Facebook won’t comment on Kenny Britt “hacking”


As we continue to look at the strange case of Titans receiver Kenny Britt’s Facebook page, which on Monday featured a retirement, an un-retirement, and a claim of hacking, we reached out to the folks at Facebook to see if they could shed any light on the situation.

Unfortunately, Facebook won’t tell us what they know about Britt’s account.

“Facebook doesn’t comment on individual user’s accounts, for privacy reasons,” Facebook spokesperson Johanna Peace told PFT.

So we’re left to wonder what happened with Britt’s account. It’s possible that Britt pulled a Favre and pulled a Weiner on Monday (and I’m not talking about texting a picture of his junk): He may have retired, un-retired, and then falsely claimed he had been hacked. Or it’s possible that Britt is telling the truth, and that two Facebook messages were posted by a hacker.

Britt is sticking with his hacking story, in which he says someone hacked him months ago and he waited until Monday to do anything about it. The claim sounds fairly ridiculous, but it’s not a claim that Facebook will refute.

19 responses to “Facebook won’t comment on Kenny Britt “hacking”

  1. “Or it’s possible that Britt is telling the truth, and that two Facebook messages were posted by a hacker.”

    No it isn’t.

  2. Honestly, has Britt done anything at all to deserve the benefit of the doubt? Multiple arrests since the lockout started, and now this wishy-washy story about his FB page being hacked “Months ago.”

    Kenny, you’re a liar. Go away.

  3. this is just embarrassing….he would have been better off just saying that he was in a bad mood and left status updates that were against his better judgement, that he now regrets…or something along those lines

    now he just seems dishonest

  4. Michael, there is a third option. Britt left his browser open and a friend or family member or member of his posse typed it and Britt is covering for him/her. This happens all the time on college campuses and at work places. I stayed logged in one time on a computer at work and a Cowboy fan co-worker typed how I realized he was right and I’ve now bought a Cowboys jerseys and memorabilia.

  5. My name is Kenny; you can call me Britt.
    It don’t really matter when I’m dumb as sh*t.

    I’m a football playah because I can run,
    Which is often from the law because I’ze so dumb.

    They insist; I resist, an’ then I’m in jail.
    My whole effin’ life is spelled out FALE.

    When they lock me away I’ll have one sweet b*tch,
    ‘Cause I’m a football playah an’ I is rich!

  6. Who cares what Kenny Brit said?? Did he file his papers with the NFL yet? I don’t even consider a player retired until he files the papers… Brett Favre taught us that.

  7. coolbeans is right, my EX girlfriend used to post stupid things on my FB all the time from my computer. Her favorite thing to do was embarrass me and that was her favorite way too (other than get extremely drunk in public)

  8. While I do agree that this is stupid to say that it was someone else. It is possible he logged on to facebook somewhere and forgot to log off and someone posted on it.

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