Josh Cribbs fights City Hall


To everyone who has ever received a parking ticket unfairly, Josh Cribbs feels your pain. And he’s doing something about.

Cribbs, the Browns’ receiver and return man, got a parking ticket in Cleveland Heights even though he says he fed his meter. And now he’s taking on the Police Department.

“I was at the barber and I went outside to put a quarter in the meter,” Cribbs told Fox 8 in Cleveland. “I saw I had a parking ticket. But there was eight minutes left on the meter, I was highly upset.”

Cribbs said that after he posted about his ticket on Twitter, he learned that many people in Cleveland Heights have had similar incidents.

“I made sure to take pictures with time stamps,” Cribbs said. “I got a lot of response. People saying the Cleveland Heights Police Department is notorious for writing out tickets, people who have been wronged.”

Most people who are wrongly ticketed probably pay it anyway, just because they don’t have the time to fight — not to mention that Cribbs says it actually costs more money in court fees to contest the ticket than the ticket itself costs. But Cribbs says he’s going to fight the power on behalf of all the people who didn’t think they could.

“Well, since this is a lockout, I have the time to fight for Cleveland,” Cribbs said, “fight for the blue collar workers here, and I think it’s wrong and I am trying to stand up for those who can’t.”

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  1. Seeing as Josh Cribbs seems like one of the best human beings in the NFL (his Twitter account is all talk of going to church and what he’s doing with his kids), I’m certainly giving him the benefit of the doubt in this.

  2. Atta boy Cribbs!!! I have COMPLETE respect for law enforcement officers (and yes, meter officers included) and the service they provide to our communities. But lately “Abuse of Power” seems to be becoming an epidemic!! MOST law enforcement officers are genuinely good people who want to make a difference and put their lives on the line to do so, day in and day out.. However, there is a percentage that take advantage of, and abuse, their authority! If this case helps to expose one them, i’m all for it!!

  3. It’s most cities now. They budget parking fines into their revenues. If the meter still has time left but the car is unattended they give it a ticket anyway. They play the percentages that you will pay.

  4. I used to live in Cleveland Heights and the saying was they were VERY efficient in writing tickets. Although I have not heard of anyone getting a ticket with time left, I know there have been those that got them when it hit zero! There was a time when the police had the Blue Flu and they complained about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they lost EACH day from parking tickets. You also don’t want to speed there. They will write you up for 5 over! THey also got caught having lower speed limits than needed to as they called an area industrial to get a 25 MPH then it was ruled against when a citizen fought it. Good for you Cribbs!

  5. Cribbs has the potential to replace Bernie Kosar as the most popular Browns player ever. He has the off-the-field charisma, but he needs to light it up on the field for a few more years to detrone Bernie. (And having some drunk guys write a terrible but legendary song about him would help, too.)

  6. I’m on Cribb’s side – but he’s saying he was in a barber shop???…with that do?

  7. Cribbs is a bad ass. I’m not a fan of the Browns but I’d take Cribbs on my team in a second. One of the best returnmen in the league.

  8. Been to Cleveland Heights before. I got stopped for having my license plate in the wrong spot (my temperary tag was in the back window). As a matter of fact, I’ve had a run in with some type of traffic law enforcement official every time I’ve been to Cuyahoga county despite never actually getting a ticket. It’s almost like they hope they can find something on you there for money.

  9. Yes Mr Frosty, all the spots I know of with overzealous enforcement are in Cuy Cty now that I think about it. Another reason I am glad I don’t live in that county.

    You go, Cribbsie! I loved that guy from the minute I saw him play in person in his rookie year in preseason. He’s made himself such a part of the Cleveland area it’s hard to remember he’s not a native.

  10. City Hall corruption, it’s alive and well. This SHOULD add one more person to the unemployment line.

  11. Looks like the City of Cleveland neeeds a new Mayor or Councilman or something. I’ve never had a parking ticket, but if for example it costs $ 60.00 and the court fees to fight it are $ 150.00 then that needs to change as the City would still make a $ 90.00 profit even though the City lost. They need to change the rules, where if you show up to court, prove that they are wrong, then no court fees are charged. Why pay for something you didn’t do?

  12. what a badass! I have had that happen literally at least 4 times where i live, and payed it because It is such a pain to fight or hassle with it. Bunch of Crooks.

  13. I got one downtown Cleveland for something similar. The sign said “No stopping 4-6:30PM. The bicycle cop I stopped as well as myself, thought that it pertained to vehicles stopping on the street to pick people up from work, not the cars parked next to parking meters that had been fed. I fed $1.75 into a meter and got about 2 hours. I came out and there were 9 minutes left on my meter, but I had a ticket for “stopping”. The sign did not say NO PARKING 4-6:30, it said no stopping.

    I feel his pain and will be taking this up with City Hall soon. Why pay $35 when I am innocent?

  14. Mr. Cribbs… you really want to stop corruption? You have to stop it at the root.

    Sue the officer that wrote you the ticket for the cost of court fees (for both the ticket and the suit)

    The other cops see it coming out of this ones pocket and they’ll think twice before trying this again.

  15. @Topher
    Wish we could bud. If I remember right, you can’t sue civil servants in the pursuit of there jobs unless extreme negligence is/was used. Some of the posters here with a law background might be able to give a better answer than I.

  16. Man, I wish I saw this earlier, it will never get read. But I would make the case that putting a ticket on a car that still had time left on the meter qualifies as extreme negligence.

    I would go further to say that it was done willfully. You can either make the case that it was done personally because the officer knew it was Cribbs vehicle….. or it is part of a larger systemic failure… either way its a suit.

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