Washington’s “worst moments” are as bad as they seem

For a team that won Super Bowls in 1987 and 1991, the past 24 years have nevertheless been littered with, well, litter.

The Redskins have had more than their fair share of bad moments, and it wasn’t easy to pick the top four.  (Actually, we expanded it to five.)

It was even harder to narrow down the honorable mention list.  So we didn’t.  There are more than 30.  And we fire them off in rapid-fire fashion.

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32 responses to “Washington’s “worst moments” are as bad as they seem

  1. Danny’s worst moment will come when the gods decide to send him to Muslim heaven instead. Where there are 72 virgins waiting for him. All of them large, well hung, Arab men.

  2. -Theismann’s leg
    -Signing/Benching McNabb
    -Sean Taylor getting murdered
    -Vinny Cerrato
    -Devin Thomas
    -Malcolm Kelly
    -Gus Ferrotte head butt
    -Every time carlos rogers is involved in a play
    -Playoff game vs. Tampa Bay where the game winning field goal was botched
    -Stephen Davis getting his ass beat by Westbrook
    -MNF Mike Vick looks like a decent QB
    -CP concussion vs. ATL
    and on…and on…and on…

  3. Michael Westbrook now participates in professional Mixed Martial Arts. Not kidding. You know that lame MTV series “Bully Beatdown”? He was the beatdown specialist for one of their episodes.. Stephen Davis got off easy compared to that poor bully.


    I lived in DC for 15 years – please listen…

    Some of the ol’ school fans, the gibbs glory, the allen fans, the hogs, etc… – EXACTLY WHAT FOOTBALL FANS ARE ALL ABOUT – love the team, passionate, tradition, GREAT PEOPLE – IVE TAILGATED WITH WHEN I WAS A KID…


    think they know everything, annoying fans, always QUICK TO JUMP THE GUN AND BE CRITICAL, they think NFL is like Madden, drop back and pass or run the toss play…- like no! – the game is more complicated stop acting like your Bill Parcells and know everything about the game…

    so pretty much – HALF DIE HARD GO HARD FANS , the other half? – whiney, unrealistic, stubborn fans, and WAYYYY TOO critical, even with bad seasons, some fake fans throw in the towel after the first 2 games of the season…

  5. Why does the 87 superbowl deserve an asterisk? Because your team did`nt make it? Or are you saying this because it was a strike year…..There were no scabs in the playoffs,Asterisk Not!!!!!!

  6. All that and no Spurrier? Nothing about his plan to bring in Wuerffel, Doering, Reidel Anthony amongst other former Gators and show people how it was done?

  7. @randysavage4ever

    I understand where you are coming from. As a kid, I was Theisman every year for Halloween. I cried when Joe’s leg was broken (I was 6). I’m a 3rd gen Skins fan, and would catch the train from Richmond with my grandfather to watch as many games as we could at the mecca, RFK. Those were great times…

    But since ’99, us Skins fans have had little to cheer about. I’m always optimistic, but I think a lot of that has to do with our insane off-season acquisitions. Some moves made during that time were spot on (London Fletcher), but most were way off the mark (too many to name).

    But through and through, I still support my beloved Skins. We’ll turn it around one day, of this I’m sure.

    Until then, I will continue to gripe.
    I feel I’ve earned the right.


  8. @randysavage4ever…
    Great post but you being to nice. I have lived in the DC area for 30 Years and can tell you that its not 50/50 on the fans its more like 95/5. Five being the passionate ones. They scream superbowl after every FA signing and coach change and they cry and say they are never rooting for the skins again when they lose. Same thing year after year after year after year…….

  9. @randysavage4ever

    I don’t know about you but 19 years of sub-par, lackluster, uninspired football will push ANY fan to the edge. Is making an appearnce in the NFCCG to much to ask? Hell, how about a playoff victory.

    You must be an extremely patient and forgiving man. Skins fans have watched Seattle go to the Super Bowl, Carolina go to the Super Bowl, New Orleans go to the Super Bowl, Chicago go to the Super Bowl….

    And what to Skins fans get? Jim F***** Zorn?!?!? Why the hell would you want to be a “DIE HARD GO HARD FAN” when you’re getting stomped 35-0 in the 1st quarter on MNF?

    You think you’re more of a Skins fan because you sit back and enjoy watching a once proud franchise turn into 4 win team and not complain?

    “whiney, unrealistic, stubborn fans, and WAYYYY TOO critical, even with bad seasons, some fake fans throw in the towel after the first 2 games of the season…”——-and I say Why not? Because it’s not just a single bad season. It’s been bad season after bad season after bad season after bad season. Call me spoiled but I remember the Skins crushing division rivals, making noise in the playoffs, and scaring opponents. Now, you get chumps like Laron Landry showboating after getting trucked.

    Skins fans deserve and expect the best football. Anything less is unacceptable.

  10. as a person who just recently found out about my native heritage- how about them being called the freaking REDSKINS being their worst moment, huh?

  11. schemefactory says:
    Jun 23, 2011 7:12 PM
    as a person who just recently found out about my native heritage- how about them being called the freaking REDSKINS being their worst moment, huh?
    If it wasn’t a problem before, it shouldn’t be one for you now. The PC world is always looking for some ridiculous issue to take a stand on in order to make themselves feel better. Get over it.

  12. @schemefactory

    You know I never really think about it, but when you say it like that. The truth is if the NFL did what college football went to with team names they’d be called the Washington Warriors or just pick the name of some tribe that use to live in the area. I’m not sure the DC region would really go for that? Especially not the old school fans.

