Donovan McNabb promises to prove people wrong in 2011

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Donovan McNabb has stayed fairly quiet this offseason, not talking much about his disastrous first (and presumably last) year with the Redskins, or where he might play in 2011.

But Mcnabb has broken his silence in, of all places, the “Facetime” segment of something called The Real Robinson Report, which is apparently a YouTube show put together by Seahawks running back Michael Robinson.

Mcnabb says that he’s working out, working on the fundamentals of playing quarterback, and ready to prove wrong anyone who doubts him.

“For my Facetime, 2011 is different than 2010,” McNabb said, via Matt Terl of “For those who want to sit back and dwell on what happened last year, so be it. But 2011’s going to be a special season. A season in which I feel that I’ve prepared myself well — not just conditioning and strength-wise, but most importantly getting back to the fundamentals. And I look to display that in the 2011 season. And for those who feel like it can’t be possible: I’ll prove you wrong.”

McNabb has fallen so far off the radar this offseason that his episode of The Real Robinson Report was uploaded to YouTube three days ago and has less than 200 views. PFT Planet will exponentially increase that viewership shortly.

49 responses to “Donovan McNabb promises to prove people wrong in 2011

  1. ‘Donovan McNabb is a talented starting quarterback in the NFL that isn’t at all past his prime.’

    I think McNabb is quite capable of proving my last statement to be wrong.

  2. Not a huge MacNabb fan but this kind of scares me a little bit should he stay in DC. No one has ever really doubted McNabb’s skills and I’m thinking if he really wanted to prove people wrong he has the ability to do so.

  3. You are not even a “has been”, Mcnabb…..You are a “never was “. And contrary to your opinion…it has nothing to do with you being an African-American QB. You are a decent QB but thats it. Next season you will only confirm my words.

  4. McNugget to the Seahawks? I was kidding at first, but if you look at the big picture, that could actually work. Let him thrive in a butthole division and get his career back on track.

  5. Yeah, McNabb, yeah…believe it when I see it. What, ya got another bonus coming so it’s time to work out? Do me a favor and get the hell outta DC, what you were unable to do in 2003 or so I really doubt you’ll do in 2011…….

  6. Though I wont view the You Tube segment, you’re are absolutely correct in your last statement. The Philly news ran the Akeem Jordan arrest news AFTER I read it on PFT. Keep up the good work. We all know where to go for our information!

  7. I hope he does prove it. He’s a good QB but there are too many issues going on with the Redskins to deal with both offensively and coaching wise. If he gets on the Seahawks, Vikings, or Cardinals I think he’ll do well.

  8. McNabb could take a team like Oakland, Dolphins or Titans to the superbowl, like a Dilfer/Collins type one-shot wonder.

  9. I find it interesting that he even mentioned his “strength and conditioning” that he was assuring people has never been an issue before.

  10. Donovan McNabb never deserved all the hype he got from the media.

    McNabb was ok.Not a HOF’RRR by any means.

  11. Here’s the thing about McNabb. He ALWAYS says the right thing to the media, he ALWAYS comes off as mistreated or misunderstood. It is what he does.
    It’s how he rolls.
    Ask any Eagles fan.

  12. Going back to fundamentals? A bit of an odd (even for McNabb) statement from a 12 year veteran.

  13. It’s sites like these that skew info into making something it’s not. Does anyone even watch this show anyways.? I looked at darrelle revis’s facetime and he had less hits – his was uploaded June 7th. WEAK post.

  14. If this was the 2004 version of Donovan McNabb talking, I might believe that he could pull it off. But the 2011 version has a very hard time making a believer out of me.

  15. I’m banking on improvement from him this year. Now he will hit receivers in the knees instead of their feet

  16. I hope you are right McNabb. I am ready to watch some good football, he is definately capable of being good again maybe great, im willing to watch what happens.

  17. McNabb is correct, a lot of people had him bringing his A game last year and he is going to prove them wrong again by just bringing the C game.

  18. – Anyone wonder why only the “c” in McNabb is in lower case (picture above)? I mean either the “a” and two “b’s” should be lower case or the whole thing should be in all caps.

