McNabb joins Eagles players for workout

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He’s baaa-aaaack.  Sort of.

Quarterback Donovan McNabb, traded by the Eagles in 2010 and inevitably leaving the Redskins in 2011, worked out on Wednesday with some of his former Philadelphia teammates, according to our colleagues at

He joined roughly six Eagles on the fake grass of the Memorial Sports Complex in Marlton, N.J., after an indoor session at the Power Train facility.

“I’m just focused on working out, it’s what I do in the off-season,” McNabb told Dave Zangaro of  “So, working with a great group of guys.  [The Power Train] guys did a wonderful job of preparing those guys.  So, I was just looking forward to it.”

So what about McNabb’s future?

“I’m just working out right now,” McNabb said.  “As you can see, I’m in some great shape and I’m only gonna get better.”

Regardless of how good it gets, the only thing we know at this point is that McNabb won’t be playing for the Redskins — or the Eagles — in 2011.  Or pretty much ever.

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  1. Don, if you go to the AFC, that team will instantly become my favorite team in that conference. Good luck old friend.

  2. The sentence we should all be paying attention to is that he joined “6” eagles. I mean I know the “player only practices” mean only so much but I have heard teams have had 30 to 40 guys showing up.

  3. He’s in “SOME” great shape? Smart of him not to nail that one down by saying just “I’m in great shape”. I mean, round IS a shape.

  4. Since Shanahan said he’d do the deal over again, the Eagles thought there was no harm in taking McNabb back for a bit, just to see if Mike really is nuts.

  5. @karlpilkington –

    Well, you sure are reading this differently than me. It says he “worked out wednesday with some of his former philly teamates.” It took place at a sports complex in NJ. Do you really think that the only time players work out is during player organized practices? And do you think they would invite a division rival QB?

  6. now if he had only done this before the 04′ season,, we would be good.

    & guys he was working with the DL and some LBs,, no skill positions.

  7. This Eagles fan wishes McNabb the best of luck, and I really think that if he ends up in Minnesota that the Vikings will become relevant again. If he doesn’t have to carry the team, he can be a very effective QB again. Washington was a bad situation, pretty much everyone knew that since the day he was traded.

  8. Dude mcnabb seems like he wants to be back in philly. He did some video thing they showed it on NFL network and in the backround was a mcnabb poster in eagles uniform. I bet he would do anything to back to 2009 and play for Reid again. I actually feel bad for him, I hope he plays decent next year.

  9. This part of the story was left out… Donovan has always given back to the community and THAT is why he is in town. You’d never know that by reading this article. Tsk, tsk…

  10. What was left out of my comment was per CSN Philly McNabb is in town for a few days for the dedication of the McNabb Family Neo-Natal IC Care Unit at Voorhees Hospital, to which 5 has given a 6 figure donation.

  11. funny how he is working out in philly during the offseason AFTER he gets traded. where was this the last 8 offseasons he was training in arizona?

  12. I don’t put a lot of stock in how many players show up for these unorganized player practices. If anything, it only reflects on the type of leadership on each individual team among the players. I don’t think that Michael Vick is a real leader. How much that matters when the season starts, I guess remains to be seen. But I really don’t think these workouts mean a whole lot, other than players trying to stay in shape. They can do that on their own too.

    As for McNabb ever returning to the Eagles, it won’t happen mainly because he won’t accept a backup role and a backup salary. Not with the Eagles, anyway. Too much ego involved there.

  13. Now that McNabb is no longer an Eagle, I wish him the best. I like the idea that he is in the area working out. He likes it here and feel comfortable around the guys. Nothing wrong with that. I would welcome having McNabb in the ring of honor and maybe back with the team in some non-playing capacity.

  14. So NOW he scraps that entire working out in Arizona BS, huh? It’s a little late, DMac.

  15. I know i’m gonna get thumbs down but, I think McNabb would be an excellent back up on the Eagles. He knows the system. Has enough gas in his tank to make a contribution if needed. Just how I feel. He bought us a lot of great moments. Good luck Don

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