Report: New deal will move UFA threshold back to four years


We’ve been saying for weeks now that, if/when a new labor deal is reached, the minimum number of years for unrestricted free agency will move back to four years.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that, indeed, the pre-2010 rules will return.

It’s no surprise.  The limit moved from four years to six in the uncapped year.  For more than 15 years prior to that, the limit was four.

As a practical matter, it means that plenty of money will be flowing once the market opens, and those restricted free agency tenders applied to players with four year and five years of service, such as Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards, become meaningless.

In other words, things will be crazy whenever the NFL re-opens for the business.  And we’ll be here to give you the latest on player movement, once the movement is allowed to happen.

UPDATE:  As also expected, the franchise tag will remain in place, allowing players with four or more years of service and an expired contract to be held in place on a year-to-year basis.  That said, there could be further limits applied to the device, such as a total number of times that it could be used on any one player.

34 responses to “Report: New deal will move UFA threshold back to four years

  1. You’re reporting more and more tidbits of what would be contained in the new CBA. How close are they to a deal???? Are you still thinking prior to July 4?

  2. WOW!!! There are going to be hundreds and hundreds of free agents available now. It will help some of these guys that were slapped with tenders but it will hurt a lot of other guys.

  3. Frist to say lets get it on let the good time roll start the season.
    The lions should be able to get a LB and CB with the new deal they really need both.

  4. REPORT: ———————. i do, however, like the part about ray edwards being meaningless. if i read that right…

  5. At least we are getting somewhere. hopefull easy sailing from here…

    Ray Edwards deserves to be paid more… probably not what he thinks he should be, but more.

    If he doesn’t come back to the vikes… that sucks but it won’t matter much.

  6. free agency is going to be cRaZzZy!!!!

    the better have free agency start 2 weeks before training camps!!

  7. I couldn’t care less how many years it is, this is great news in that it sounds like things are actually progressing.

  8. make all rookie deals 4 years then they become UFA. Have the contracts slotted so there is a fixed price on them. When the player has proven himself after 4 years then let them cash in. Let the teams keep a franchise player every year but get rid of all the other tenders. This way the teams know their roster for 4 years and the players have an incentive to work hard to cash in on free agency.

  9. Sweet business! More free agency workings = more fun articles debating somebodies relavancy to a specific.

  10. Probably the end for James Jones in Green Bay. Now we can watch him drop those easy touchdowns for somebody else.

  11. Wow I really really hope this talk holds up… I am from Canada and have my ticket and Hotel booked to watch the Packers cream the Vikings on Monday night at Lambeau!… Can’t Wait!

  12. Yet again I hear the owners are meeting tomorrow and Thursday. Are they gonna need another five days off? Give me a break. Lock them in a room until they come back with a deal.

  13. I don’t get it. They’ve got the free agency rules. They’ve got the rookie wage scale. They’re reportedly close in the revenue percentage (48%), and they’re close in the cap minimum (90-92%). Why can’t they get this done within the next 7 days?

  14. As a glutton for punishment (longtime Viking fanatic), Ray Edwards (based on his performance) is a poor example- he will be “on sale”!

  15. Can you imagine the page hits PFT is going to get when 500 free agents hit the market for a 2-week period, after we’ve been suffering through months of meaningless articles?

  16. chargerdillon says:
    Jun 21, 2011 4:08 PM
    Vincent Jackson to the Patriots here we go


    Considering they franchised him, im going to go ahead and tell you, youre stupid.


  17. I don’t understand this at all, I’m not saying I don’t like I just don’t understand it. how does this mean there will suddenly be more FA’s? I need something for dummies to read to explain all this.

  18. backuppunter says:
    Jun 21, 2011 5:45 PM
    I don’t understand this at all, I’m not saying I don’t like I just don’t understand it. how does this mean there will suddenly be more FA’s? I need something for dummies to read to explain all this.

    Last year you had to have 6 years of service to be an unrestricted FA, rather than 4 years of service as it had been. Now, players with 4, 5, and 6 years of service will be unrestricted FAs rather than just the players with 4 years as there would normally be. Hence, more FAs than usual.

  19. Has anybody that keeps saying the players are about to get ‘paid’, realized that there is only so much money to go around. Simple math, more players, less money. I don’t think the players will like this year as much as everybody thinks.

  20. I thought I understood the free agency rules pretty good. Until now.

    so now after 4year rookie contracts expire, they can’t have draft-tenders, am I right? Or was this the usual thing before last year?
    I am assuming most contracts will now be 3year contracts for rookies.
    Can someone clear this up for me? Please&thankyou

  21. It finally sounds like something might actually get done.. but I agree with what they are possibly saying might happen, with a limit on how many times a player can be franchised.. maybe like two consecutive years as a cap..

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