John Fox: Tebow, Orton, Quinn will compete


Although most people consider Tim Tebow the favorite to start at quarterback for the Broncos this season, the man who will make the final decision insists that there is no favorite.

Broncos coach John Fox told the Denver Post that Tebow, Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn will all get an equal shot to win the job, whenever training camp starts.

“I’ve said it before and I mean it. It’ll be a competition,” Fox said. “Competition is what this game’s about, whether if it’s an opponent or a depth chart. It’s been this way as long as I can remember.”

Fox said he has watched film of every player who’s expected to be on the Broncos’ 2011 roster and likes what he sees, but he’s getting anxious about the inability to get to know his players personally.

“I like the guys on our team right now, but I can’t tell you how much yet. I’ve only spent one day with them,” Fox said. “You find out how much you like them when you get on the field with them. There’s nothing like seeing them with the naked eye.”

And there’s still no way to know when Fox will get to do that.

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  1. Elway and Fox are handling this sitauation horribly. Orton is better than Quinn and Tebow hands down. He has done enough to earn the title of starting QB. Show the man a small amount of respect, he was surrounded by mediocrity last year.

  2. Orton lost his job last season due to non-performance. If he’s that much better than Tebow and Brandi, he’ll surely demonstrate it on the field in training camp.

  3. Orton has been surrounded by mediocrity his entire career. I think at this point, it’s safe to say he’s one of the main causes of it.

    It’s time to see what TeNuts can do as the full fledged starter.

  4. Sorry Bronco fans, if they’re both serious about this, then 1) Fox is a ditz and 2) Elway is drinking heavily again. I truly belive Tebow is a threat to Elways larger than Colorado ego.

    @buhbay1c – I agree with your first statement, but you’re kidding about Orton right? I hope so.

    If the Bronco’s waste one more year ‘hoping’ that Orton will go out and win a division… or better for them, they deserve to be bottom feeders.

    Give Tebow the opportunity to do something great for Denver, and NOT just the ‘run the big guy into the end zone’ play that summed up all the brilliance Josh McDaniels could muster.
    Tebow will perform.

  5. Orton lost his job last season due to non-performance. If he’s that much better than Tebow and Brandi, he’ll surely demonstrate it on the field in training camp.


    That’s inaccurate, if not a down right lie. Orton was “benched” due to his rib injury. Studesville then decided to finish the last 2 games with Tebow, in hopes it’d land him a job and to see what Tebow could do, as well as, it being the last few games of the season.

    I understand you are a Tebow apologist, but don’t lie.

  6. Kyle Orton is by far the best quarterback on that team. Success or not, he has made a steady progression of improvement and imo is ready to take the next step as a quarterback. Tim Tebow is the furthest thing from an example of pedigree for becoming a successful QB in the NFL. Kyle Orton is a true pocket passer with the tangibles and grit to be good starter. I know that he has not played on good teams, but think about the level of talent that this guy has had to throw to throughout his career, and then consider that he has steadily improved despite that.

    I’m not making any predictions, but the whole Orton situation is similar to what happened in San Diego with Drew Brees after they drafted Rivers. Both Orton and Brees were Purdue QB’s and Orton’s situation is very reminiscent of Brees a few years after he played in the NFL.

  7. And cue the Orton apologists…

    Orton’s been in the league for six seasons for two teams. Don’t really need a training camp to know what you’re getting…time for Denver to move forward with Tebow.

    If Tebow isn’t the future…there’s always Luck.

  8. Correction: Orton and Tebow will compete. Quinn will throw wobbly, off target floaters to defensive backs.

  9. This will be one of the more interesting competitions simply because it’s so unusual to have three QBs on a team with none of them having the endorsement of either the head coach or front office.
    Orton: Only on the team because Josh McDaniels sent Cutler packing
    Tebow: A major surprise pick in the draft made before Elway took over the front office
    Quinn: Only there because McDaniels believed it when Charlie Weis said he could play in the NFL.

    Don’t be surprised if “None of the Above” ends up winning this.

  10. And cue the Orton apologists…

    Orton’s been in the league for six seasons for two teams. Don’t really need a training camp to know what you’re getting…time for Denver to move forward with Tebow.

    If Tebow isn’t the future…there’s always Luck.


    You mean a guy who, while surrounded by mediocrity, has only had 1 losing season(last year), has a career winning pct, has played with two different OC’s and was successful with each of them, was essentially involved with quarterbacking two playoff teams? That guy? He has better stats than over half the starting QB’s in the league now!

    And Lord Tebow has how many wins? What’s his career record?

