Jason Snelling pleased with CBA progress

Four weeks ago, Falcons running back Jason Snelling joined PFT Live and, at a time when no players were speaking out about the lack of negotiations on a new CBA, Snelling courageously called for talks to happen.  The following week, the most productive phase of negotiations began.

Jason rejoined PFT Live* on Wednesday to talk about where things stand, where they are headed, and his role in making it happen.

To his credit, Jason was humble about his role in giving the NFLPA* a wake-up call.  But we’ll say what he wont:  The NFLPA* feared an eventual mutiny, given the comments from Snelling and Eagles kicker David Akers and agent Joe Linta.

Though the talks may have gotten serious without a push from the players, there’s also a chance that the litigation-over-negotiation strategy may have continued past the point at which the full regular-season could have been played.

Either way, he’s our second visit with Jason Snelling.

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3 responses to “Jason Snelling pleased with CBA progress

  1. I really wonder if him saying something had anything to do with this at all. I mean this is akin to me saying. I wish that red light would turn green after sitting at it a while and it happening.

  2. I am curious if both the owners and all of the other players were listening to what a 3rd down back had to say.

  3. Jamie:
    It had nothing to do with wheather or not the owners or the other players were listening to Snelling or akers and the other players that were speaking out about their inpatience. It has everything to do with D. Smith and the union leadership worrying about players getting inpatient and speaking out in public and possibly inciting other players to also question their union leadership.
    Not to mention that the union knows they have lost the court battle and if they don’t get to finally trying to negotiate a fair but tough deal with the owners that there would be a mutiny when it gets close to any players missing a pay check !
    The union is just lucky that the owners are not wanting payback for all the sleezy tactics D. Smith has unleashed on them with his go to court and don’t get serious about negotiating nonsense. Smith is also lucky that the owners are willing to probably give them the same reasonable deal they were willing to give 3 months ago.

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