Bart Scott’s “Can’t Wait” clothing line to benefit paralyzed player


Jets linebacker Bart Scott is launching a clothing line called “Can’t Wait,” in what sounds at first like an attempt to cash in on the catchphrase he spontaneously coined in an interview with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio during the playoffs.

But Scott, who applied for a trademark on the phrase “Can’t Wait” in March, told he’s planning to donate the proceeds to a fund for the medical care for former Rutgers linebacker Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed in a game last year.

Scott said he doesn’t know LeGrand personally but was moved by hearing about how he has returned to class at Rutgers and kept a positive attitude.

“I’ve never met him but I heard he’s a great kid,” Scott told “He has a lot of concerns and needs right now, but I know someday he will walk, and that’s something I can’t wait for.”

The clothing line will feature three original designs, and Scott said he’ll produce 1,200 shirts at first and see how sales go.

“All the proceeds from the first run will go to LeGrand to help him,” Scott said. “I want to do something for him, to help him. I hope we’ll sell out the shirts quickly so we can get the money to him because things are expensive with his care, and I know there are money needs. For instance, he needs to refit the doors at his house for his wheelchair.”

Hearing about LeGrand’s situation touched Scott personally because Scott has a cousin who was paralyzed in a shooting four years ago. Scott said he’s excited about what the “Can’t Wait” line can do for LeGrand.

“I want to be able to see him lead his team on the field someday,” Scott said. “That’s something I’m looking forward to and I just hope to help him get there.”

29 responses to “Bart Scott’s “Can’t Wait” clothing line to benefit paralyzed player

  1. Have to eat my own words on this one, I thought he was trademarking his statement for pure profit but this is a really nice gesture.

  2. i CAN’T WAIT till the lockout is over…

    Oh snap, am I gonna get in trouble for using his TWO WORD phrase?

  3. what is going on with this lockout. A player doing a selfless act for someone he does not know. Way to man up Bart. I’ll be rooting for you and buying a shirt.

  4. We all love what Bart is doing for Eric. The Rutgers community loves him for it, all of Eric’s friends love him for it and I think it’s just an amazing thing that he’s doing this for him without having ever coming down and met him!

    Karen and Nicole are thrilled about it.

    Thanks Bart!!!

  5. Nice Gesture and Can’t Wait for NY loudmouths to go down again this year.

  6. I have never thought of Bart Scott as being a classy guy, but he’s starting to prove me wrong. I’ve always loved the guy and I wish he never left. CAN’T WAIT! is my favorite catch phrase.

  7. Like many here in Bmore, I loved Bart as a Raven – and have loved poking fun at him and his overblown sense of his value on the football field since he left (I’d still love him if he wasn’t so Rex-like in his self evaluation…he didn’t engage in that type of hyperbole when he was surrounded by players who were clearly better than him on the Ravens).

    All that said, it’s great to see that the same great guy exists behind the ridiculous hype. Well done Bart – you may have become a blowhard, but you’ve always been a good person!!! Great job!!!

  8. Is the Cant Wait a Jets thing?

    I like the move the guy is doing but that slogan is dumb.

  9. As a Jets fan and Rutgers graduate, I’ll definately purchase one.

    With all of the readers PFT gets, it’d be great if you (MDS) could put up a quick story slash link when the shirts go on sale so “Can’t Wait” clothing can generate some serious proceeds for this young man.

    I was at the game when Dennis Byrd walked up to the 50 to do the coin toss. It’d be great to see LeGrand do it at a Rutgers game someday.

  10. Typically, I wouldn’t buy anything under a Bart Scott label … but to benefit LeGrand? Count me in. Classy gesture.

  11. Does anybody remember a few years ago when Bart was still on the Ravens when he sacked Big Ben and Ben was knocked out for a while. that was awesome. I wish he’ld do that again.

  12. This is a class act. My friend who grew up in colonia is throwing 52 fest in Woodbridge Nj at the end of July with all profits going towards Eric as well. Maybe Bart could show up with his new line of threads

  13. Classy move, however, I think I WILL WAIT to buy some clothes that aren’t designed by Bart Scott.

  14. I love the thought of the half-wit Jet haters behind their screens gritting their teeth because they can’t figure out anything stupid to say, thanks Bart, classy gesture!

  15. @ravensfan4life52 …

    Do you see any disconnect between coming onto a thread about raising money for a player paralyzed during a game … and talking about how you enjoyed seeing another player knocked unconscious during a game and would like to see that again? It doesn’t matter how much you hate a team or a player … hoping to see someone injured on the field makes you pretty scummy.

  16. @Deb

    I know. This story made me think about that, and it makes sense. If it happens again and Ben gets paralyzed Bart Scott will give him money.

  17. Before everyone joins in with a man crush on Bart, pay closer attention to what he said. He said the proceeds from the first run of 1,200 shirts will go to LeGrand. First run. Not all runs. There is a big difference.

    Not sure what he will clear or how he will even account for profit (will he amortize all start up costs over the first run only, several anticipated runs, not account for them at all?) or if he is donating profits or gross revenues. All of that is pretty important to understanding if this is a big number or a small number.

    And there certainly isn’t clarity on what he intends to do with any future runs (is he keeping profits or donating this too?). If the former, could this merely be a marketing and brand building exercise?

    Yes, a nice gesture, but no nicer than others have done for other causes. Big Ben donates far more than that to his causes but there isn’t much love for him, is there?

    Of course, to understand the nuance here you have to know how to read and interpret, skills the average Bart Scott fan would lack.

  18. There are only 1200 shirts produced. ALL the money, not proceeds, will go to charity. The clothing company (Parish Nation) is not taking any money out for any expenses. If you would like to purchase a shirt you can find them on the website can’ The pre-sale starts on Friday 07/22/11
    In addition, I have met Bart Scott and he is truly a genuine guy. This is not a marketing scheme nor a brand building exercise. It’s a Man showing how classy he is. Plain and simple

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