Anthony Hargrove’s brother killed in Florida

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The brother of Saints defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove was killed on Thursday in Florida.

Terrence Hargrove was found bleeding from a stab wound at his home near Sarasota early on Thursday morning. The 29-year-old died after being taken to the emergency room. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports that police were interviewing a person of interest about the stabbing, but no arrests had been made in the case yet.

The Hargrove brothers played sports together in high school and were arrested together in 2007 when Anthony Hargrove was playing for the Bills. The paper could not reach Anthony Hargrove for a comment about his brother’s death.

The Saints released a statement on Thursday.

“It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Anthony Hargrove’s brother Terrence. Our thoughts and prayers will be with him over the coming days.”

We echo those thoughts and offer our condolences to the Hargrove family.

7 responses to “Anthony Hargrove’s brother killed in Florida

  1. RIP, us Buffalo Bills fans still love you Anthony & support you / your family. God Bless you all during this hard time.

  2. Showed promise as a Rams DE before his suspension, was greatly disappointed when he got suspended. Either way, nobody deserves to have to go through what the Hargrove family will be going through in the future. Heart and condolences go out fully.

  3. @mykelane shut up this is no place to joke, the nerve of some people on here.

    RIP, thats extremely tough. nobody should ever have to bury a sibling or a child. prayers go out to the family

  4. when i first started making serious money years ago i tried to get my brother to change his life with my help (money). fixed him up in a nice place, got him a very decent paying job…..etc. however, nothing changed. he went back to his old friends and bad habits (breaking the law). don`t know if a.hargroves brother had help from him but sometimes nothing can change people no matter how hard their loved ones try. sad, very sad.

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