Kenny Britt sticks to his hacking story


The best approach after floating a dog-ate-my-homework-style excuse is to keep one’s head low, and one’s mouth shut.

Titans receiver Kenny Britt has opted not to follow that approach.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, Britt has issued another statement reiterating that Monday’s misadventures with his Facebook page resulted from the hacking of his account.

“I have the utmost respect for Commissioner Goodell, the NFL and the TN Titans,’’ Britt said. “The Facebook posting as reported was not made by myself nor have I given any statements to anyone regarding this matter.  It is not a defense but a fact that this Facebook page and associated email account were hacked and reported more than 120 days ago.”

OK, so the hacking didn’t happen Monday.  It happened more than 120 days ago.  And in the 120 days since the hacking was reported, Britt continued to use the account, cognizant of the hacking and taking no steps to ensure that it wouldn’t continue, such as changing his password to something other than “password.”

Next time, Kenny, just float your ridiculous excuse one time, and then simply pretend it never happened.

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  1. Wife: Where did you spend the night?

    Husband: I was out drinking with guys and came home real late and spent the night on that old couch on the back porch.

    Wife: I moved that couch off the porch two months ago.

    Husband: That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Kenny is sticking to his story…..LoL.

  2. I never did understand people saying or doing what they really feel, and then backing away from it or making an excuse for their actions. I don’t buy the his FB page was hacked again crap. Britt is just an anus!!!

  3. Why would a hacker try to retract his previous status anyway? lol.

    Seriously, does anyone believe this? ANYONE?

    If you do, get in touch. I have some ocean front property in Montana you might be interested in…..

  4. This kid is really in need of a mentor..or 12. Britt is 1 player who cannot afford to be away from the relative safety blanket of the NFL and the lockout surely isn’t helping. The hood he has ties to is no joke.

  5. Epic Fail Kenny.

    As someone who has been a victim of hacking, both in the traditional sense of the word and in the comedy ‘Frape’ sense on Facebook that you seemed to be using it, I did have *some* sympathy with your original story and gave you some (but by no means much) credit that you might be telling the truth.

    However this 120 days story pushes the credibility of your story well beyond breaking point. It is completely inconceivable that someone would not have changed their password if their account was ‘hacked’ so long ago, especially someone in the public eye.

  6. I’d like to go on record to say that “I am the anonymous person who has been hacking all FB, Twitter, Myspace, and Friendster (sit down, Schefter) accounts.

    I have been meticulously gathering personal data so that I can strike when it seems most plausible to your own personal meltdown.

    Checks made payable to “cash” at my PO Box.

    I’m coming for you next, Warren Sapp.

  7. Facebook can EASILY obtain the IP address of the ‘hacker’. How much do you want to bet that the IP Address of the ‘hacker’ is the same IP Address that leads to Kenny “Weiner” Britt?

  8. I believe him. I also believe that OJ is innocent and that Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman.

  9. I would hope that he would just grow up already. The Titans need him, but his immaturity off the field leaves a horrid taste in my mouth. This also shows he isn’t ready to be a leader on the field. Your agent isn’t doing you justice, nor are your friends. Wise up!

  10. Yah but is he good at photoshopping? That’s the biggest debate.

    This lockout needs to end.

  11. i actually just logged into Kenny’s acct, the pw is still “password”. kenny is clearly one of the dumber m’ther f’ers on the planet.

    3-13 for the titans in ’11

  12. This guy is ridiculous! Arrested twice since April, and he has outstanding warrants in Tennessee. I know his father claims he’s a good kid with bad friends, but I don’t believe a word he says. Roger Goodell is going to throw the book at him…and rightly so!

  13. Hacked and reported 120 days ago is an eternity relative to retired and unretired in 25 minutes.

  14. Considering how easy facebook passwords are to hack (very easy), if you know how it’s got to be a great feeling knowing that if you hack a celebrity’s account and post ridiculous things no one will ever believe that celebrity.
    I have no idea if he’s telling the truth or not but it certainly isn’t a ‘ridiculous excuse’ it’s actually quite plausible.

  15. Anyone who has ever said the phrase out loud, “bummer, man,” would probably be willing to give Britt a pass on his retirement, considering the reality that he came back from retirement a few minutes later.

    That was a nice recovery! I enjoyed it 1000% more than Bret Favre’s last ten retirements.

  16. Anthony Wiener stuck with his “hacking” story for 6 days as well, until you know….he decided to say it was all a lie. But Kenny Britt’s defense sounds rock solid, at least we don’t have the technology to check that it came from the same IP address as all the other updates.

  17. Geez…What a shocker that someone figured out his password was “I suck as a human being”. And to think he feels were stupid enough to believe that A) his account was hacked 120 day ago (nice round number. most people would have said a few months ago). B) that he didnt change the password.

  18. @trbowman… Where’s that Montana beachfront property at… I might be interested! Is it near Hannah?

  19. This is way to big of a story IMO. Everybody has had days where they are frustrated or sick of their jobs and wants to vent/quit.

    This may be hard to believe, and unpopular, but a lot of players play the game for paychecks, not love of the game.

    You can argue about Goodell’s discipline system, and I won’t argue that Britt definetly deserves some kind of reprimanding for his behavior, but I can’t really fault a guy for being pissed about missing 2-4 (or more) paychecks. And yes I am aware that it was his fault.

  20. LOL
    ^ this is for all the retards that think your safe cuz you change your password. Keylogging is so common nowadays, especially to take advantage of celebrities or special accounts. IP addresses can also be faked pretty easily….

    But most likely none of this happened to kenny britt cuz his story is terrible.

  21. Hey, he has a good reason for not changing his password. How is he supposed to remember a new one when he’s obviously been stoned for the last 120 days (at least)?

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