Chris Cooley would like to play with Plaxico Burress


Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has never been shy about spending money on aging veterans with baggage, and Redskins tight end Chris Cooley wouldn’t mind seeing Snyder sign another.

Cooley said on’s Cover Two Podcast that he thinks Burress will be a great teammate where ever he ends up this season. Cooley also offered an interesting contrast between Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, saying that of the three, Burress is the one who will be the best to have in a locker room.

“It’s tough when you get guys like T.O. or Chad, who have been what they are in the NFL for so long,” Cooley said. “In my opinion, Plaxico Burress probably is a guy that’s humbled such as Michael Vick was, a lot, in the same situation. If you were going to take a risk on a guy that’s a good player, he’s probably the guy you’re going to take a risk on. He’ll probably step in a locker room, keep his mouth shut, work hard and try to earn his way back into the league the first season.”

From all indications, Cooley is right about Burress’s attitude: He sounds like he’s been genuinely humbled by spending two years in prison, and he’s committed to being a team player for any team that signs him. Burress seems to be in the right place mentally. The biggest question is whether Burress, who will turn 34 in August, will be able to get himself into the right place physically.

16 responses to “Chris Cooley would like to play with Plaxico Burress

  1. 2 felons matching up against each other 2 times a year… this could get interesting..

  2. I could definitely see Plax ending up in Washington. I think it would be a poor decision on their part, but they’ll need some help at WR fast, especially if Santana Moss is on the outs. They’re better off pursuing someone like Sidney Rice or Santonio Holmes.

  3. Snyder could get a lot of money back from all the team fines Burress racks up for. Then again, he found God like Vick and Rothlesburger did so maybe he also found professionalism.

  4. Please dont add him to the skins. They are actually doing something right with their current youth movement in the draft. Burress wont be enough to change the outcome of the skins season. Please no more distractions in the locker room or paying for old players!

  5. Did he really say he wants to play with Plax or did he say if one was to take a risk, Plax would be the guy to take? Because there’s a difference.

  6. mpayne12,

    I think with what happend with Vick, the way he rebounded will push plex to do the same and give washington some positive publicity for once. Plus, with the lack of leadership at wide receiver for the skins, other than moss, this could actually help develop the 3 talented wrs they just drafted and give them that big wr theyve been trying to find
    Malcomb kelly = bust

  7. @ mcconnellrules:

    For the right price, he’d be a great fit for Washington. But I just don’t think he’ll settle for anything less than $3M/year, which is about $2M more than he deserves.

  8. Now why would Plaxico want to come to Washington to play with the Shanahans. The Skins have been in the cellar of the NFC East the past 4 years and it is not going to get better.

  9. Some team with more money than common sense will sign him for more than he’s worth.

    OK, sounds like the Redskins.

  10. It won’t be the ‘Skins… He doesn’t fit what we are doing which is rebuilding a young core. I do like Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson, or Santonio Holmes.

  11. I hear all of these senseless comments like,”I can see him going to Washington”,Snyder will over pay again”…..Take a closer look at what Washington is doing and you will see otherwise,There`s a serious youth movement going on! Ever hear of Leonard Hankerson? If not you will,This kid is going to be awesome!…..Imagine an Eagles fan talking trash,Sure your Eagles won the division and they`ve won lots of games but tell me this,what do they have to show for it???? Oh wait they do have a 1960 NFL championship with Chuck Bednarick other than that,your trophy case is EMPTY!!!!!….Redskins drafted excellently for the 1st time in over 20 years sleep on them if you want to!….Holla @ yo Boy!

  12. I would personally love to see Plax play against his former team, you know, the team that he racked up over a $100,000 in fines, missed meetings, and oh yeah, shooting his crazy ass!
    Most people don’t know, but he limps around now, cause he’s got a hole in his thigh, really!
    Not going to the skins, dallas, or philly!
    The giants have so many solid recievers, most teams will see who they cut!

  13. berniemadoffsides,

    I agree. If he would take an incentive laden contract it could actually work. He needs to prove to the NFL and public that he isn’t a worthless human being. The Redskins need positive publicity, desperately, and personally I think hes well worth the risk.

  14. It wouldn be that bad of a move for the skins as long as their not trading away draft picks they can sign him and let him help out the younger wr’s. It will only cost them money and Snyder has that to burn.

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