    You’re right, don’t need a training camp to know what you got with Orton. Give him a decent O line and an average defense and the team is in line for the playoffs.

  11. It’s true about orton. You know what you are going to get. Remember when he was with the bears Rex took them to the super bowl. He did nothing. Orton does zero in the red zone. Maybe he would be a good fit in Arizona. I don’t know but the team drafted tebow with a first round pick, you have to see what you have in him. He played well in those last three starts so he needs to get a shot. Of course fox and elway just can’t come out and name tebow the starter because it kills any value for orton. If there is going to be competition let the best man win.

  12. The “but he’s surrounded by mediocrity” argument is pretty tired.

    Stats are nice things, but like it or not QBs are ultimately judge by wins. The great ones know how to make those fourth quarter comebacks happen. They know how to extend plays. They make things happen in the red zone. Orton brings none of these to the table.

  13. The bottom line is that you need a championship QB to be successful, look at the difference Kurt Warner made in Arizona. With him they are a Superbowl contender, without him they are terrible.

    Orton is not a championship QB, he has had years to prove it. I would trade him for some D-line help, and let’s see what Tebow can do in year 2. If he isn’t the guy maybe we can grab Andrew Luck in next years draft.

    I like what Elway and Fox have done so far… I’m willing to trust their judgement.

  14. Kyle Orton seems like a nice guy, I wish him the best of luck, and I hate to dog him out, but seriously, why do people think he is such a great quarterback? He has a 32-30 record as a starter, he led the Broncos to an 8-8 record in 2009 and a 4-12 record in 2010. He isn’t just surrounded by mediocrity, he is part of it and will remain the leader of it, if allowed to be the starter in 2011. It seems that folks either forget or just never came to the realization that all of the “great numbers” that Orton put up last year came as the result of his absolutely, unbelievably embarrassing inability to score points in the Red Zone in the first 3 quarters of the game, and when the game was already lost, he finally woke up and got motivated enough to dink and dunk his way up and down the field at will, with the defense in prevent, and then still lose the game because he chokes in the clutch! He is a darn good quarterback, but he is not a champion, and he is not the future of the Denver Broncos, so why waste time with him? Tebow may be inexperienced but since Denver is in a rebuilding mode anyway, why not put him in and get the experience he needs to win that Superbowl 2 or 3 years down the road?
    ~Frustrated and Homesick Bronco Fan in California

  15. people seem to forget that there will be a consensus on personnel decisions and elway has the final say. Meaning that, although fox will decide on who to start, elway will have the final say as to who is even on the roster.

    I see an open qb competition between tebow and quinn, and orton playing elsewhere next year. How any bronco fan can look at orton after two years and say he’s the answer, just goes to show his far this franchise has fallen.

  16. Orton would mop the floor with Tebow and Quinn.

    Only fools at this point think otherwise .

    I saw posted recently that at one point in the season Orton had accounted for over 85% of the broncos offense while having the 32nd ranked defense .

    This from the same guy who half of these clowns calling for his head now were saying only did well in 2009 because he had Brandon Marshall?

    Orton can get the job done but please tell me what did he have to work with last season that if somebody wouldve mentioned it last year at this time that most people wouldnt have died laughing and predicted no wins .

    no defense -Dumervil injury

    Lloyd blowing up

    no running game

    Moreno and Buchalter being so bad he traded for Lawrence Maroney

    I could go on and on with this stuff its amazing too because to some Broncos fans they think last year was a good situation for a QB to be in .

  17. @blueorangeftw I couldn’t have said it any better..
    Denver is rebuilding and I think we are actually on the right track. With that said I would much rather build a team around Tebow than Orton.
    Tebow showed so promising things. And I know he is going to work hard to get that starting position.
    Orton is going to probably end up in AZ or Washington I think.
    Tebow time in Denver!

  18. Oh… my… goodness.
    It’s amazing how fans can be so driven to be smarter than the guys making the calls.
    To be clear:
    Orton is a pretty good QB, and has always done pretty well in the offenses he’s in, whether as a game manager for the more conservative Bears O or hurling the ball repeatedly down field under McDaniels. He’s had a bad history of being “Mr. Right-Now” instead of “Mr. Franchise” but he can still outplay over half of the starting QBs in the NFL.
    Tebow is not a traditional QB but understands the game and can make things happen. He is a multi-dimensional threat on the field who can put defenses on their heals. He is young and his short stint as a starter came packaged with the leagues worst defense and no running game. He’s got tons of potential.

    Fox and friends will have to evaluate them and make a call. The only joke in this article is that Quinn is still in the mix. I hope, for Orton’s sake, that he gets traded. I would like to see both of these guys start and succeed in this next season.

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