Adrian Peterson apologizes for missing football camp


In what we hope will be the final chapter of the Adrian Peterson Football Camp story, Peterson himself has offered an apology for the fact that he’s not attending the camp.

“I want to apologize to all the fans about the confusion regarding the camp in Norman,” Peterson said in a statement issued to the Associated Press through his agent. “I hosted camps in Palestine and Tyler, Texas, last week that went great. Due to ProCamps misunderstanding of my schedule, I was never able to host this year’s Norman camp on their scheduled dates, but look forward to being back in 2012.”

Kids aged 7-14 have paid $199 to attend the camp, which takes place today and tomorrow. Yesterday the camp announced that Peterson wouldn’t attend, saying Peterson had chosen to take part in an NFL Network taping instead. When NFL Network said that excuse was bogus, the camp organizers admitted Peterson’s absence had nothing to do with NFL Network, and said it was the fault of the company running the camp, not Peterson.

The camp will go on, but those who no longer want to attend without Peterson there can get refunds.

30 responses to “Adrian Peterson apologizes for missing football camp

  1. He got on the wrong camp bus. But in fairness his Mom was rather ambiguous. Luckily she packed him a nutritious lunch.

  2. Come on Adrian, you can make this right. Find some NFL buddies and have them show up. It’s not like they are busy at team practice.

  3. Yeah it’s a scheduling conflict. Sure. Come on, man! What do you mean “look forward to being back in 2012”? If you were really sorry, you’ll get together with the camp guys and set up an event for those kids.

  4. I know everyone wants to blame AP but if the real reason to attend a Football camp just to meet AP then they they aren’t ready to play this game. Get their focus on real task at hand and thats improving your skills at the camp.

  5. “Kids aged 7-14 have paid $199 to attend the camp”. The kids paid? I think the parents or grand-parents paid.

  6. This has all been blown out of proportion. It’s not like Aaron Rodgers ignoring a cancer patient in an airport.

  7. I think pretty much everyone that posted their comments about AP can apologize to him. He wasn’t planning on making this camp. He’s letting them use his name for marketing. He has done 2 other camps in the last couple weeks and has been a part of both of them. It wasn’t a last minute cancellation on his part. The camp tried to market it like he was going to be there to get more $$ and then used a bogus excuse. It was the camp organizers that all the hate should be directed at. AP has made some ?able decisions, but I think everyone jumped the gun on getting on him for this one.

  8. This is technically a contract year for Peterson, who’s added injuries, fumbles, and a slight decline statistically to his resume in Minnesota. Teams have been increasingly offering short leases on running backs in this generation of football. At $7.7 million in salary this upcoming season, there’s a realistic chance that Minnesota will look to go younger and cheaper in 2012.


  9. Who cares if he’s not at the camp. The only thing that matters is winning games and he needs to improve on that. Don’t care if he beats his wife and eats children with Mike Tyson, drives over your dog or your wife, or children just as long as he is ready on Sunday’s. DON”T CARE about any of these athletes personal history’s, dirty secrets, money problems, boat rides, NOTHING! All that matters is winning! I don’t buy jerseys, tickets to games, fat heads, NOTHING! I wouldn’t stand in line to meet him, could give a sheet about his autograph, or a pic with ANY of them. Steroids? YES! Faster, stronger, meaner. Turn them into vicious dogs and let them kill each other so I can enjoy it on HiDef. Just be on time and ready to play ARSWHIPE!

  10. I went to a Trent Tucker basketball camp in 1989 and it cost my folks about $350. I saw Trent maybe twice in 6 days, which was fine by me, I was there to polish my skills. If I was a whiny turd like the folks bashing AP, I would’ve complained that my $350 should have got me a continental breakfast with Trent each morning of camp. Adrian doesn’t owe anyone anything here.

  11. @scoops1: You know these are kids, right? 7-14, not exactly football lifers yet. And yes meeting AP is the real to go to “*Adrian Peterson* Camp”. Otherwise, they could have gone to “No name guy’s camp”.

  12. So have we established exactly WHY he still can’t attend the camp, what is he doing that day that keeps him from being there?

    I still haven’t seen an explanation of that.

  13. In what we hope will be the final chapter of the Adrian Peterson Football Camp story…
    Naw, you’ll find a way to drag out 4 more articles out of this non story.

