-Pro level, and people will cut him some slack.

  44. Dewey…thanks for inadvertently supporting my point: the last high impact game you can think of for Urlacher is from 2006.

  45. hey golonger: it wasn’t an election or a popularity contest, it was football where everything is decided on the field. if the panthers were actually the best team, wouldn’t you be shocked? p.s., they did an autopsy on secretariat and found out he was actually slow at running.. derp.

  46. not many MLB/3-4 inside linebacker in the nfl can get off a block from a guard or center,especially when ask to take them head on so WTF is he talking about.

    back urlacher young days he was getting off blocks crazy because he was too fast for OL to hold on too,but he also had help with keith traylor and ted washington.

  47. @CKL,
    And you didn’t not un-inadvertently just prove what and a wholly obstinate and myopic football mo-ron you are.

    I cited those games as examples because they were both nationally televised and highly memorable among ALL fans.

    You want recent? How about just this past season (2010), week 3, Chicago vs. GB:

    “Brian Urlacher forced a key fumble
    (ahem) Brian Urlacher forced a key fumble
    (aaaand once more) Brian Urlacher forced a key fumble

    and Chicago took advantage of a team-record 18 penalties by the Packers to beat Green Bay 20-17 on Monday night.

    Robbie Gould won it with a 19-yard field goal with 4 seconds left. The Packers’ James Jones lost a fumble on a hit by Urlacher in the final minutes.
    The Packers’ James Jones lost a fumble on a hit by Urlacher in the final minutes.
    The Packers’ James Jones lost a fumble on a hit by —-> Urlacher <—- in the final minutes.
    The Packers' James Jones lost a fumble on a hit by Urlacher (didja catch that?) in the final minutes.
    Then Morgan Burnett was called for pass interference on Earl Bennett, setting up the winning kick.

    Urlacher jarred the ball out of Jones' hands
    U.r.l.a.c.h.e.r. jarred the ball out of Jones' hands
    URLACHER!!! jarred the ball out of Jones' hands

    after the receiver caught a pass from Aaron Rodgers near midfield. Tim Jennings recovered, giving Chicago the ball on the Packers 46 with 2:18 remaining."

    (hated) Division rival, final minutes, forced fumble for possession of the ball, leading directly to the win and a 3-0 record (in addition to piling up NINE (9) SOLO tackles) — Is that not a "high impact" game?

    The fact is, your own petty cult-of-personality bias against Urlacher has completely clouded and blocked any potential for an ability to analyze and understand the game–or its players–with anything even resembling a shred of accuracy or objectivity.


    Or, in simpler terms– if you cannot recognize Urlacher's talent and OBVIOUS impact, you just don't know football, plain and simple.

  48. Urlacher is a good lineback who used to be great. His stats suffered until Pepper’s signed. He is not as physical as he used to be and I might lean towards a younger mlb like Harris or a stud OLB like Hali or Wake over Urlacher. Urlacher finished 8th among mlb last year in tackles and also plays with a studs like briggs and peppers. I think it’s reasonable to leave him off a top ten, but not at the expense of Jones.

    As for the Superbowl comments, which aren’t really relevant, winning the superbowl means you were the better of the two teams on that Sunday. The saying any given Sunday exists for a reason. In this case the Packers are arguably the best team in the league, but think of for example the 2007 Giants. While they beat the patriots most people would agree the patriots were the better team. Even Plaxico said at one point they would probably lose 7 or 8 out of 10 games.

  49. If Dhani Jones played for the Bears he would probably be the 4th best LB on the team… at best.

    By the way… if Urlacher played his career in a Packer uniform they would have named a street in Green Bay after him by now.
    You guys wet your pants over A.J. Hawk.

  50. duehicky says:
    As for the Superbowl comments, which aren’t really relevant, winning the superbowl means you were the better of the two teams on that Sunday.

    And the Sunday before that, and the Sunday or Saturday before that, and in the Packers case, the Sunday or Saturday before that, plus be good enough to get in the darn thing in the first place. It is relevant because football is decided on the field. That silver trophy means the Packers were the best team. Period. End of debate.

  51. Dewey you are a funny dude…all those personal insults for me for nothing. Because I don’t think Urlacher is a great player you call everything but my ancestry into question?
    Guess you love you some Urlacher huh? NTTAWWT. 😀

  52. Actually, I only questioned your basic football savvy and general cognitive functioning.

    On this forum, there IS something wrong with that.

    It’s not about man-loving Urlacher, it’s about giving credit —> due.

  53. Not Top 10? Seriously? That’s kind of a joke. Look at the game on Sunday. Who was the player who made the biggest difference in the game? I would say Urlacher. At least his presence was felt all game, as it has in pretty much every game he has played in for the last decade.

    Seriously, I am a Bears fan who used to love Urlacher, then looked for any excuse to hate him. I was screaming every obscenity known to man at him when he went down against the Packers a couple years ago (for the season), only to learn through multiple sports radio callers (who were in the medical field) that the injury he had was extremely painful and legit. He is also somewhat aloof towards the local media, which causes them to hate on him a bit, which tends to shape a lot of Bears fan’s opinions of him. But now he is again one of my All-Time favorites. He is still playing at an exceptionally high level (see game 1 of the 2011-2012 season) for an older linebacker. Also, there are only a handful of middle linebackers EVER who would be as GREAT of a fit in Lovie Smith’s Cover-2 defense (love it or hate it, when it is run correctly and the correct players are in it has seen a lot of success over the years). The Bears just simply could not have played it the last 7 years the way that they have without Urlacher. That is not to say that he is the G.O.A.T. or anything, it just means that he is one of the more unique linebackers that has ever played. In my opinion, he is also one of the best, and still is today.

    He is a surefire H.O.F. player, with a Defensive Player of the Year Award who is still the face of the Chicago Bears defense even with multiple “Stars” on it (Briggs, Peppers). With him still playing, at the age of 33, at such a high level the Bears can compete with every team in the league. That’s not to say that they will win the Super Bowl (I hate to admit that the Packers are my pick to win it all), but they have a realistic opportunity to win against any team in the NFL. The reason for that is that they have veteran stars at important positions and Urlacher is basically in-charge of it all.

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