Browns rookie Greg Little got 93 parking tickets in college


If Browns receiver Josh Cribbs is successful at fighting his parking ticket in Cleveland Heights, he may want to pass along some advice to new teammate Greg Little.

Little, a receiver out of North Carolina whom the Browns selected in the second round of the NFL draft, received 93 parking tickets while driving five different vehicles that had nine different license plates while he was in college.

That’s the word today from the News & Observer, which is continuing to investigate the scandal surrounding the North Carolina football team. Little was suspended for the entire 2010 season because the NCAA found that he received travel accommodations and jewelry, then lied about it to investigators in three separate interviews. Little’s tickets were among nearly 400, worth $13,000, that North Carolina players racked up from 2007 to 2010.

Little has declined to comment on the matter. We hope now that he’s gone from “amateur” to professional, he’ll be able to pay his parking tickets. Or maybe he’ll even start to park his car legally.

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  1. It’s no wonder that he had 10 plates tagged. Once one gets too many tickets, you can’t keep driving it. . .

  2. So what. He probably parked in the same place and got a ticket regularly. This happens all the time on east coast schools. Not sure about UNC, but let’s not hang him for it.

  3. “We hope now that he’s gone from “amateur” to professional, he’ll be able to pay his parking tickets. Or maybe he’ll even start to park his car legally.”

    Killed em. Nice zinger!

  4. Another credit to society playing in the NFL… granted it looks petty, but it shows you the sense of entitlement that these cats have.

  5. I do find it interesting that these college players live such high-priced lifestyles. As an undergraduate, even with scholarships in place, I was rationing myself to $500 a month for rent and around $300 for food (cheap for the city I was living in). I couldn’t manage to own a car, let alone afford to rack up what I assume is several thousand dollars worth of parking tickets. How do these guys do it?

  6. How long has UNC been covering up all these parking violations?


    400 hundred unpaid tickets and nobody knew about it?


    If Tressel can get screwed over by some free tats, then Butchie Davis should be raked across the coals for all the crap that’s gone on under his “supervision”.

  7. When the Browns draft Pryor in the supplemental draft, the two of them will have a lot to talk about!

  8. “Little, a receiver out of North Carolina whom the Browns selected in the second round of the NFL draft, received 93 parking tickets while driving five different vehicles that had nine different license plates registered to car dealers while he was in college.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this constitute a violation of NCAA rules, and shouldn’t the UNC football program be under investigation?

  9. Big deal, parking tickets are ridiculous in college towns. This is how the area increases their income. They forget that without the universities they would have a lot less businesses operating in their municipalities!

  10. This article says to me that this guy doesnt learn from his mistakes, hopefully that doesnt translate on to the football field

  11. Wow this is what a college education teaches you, hsy man I got 93 tickets, how about you.

  12. For once I would like for the ncaa to do all of us a solid. Shut down this program. This is totally stupid. This kid just took advantage of everything….

  13. Well, since there were violations of the football team, you know what that means… sanctions for the basketball team! Sorry, UNC.



  14. I suppose it’s easier to act like Reggie Bush off the field than it is to act like him on it…

  15. He drove cars registered to local dealerships???

    Isn’t that kind of thing, you know, against NCAA rules?

    Silly me. Those are just window dressing.

  16. Hilarious. Honestly, who cares? He parked his car illegally and received improper benefits (like every other major school gives players – like it or not). He was penalized and sat out a year unlike Pryor and 99% of other student athletes.

  17. Why would Little worry about the tickets? They get sent to the registered owner of the vehicles. It was the dealerships enabling him who have to deal with the fallout.

  18. These cars were NOT registered to car dealers. That’s a misinterpretation of a badly phrased statement in the N&O story. Per UNC, the five cars were all registered either to “the player, the player’s family member, or a teammate”. The excessive number of tags were from 30-day tags (i.e. dealer provided tags). You get those when you buy a new car, which Greg Little apparently did on at least an annual basis.

    Were they blinged out cars given in sweetheart deals by a car dealer booster? Or were they 20 year old rustbuckets that Little liked to fix up and trade in as a hobby? The N&O doesn’t say in their story, because they can’t be bothered to do the minimum investigative work necessary to find out. Not when they can just insinuate UNC is corrupt from any piece of information they stumble across.

  19. @spartyfi

    yeah parking tickets and parking services in college towns are ridiculous. I’ve gotten 2 tickets in two years though. both of which were stupid. but getting 93! no. he was doing a lot of things wrong. you can’t blame that on college towns. that’s on him. if it was like 5 ok that’s college. that’s how it goes, but damn near 100? i don’t think so buddy.

  20. Happens on every big college campus, one day the NCAA will realize that and change the rules. SOunds like Terrelle Pryor and Mr Little should start their own reality show “kings o cars” Who cares this is really a non story.

  21. @ravensfan

    No…people say your team has character issues.

    And funny enough, you guys usually end up getting owned by the Steelers, who usually have very few character issues.

    How many rings do you have against theirs?

  22. Off to a great start in the NFL. Next comes bling you can’t pay for, then Escalades for your posse, then boat rides. Oh, yeah, he’s with the Browns, not the L.A. Vikings.

  23. Yeah he might have had overdue library books too or got caught chewing in gym class! Shame on you, Greggy!

  24. Doesn’t the school at some poing have the obligation to step in and say, Hey, cut the crap? I can see it now, they park their car anywhere they want. Who do they think they are, politicians?

  25. @brownsfrown

    I’m sorry I can’t be reading that right. How many Super Bowls have the Browns BEEN TO? Oh that’s right NONE! And who says we have character issues? What Ray Lewis’s charges where 10 years ago. who else besides Jimmy Smith? No one else on our team has been in legal trouble as far as i know. our organisation is about as classy as it gets from top to bottom. and we win games. how often do the Browns win games? go put your bag of shame back over your head and complain about LeBron leaving your crappy city.

  26. I once lived on a street full of high-rise apartment buildings, and very little street parking. Finding legal spots was damn near a cutthroat affair, and I averaged one or two parking tickets per month for things as trivial as being less than 3′ from the edge of a driveway. Over a four year span, that would’ve been 48-96 tickets (if I hadn’t broken down, and started paying $50/month for a parking space in my building’s garage). Calm, rational thinking, plus the fact that there’s no mention in the story about whether the tickets were paid or not, means there’s no reason to get upset about this.

    There’s a good chance that those parking tickets totaled less than a parking pass would have cost. Or that the value of parking nearby outweighed the cost of tickets compared to having to take public transportation and/or finding alternate parking spaces.

  27. “What Ray Lewis’s charges where 10 years ago.”

    I’m sorry, but what? That doesn’t make sense.

  28. Why are people acting as if the guy got off on murder charges or something? Do you know how easy it is to get 93 parking tickets at a college campus over a 4 year period?

    Step 1: get a new car every year

    Step 2: Wait a month to register with the university parking services with each car.

    Step 3: Park the car in your dorm area parking lot.

    See, that’s actually more then 93 tickets without even really trying. Getting parking tickets isn’t a character issue. Lebron James made more money then most of these college kids when he was in high school and he turned out ok right?

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