    – Was it me, or did the rest of the NFC East just mass salivate at the thought of McNabb trying to prove himself as a Redskins QB in 2011.

    – I personally don’t have anything against McNabb. I think he was once a good QB in the league. He is just serviceable now. No fault to his own, he needs a team around him to take the pressure off him. He simply can’t carry a team the way a Brees, Brady, or Manning (or 10-15 Other QB’s) can.

    – I guess by taking the picture of McNabb from behind, we can’t tell if that is a wristband or not. Controversy avoided!

  19. McNabb could take many teams far –Minnesota, Arizona, San Fran. among others. As a lifelong Redskin fan it pains me to say no QB can take them far this year; they hve too many holes, esp. at WR.

  20. Ohhh the annual ” Im gonna prove the world that theyre all wrong” speech. We here in Philly were so sick of it year after year. Are the rest of you guys sick of it yet? If not youll hear it again in 12 months.

  21. If getting back to working on fundamentals means he’ll make better decisions with the ball, quit slinging all those wormburners at peoples’ feet, and avoid overthrowing wide-open receivers, then he might just be right.

  22. I Mcnabb but after last season anything would be better? sorry…. And if you go to minny your going to get crushed, i can’t believe you’ll finish the season up there. (If brett favre can’t do it no one can)

  23. I like Mcnabb but after last season anything would be better? sorry…. And if you go to minny your going to get crushed, i can’t believe you’ll finish the season up there. (If brett favre can’t do it no one can)

  24. He will Prove he can throw a Worm Burning Dirt Ball straight to the Earth’s Core…And I am ready.

  25. For all you morons saying McNabb was never that good or isn’t a HOF player you are crazy. He has had 1 pro bowl receiver in his entire career and he only had him for a season. He has been to 5 NFC championships, 1 super bowl and been to numerous pro bowls. I

  26. jb…

    McNabb will always need more weapons. Always. He could be in the Pro-Bowl and passive-aggressively whine that he needs better teammates (in so doing throwing his current ones under the bus).

    We’ve seen this story before. Multiple times.

  27. If he goes to the Vikes I guarantee he starts intimating that he needs a “complete back” that can catch passes.

    He’ll do it through his media contacts and Masta P agent, but he’ll do it.

  28. McNabb has still got it. Get him anything close to a real NFL receiver this season and a little blocking and he will prove you clowns wrong. I wish he would head to San Fran or Minnesota.

  29. Assuming somebody gives him a shot, it’ll be better by last year simply by default. For as poorly as he played in last year, the Skins handled things even worse. They acted like they’d never seen the guy play before and like they were expecting a totally different sort of player. Guaranteed he won’t get that sort of reaction from anybody else who signs him, since most other teams actually want their players to succeed.

  30. No one will pay him as much money as is on his current contract.

    Therefore no one will trade for him.

    He’ll be cut, timing depending on how mean-spirited the Shanahan’s are feeling at the time.

  31. mk2323 says: Jun 21, 2011 4:15 PM

    For all you morons saying McNabb was never that good or isn’t a HOF player you are crazy. He has had 1 pro bowl receiver in his entire career and he only had him for a season. He has been to 5 NFC championships, 1 super bowl and been to numerous pro bowls.

    He doesn’t stack up to the actual elite HOF QB’s of his generation he played with. You know players that win superbowls, league MVPs, and are tops in actual QB passing stats year in and out. Name calling and blaming his teammates don’t change that FACT he doesn’t stack up next to the top of his generation, but its just another lame excuse people keep making for this guy.

  32. McNabb was a good, at times very good, QB, but never great. That 4th quarter in the Super Bowl displayed that perfectly.

  33. McNabb will be the Skins quarterback next season. Sorry to say it or ruin all the haters’ fun, but it’s true. No one from the Redskins organization has mentioned anything about McNabb leaving. It’s all the media. McNabb played fairly well last year. Too many injuries and a lack of defense and a terrible offensive line cost the Redskins a lot. Also no good receivers. Joey Galloway and. Roydell Williams were garbage. Armstrong, Moss, Cooley and Davis were solid. Give McNabb some blockers and he’ll be fine. But enough with the McNabb trade talk or being cut. It’s not happening. It’s the same crap with the wristband. All media talk.

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