Bengals have bad moments, and “worst moments”

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We’re at the midway point of our team-by-team look at the worst moments since the last work stoppage.

Today, we’ll consider a team whose last 24 years has been, in many ways, a continuous “worst moment.”

Still, we had to pick four.  And then we picked several others for the “honorable mention” list.

It probably would have been easier to just list the good moments.

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14 responses to “Bengals have bad moments, and “worst moments”

  1. Drafting Carson Palmer has to be on the list. He has been a gigantic flop. Yeah yeah yeah so what if he is a decent regular season QB: you make a name for your self in the playoffs, and his 1.25 games played speak volumes of his overratedness

  2. Cincy did not sweep Pitt in 2005. The Steelers actually whipped the Bengals pretty handily in the first game in Cincy.

  3. I will always remember the second play of the 2005 playoffs as being the worst “moment” in Bengals history. I will also concede that the past twenty years under Mike Brown deserves a special award for being the most outstanding example of sustained incompetance ever recorded for a sports franchise.

    Recall that it looked like the Bengals were about to shed their label of laughingstock of the NFL. Every Bengal fan was daring to hope for the first time in sixteen years. On that play #9 completed a 62 yard pass to Chris Henry (may he rest in peace). Also on that play both were seriously injured, Palmer by a dirty play that was not called for penalty. Never since has the team recovered. At that moment all Bengaldom learned that they should never never never hope as long as Mike Brown or his family minions own this team.

  4. Palmer’s knee got blown out on the Bungles’ second play from scrimmage. The first play was a run.

  5. The whole Bo Jackson thing throws me off a little here.. Sure this might have been a bad moment for football in general but this didn’t hurt the Bengals or there fans in anyway shape or form..

  6. Only the Bungals could’ve been suckered into paying a choker like Palmer $100 mil — falling for all the hype the TV talking heads spewed out about him. Why they still whine about that ’05 playoff game is beyond me, yeah right, like Mr. Small Game would’ve led the team to victory if only he hadn’t got hurt. Ha ha ha! Hilarious!

    As “eezyxyz” points out, the Steelers crushed the Bungals the first game in Cincy, and should’ve swept if not for a fluke play where Palmer’s pass went through Colclough’s hands and into a Bungal WR’s for a cheap unearned TD. That’s a sure pick that got turned into a cheesy TD the other way. Again, no way were the Bungals going to win that playoff game no matter if Palmer, Kitna or Kenny Anderson played QB that day. The Steelers were just plain superior.

  7. As for worst moments, everyone talks about the pass from Montana to Taylor but what about the interception that was dropped by Billups in the endzone at the beginning of the 4th quarter; could have won the Bengals the game. Or the fact that Stanley Wilson got caught doing drugs, who knows what impact he could have had. It’s a curse to be born a Bengals fan.

  8. “You are an idiot if you think that was a dirty play.”

    He Cradled into Palmers shin and tackled him by his shin and bent his knee backwards. You call someone an idiot for just sharing their thoughts on a big play in Bengels history. You sir are a hot head or you just like to talk tough.

  9. Bo knows..roids, and Bo knows…painkillers, so it was a matter of time his hips gave out, just happened to be the Bengals on the field that day. And to say Palmer is or was a bust is to totally disregaurd the former bengals such as David Klingler, Ki-jana Carter, “Big daddy” Dan Wilkinson or Akili Smith just to name a few. I am as disappointed as anyone of Palmer’s current actions or Ochocinco’s past actions, but to say after the 90’s that 2 division titles and a sweep of the AFC north, which has to be the toughest current division to sweep, in any one season isnt a plus would be ridiculous and would never support that either one of those players were a bust.

  10. The real worst moments in Cincy are basically:

    1. Letting Marvin Lewis stay
    2. Bringing a past his prime TO to the team
    3. Never getting Chad to shut his mouth
    4. I’ll just say the words “Draft Bust” and you can fill it in with anyone from the past quarter century
    5. Watching two other teams from your division play in 5 Super Bowls combined
    6. And most importantly I can’t think of a team more famous for the off the field crap every off season rather then the actual play during the year (Not including Brett Favre)

  11. Hahaha.. nice job Mike

    “Cincinnati Browns”

    There could be no bigger insult to a Bengals fan.

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