Ochocinco is back in Cincinnati

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Though it remains to be seen whether the Bengals want to keep receiver Chad Ochocinco around for the last year of his contract, Ochocinco is back in Cincinnati.  For now.

The folks at CincyJungle.com spotted several tweets from Ochocinco, indicating that he plans to work out with teammate Jerome Simpson, and that he’s treating 100 locals to a free dinner at Buca di Beppo’s, an Italian restaurant chain.  (And the phrase “Italian restaurant chain” is enough to make every Italian grandmother spin in her grave — except the ones who aren’t, you know, dead yet.)

If you want free assembly line Italian food served family style in the hopes of obscuring the fact that it’s not real Italian food, show up at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Hey, at least you won’t get sprayed by the undercooked kidneys of a chicken thigh/back that the “certified cook” failed to properly crack.

14 responses to “Ochocinco is back in Cincinnati

  1. Wow how classless of you to demean such a kind, giving thing Chad is doing for the fans of Cincinnati. If this is his last time he mingles with the Cincinnati fans as a player you’ve sure found away to make it look like a bad thing..

  2. Actually Mike, Buca is a pretty authentic Italian restuarant with the average price being $20-$25 a person. Chad will easily be dropping $2500 on dinner.

  3. You’ll hear everyone insulting Ochocinco, because he’s a diva or whatever, but you never hear how he constantly (=weekly) offers movie tickets, restaurants, drinks, to his fans.

    If anyone else than Ochocinco was doing that you would see all over football websites. But no, it’s Ochocinco, who happens to be an attention w***e, and a bit crazy, but is still one of the best WR of the 2000s, one of the funniest/creative guy in the league, and one that is constantly in touch with his fans, giving back.

  4. Yea thats a pretty low blow.
    Who cares if its even something like McDonalds. The dude is giving to people for no other reason than to be nice.
    I dont get it. So he can be a mouthpiece..so what. The dude stays out of trouble, has as much fun as anybody has ever had at playing football, and constantly gives to strangers just because he can.
    So what if its boxed oven food from the supermarket. He could be out molesting women, killing dogs and drinking and driving. It seems like sometimes he catches as much flack as all those other deadbeats..and for what? this time buying people dinner?

  5. Pretty weak to rip on Buca like that. I enjoy the one down here in Nashville-it’s good food!

  6. Buca di Beppo is a very well respected in Cincinnati. Building a restaurant is significantly more difficult than being an uninformed sports blogger with a cavalier disregard for class.

    Moreover, to criticize Chad for an act of charity is asinine.

    Grow up.

  7. I didn’t know PFT stood for “Pro Food Talk.” Huh? I guess you do learn something new every day. Jackass.

  8. There is no disrespect intended toward Ochocinco for his generosity; in fact, I applaud it. But Buca is merely an average restaurant pretending to be Italian. The Buca in Chicago is like a parody on mafia themes. And the one in Pittsburgh is, well…

  9. Buca di Beppo is an okay restaurant… if you’re good with paying a lot for not exactly what you wanted to eat, and if you’re not a big fan of being polite in a public restaurant. I’m a fan of manners in public restaurants, and it always seems there is a competition at Buca to see who the loudest table can be.

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