  13. Randysavage – I am with you, mostly. The reason I say “mostly” is because Dan Snyder does deserve quite a bit of anger. He has done some awful things regarding nickel and diming fans and just generally being too impatient with GMs and coaches.

    However, this new brand of wraith, which I think has been largely led and encouraged by 106.7 thefan, is over-the-top negative and detrimental to the team. I seriously feel that as this wraith grows, it will be harder and harder to get quality pros to play in Washington. Also, I’ve been at numerous games in the last few years where fans are just being openly hostile and those vibes can’t possibly help the team.

    There needs to be a back-lash of positivity in this sea of anger. I was caught up in it for awhile and now I’m done. I’ve stopped listening to Lavar and Dukes as they are CONSTANYLY so negative.



  14. schemefactory says: Jun 23, 2011 7:12 PM

    as a person who just recently found out about my native heritage- how about them being called the freaking REDSKINS being their worst moment, huh?

    Seriously? You only RECENTLY began to care about the team name? If you were around in the late 1800s I can understand your concern. The term Redskin has not been used as a slur or racist phrase in over a century. I am in NO way racist and I would be offended if the name WAS changed. I am proud of the Warrior portrayed as the iconic logo of The Redskins. There is Nothing derogatory in how it is portrayed. Hail to the Redskins

  15. @skins3yearplan..What is there to be so positive about? Guys like Lavar, Dukes, BMitch, etc. get constantly bashed for stating criticisms that usually turn out to be true. The leadership of this team has been so bent on selling tickets by acquiring name players that the team concept has been lost. New coaches every couple years, new schemes, new players same old stench on the field every year as these Cherry Blossoms take the field imitating a pro football team.

  16. I believe a top 5 worst moment was the missed field goal against the saints in 2009. They could have sealed the game and it was only the length of an extra point. It was a soul crushing loss in a soul crushing season.

  17. Yeah, we have sucked for the better part of 20 years now with all of 3 playoff apearances with 2 victories. A team on the rise in 1999(second best offense in the league next to St. Louis), was basically dismantled in 2000 thanks to Snyder listening to Cerrato. I think this team is on the right track now, an infusion of youth and hopefully smart free agency spending.

  18. I’m currently drinking a beer, wearing my #84 Gary Clark jersey, and spreading good vibes to my fellow diehards…these sub par times will only make our return to dominance that much sweeter.

    Right guys?

    Skins fans…we’re born into this.


  19. Patrick Ramsey gets a mention and Spurrier doesn’t? Not one mention of two years of football with a head coach that didn’t think blocking was important enough to bother with?

    Look back at the reports and broadcasts from Ramsey’s first couple of years. There was a lot of talk that he could turn into a good QB.

    He started the Spurrier era with people talking about his ability to stay calm in the face of the rush. By the end of it, Spurrier’s zero protection schemes and disasterous o-line had him looking pretty jittery.

    Then, when Gibbs returned he goes out an hand picks Mark Brunnell, and gives him a big contract, yet even then Ramsey almost held on to the starting job.

    Drafting Ramsey wasn’t a mistake. Allowing Spurrier to destroy his confidence over the next two years was. I don’t blame Gibbs for looking to move on, but Brunnell and later Campbell ended up costing us a lot and I don’t think they added much in the way of an improvement over what we would have had if we had given Ramsey more time.

    Also, no mention of trading for Brandon Lloyd, having him act like a gigantic turd for two years, only for him to start playing like an all-pro, two years after we cut him. Presumably around the time the money we paid him ran out and he realised he might actually have to try if he wanted to get another fat contract.

  20. The Redskins used to be t team to be proud of. There battles in the NFC East, especially with the Cowboys, were epic.

    Looking back at those games now – one of the best things about those games is that there was no one named Jones on the Dallas side of the field preening saying “look at me” and there was no one on the Washington side named Snyder preening and saying “look at me.”

  21. How about the trouncing they took against the Silver & Black in SB45?? Riggins was overhyped…

    Want to talk about the great moments though? The story of Doug Williams’ success remains to be one of the best in NFL history… Great man, great story! Also cant forget the fun bunch led by the great Art Monk!

  22. And what to Skins fans get? Jim F***** Zorn?!?!? Why the hell would you want to be a “DIE HARD GO HARD FAN” when you’re getting stomped 35-0 in the 1st quarter on MNF?


    To be fair, it was actually the Mike Shannahan led Redskins that were getting buttreamed on national TV last year…… just sayin….

  23. @sickcuz… I’m saying that every fan, and team management, now knows what is wrong. The last 2 to 3 years of seething fan hatred of management has made that perfectly clear. I’m saying we need to move on from this as a fanbase. Management has definitely heard us. If you don’t think this years draft was an indication of change, then I won’t be able to convince you of anything else.

    Have some (even a little) faith.


  24. The Redskins have certainly had their fair share of low moments, but I think the worst, most despicable one was at the start of the 2000 season where they were actually charging fans an admission fee to come out and watching training camp practices. Then of course, they realized that by doing so, they opened all of their training camp practices to be scrutinized by other teams scouts who only had to pay the $10 price of admission! haha

  25. @skins3yearplan

    I’m still a fan and I liked the draft, but I can’t give management faith without them demonstrating change. A few years back when they had 10 draft picks (D.Thomas, M. Kelly, etc.) people thought that was a change in philosophy. It’s the drama associated with this team that makes it tough. Haynesworth and McNabb’s situations were handled poorly. Even when other teams are about to take the crown as laughingstocks of the NFL, Washington finds away to steal it back.

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