Jeff Pash says negotiations still need “a significant amount of time”

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Our belief that keeping the lawyers away from the process can only speed up a resolution to the lockout may have been bolstered by one of the lawyers himself, as the league’s chief negotiator, Jeff Pash, indicated today that he expects to have plenty of work to do before the lockout ends.

Asked how close an agreement is, Pash wouldn’t say the end of the lockout is near.

“I have no idea,” Pash said. “We have to spend a significant amount of time with the players. There’s a lot of work to be done for both parties. I don’t think there’s any way to say it’s close or not close.”

Pash did say, however, that the NFL remains committed to spending whatever time it takes to get it done.

“We’re going to meet with them soon,” Pash said, “and we’re eager to accelerate the pace of the negotiations.”

11 responses to “Jeff Pash says negotiations still need “a significant amount of time”

  1. More smoke blowing from a lawyer. My sense is he has no idea how the negotiations are going. He’s just trying to look relevant to the process just like the Commissioner does.

  2. From the stories i read it seems like the majority , if not all the major issues have been agreed upon . I think if they locked themselves in a room for 3 days this CBA could be finalized . Time is of the essence , stop lunching !

  3. Jeff Pash, that sound you hear is my raspberry. Excuse the spit. Stay away from them and they may finish sooner than you think.

  4. Two words, Pash:

    Shut up.

    Two more:
    Stay away

    With these talks moving to Boston, obviously Bob Kraft will be involved. That’s good news for fans.

  5. Pash is the same NFL lead negotiator who thinks a Rookie Wage Scale savings of $3B over a 10 year CBA should be split $100M to the retire players, $100M to active players, and $2.8B to owners! He actually stated that this offer has been on the table for over a year and a half with no NFL concessions from this starting point!

    The owners are playing this CBA game hardball to the max talking out of the other side of their mouth that the players are not bargaining in good faith. Take a good look at this NFL Rooking Wage Scale offer and you tell me who is playing it win-lose to the max. NFL marketing machine has blinded to may fans to the truth…..

    Don’t believe me? Go to YouTube for Jeff Pash and check it out….listen closely to his offer on the video…..the video does not lie!!!

  6. Yeah, right, let’s get lawyers involved. The more time this takes, the more he makes. The NFL labor negotiations are the ultimate siren to chase.

  7. Jeff Pash says negotiations still need “a significant amount of time” because lawyers get paid by the hour. How about they start paying the lawyers a pre-determined amount, regardless of “time”. Then see how long it takes… LMAO!

  8. Please tell the big boys that if they keep squabbling over their cash cow until training camp, the milk will dry up and they’ll be watching US watch college football. Fan union will rise up and close the wallets.

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