  14. The AD camp advertising said….”JOIN ME”. If he gave them permission to use his name then falsely advertises the event, he is complicit in FRAUD. Funny how the dozens of other players with their own ProCamps camps used the term JOIN ME….and actually joined with the campers. Is AD using the camp money to go on a vacation the same week?

  15. Come on Mr Agent, we all know you are reading these comments….Please explain why your client is stiffing these kids! What will AD be doing that week?

  16. AP apologized and promised to do better next year; hosts took full blame and will refund money for any that want out: OK, I forgive AP.

  17. Surely they could come up with something better for these kids than just a refund for those who don’t attend. Particularly since they waited until the day before the camp started to announce he wouldn’t be there. Travel plans had been made, parents had taken time off work to get the kids to the camp…. I’m sure they did that intentionally to insure that everybody still attended. At the very least you’d think he could sign some stuff and have it overnighted to the camp for the kids.

    And next time AP sells his name, he might take a bit more care in how people use it. If he knew he couldn’t make it, what was he doing allowing them to run ads saying he would be there? Not sure why he seems so shocked that people might assume Adrian Peterson might bear some responsibility for how the Adrian Peterson Football Camp does business.

  18. Again, anyone who has followed All Day knows that he’s a class act individual. This wasn’t his fault. He’s done the camp before and it isn’t the only camp that he does anyways. Schedulers picked a wrong time then gave a stupid reason.

    But of course simple logic doesn’t stop meathead haters from jumping all over this type of thing, like they have with his speeding tickets.

    God I’m glad I’m not a complete moron…

  19. To the guy who said AP has added fumbling to his resume in MN……how many fumbles did he have last year? Oh that’s right, 1!! Get your facts straight.

    Yea he had trouble two years ago, but he fixed it. Injuries? He’s missed 3 games in his career. Wow, such an injury prone!

    Try again…

  20. This makes no sense. When Peterson agreed to host a camp, didn’t he ask what day it was on? How do the other Oklahoma players know when to show up….mind meld? How do other pro players that host these camps manage to get their on time….lucky guesses. This is clearly a money making venture where Peterson only responsibility is cashing fat checks.

  21. So OK, I was wrong about him doing the NFL top 100 thing. He should still show up! Unless there is some sort of family emergency, he can’t show up for 2 days for 3 hours each day to hang w/ some kids??

  22. My son Andrew, loves football. We live in the Seattle area. Every Sunday he channel surfs to watch any clip he can of Adrian Peterson. He is 13– His goal last year was to score ONE touchdown– He scored 22. He averaged over 150 yds/game. Runs the 40 in 4.7 and his fastest 100 time was 11.58. He is a shy, quiet–team player without a big ego. He never asks for things so when I surpised him the smile on his face when I told him he was going to “AD’s” camp was PRICELESS… He left 60 degree weather to go to play in 100 degrees and missed his last 4 days of school. If I wanted him in a skills camp I would send him to U of W football camp– I sent him down there to meet and play with his hero…. The camp said they made the mistake and that they will make sure that Andrew gets to camp next year. They PROMISED that they would make things right. Andrew is NOT mad at Adrian– He was just very disappointed and also expressed how bad he felt for all the other kids who were there just to meet Adrian. Please don’t bash AD, I have read about what a great man Adrian is on and off the field so there must have been a really good reason for him to miss camp. Lesson learned needs to be that before these athletes lend their names to these camp they need to read what is expected of them and make sure that the camp states that the camp is in NAME only. I called the camp when I heard rumors that AD wouldn’t be there and I was PROMISED by the person on the phone that he would be there and that is what the website said. When things like this are done to adults it is bad but when you do something like this to a kid you teach them the wrong lessons… The CEO of the camp sounds like an upstanding guy and seems like he will do what it takes to make it up to the kids… Besides the heat– Drew said camp was fun– He is staying with a great family– a friend who was an All American that played for OU and is teaching Drew a lot about football…
    Someday he WILL meet his hero the great “AD”… just not this week…

  23. did he promise to show up ? I don’t know.
    On the other hand, it sounded like a lame apology. Gee wiz, I am sorry I couldn’t show up but I still want my cash.

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