Gruden says Pryor has “rare talent”


Not long ago, the word on the NFL street was that former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor was destined to play receiver at the next level.  One high-profile agent and a high-profile former coach turned high-profile ESPN analyst later, and Pryor could be on his way to being taken seriously as a pro quarterback.

Jon Gruden, who recently worked with Pryor for the latest edition of Gruden’s QB Camp series, gushed about Pryor the way that Gruden gushes about, well, everyone else.  (At least when the microphone is on.)

“You can’t be more impressed with the guy physically,” Gruden told WDTN at a University of Dayton golf event in Centerville, Ohio, via the Twitter feed of ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer.  “He’s all of six-foot-five, he’s 235 pounds.  He’s a double threat.  He’s one of those guys that can be a terror to defenses.  He’s got some work to do, fundamentally.  He knows that.  But he does have rare talent.”

Holy crap.  Maybe he’ll be a first-round pick in the supplemental draft, after all.

So what about Pryor’s downside?  You know, the possible sense of entitlement and/or arrogance that fueled whatever happened in Columbus that he now won’t talk about?

“The object of these shows is not to try to uncover every negative thing that exists,” Gruden said, a somewhat flimsy excuse for failing to acknowledge the scarlet-and-gray elephant in the room.  “I don’t really know the exactness of what happened at Ohio State.  But I do know that Pryor is disgusted and feels terrible about what has occurred.  At the same time, he just turned 22 years old on Monday.  He gotta move on with his life.”

We don’t disagree with the notion that Pryor has to move on with his life.  We’d simply prefer that Gruden be honest with himself and the rest of us about the connection between his decision to refrain from true criticism of any player he encounters and his intention to return to coaching in the NFL with maximum options and leverage.  The guy likes everyone — primarily because he eventually could be coaching any one of the players on whom he’s now commenting.

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  1. Rosenhaus and Pryor haven’t said that Terrelle wouldn’t consider a position change. I don’t think they have the luxury of being inflexible about that without the normal pre draft preparation period to hone his quarterback skills. They have less than a month to get him drafted as high as possible. If that is a team wanting to convert him to WR, I believe he would accept the change.

  2. Pryor does indeed have rare talent. Few collegiate quarterbacks are as adept at lying.

    Or were you talking about his football talent?

  3. Gruden calls Terrelle a “rare” talent, where others would call him “raw”. As long as the steak can’t leave the kitchen under it’s own power it can be described as “rare”.

  4. I find it interesting that when you run a piece about Gruden saying something stupid, you include a picture of him in Raiders garb. You guys are awful.

  5. He does have rare talent . Rarely does a guy from high school get called the lebron james of football and then win nothing . Well , except lebron james of course ! Hmmm , maybe they weren’t that off .

  6. I wish Chuckie was still coaching the Raiders. But hes been horribly wrong before about a QB. Reminds me of one time after a pre season practise. Gruden told his wife he “loved” Jeff George. In just as short a time Gruden will see what an absolute disaster Pryor is also…..

  7. You have to consider that the players Gruden works out are the creme de la creme of each draft class. Why is it so surprising that he has mainly positive things to say about them? I think all the players he worked out earlier this year went in the top 35 picks of the draft or something. Which means that they will be guaranteed anywhere from 5 to 50 million dollars before they play a down in the league. You would hope that they are all pretty talented.

  8. Didn’t Chris Simms have “rare” talent?

    Chuckie got lucky with Rich Gannon…a journeyman for whom the light came on at the right time, with an offensive line that (before Robbins meltdown) was the best in the league, and was chock full of weapons. Otherwise, how many good, let alone great, QBs has Gruden developed?

    I like Chuckie. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. But his QB evaluation skills are among the worst in football.

  9. The way the NCAA interacts with the NBA and the NFL is the real problem here. Aspiring football and basketball players are required to go to college even if they aren’t interested. But the two professional leagues find it convenient and cheap to let the colleges be their minor league system, and in turn the NCAA makes amazing amounts of money for their schools.

    The only people NOT earning big bucks are the student-athletes themselves. Sure, they get free tuition, but you can be sure that many of them would not be interested in attending school otherwise.

    There IS an alternative, and its what baseball does. Baseball has a well-organized minor league system and players have a legitimate choice. Those who want to pursue a career can get paid in something other than tuition. So you don’t have nearly as many “scandals” where players are looking to get a small bite of what everyone else is making.

  10. Rarely throws a spiral. Rarely has a smooth follow thru in his throwing motion. Rarely makes the correct reads downfield. Rare indeed!

  11. Gruden never says a bad thing about any quarterback. He’s also trying to keep things positive and kiss butt so that he’s on good terms with people in the NFL for when he wants to return.

  12. Pryor “feels disgusted” only because he got caught and was held accountable. He needs to learn from that lesson to really “move on with his life”, and I hope he can.

  13. Gruden has kiss everyones butt, because he dosen’t have a clue about QB talent. Remember he started out with that confused QB, fly-out Farve. Or maybe he just didn’t screw him up because of number 4’s over confidence.

  14. canetic says:
    Jun 24, 2011 11:23 PM
    What a joke. Gruden is losing credibility.

    He knows more than you.

  15. A) He doesn’t say good rare. Just rare.

    B) He says “double threat,” which could mean running + scamming

  16. Gruden is slowly, but surely becoming John Madden.

    You know Madden’s bag of expressions that he uses about every player:

    – “He’s the real deal”
    – “He’s something special”
    – “He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen”

  17. 1) The kid just turned 22.
    2) In H.S. he was the most coveted recruit of his class.
    3) Given his athletic ability he has been coddled all his life.
    4) Ergo – so faqr

  18. 4) ergo – so far the kid doesn’t really have a clue and we should give the kid a break.

    I know there are lots of you who love to dump on people from the safety and anonymity of cyberspace but that is YOUR problem, not his.

  19. 1historian says: I know there are lots of you who love to dump on people from the safety and anonymity of cyberspace but that is YOUR problem, not his.

    I feel like to avoid hypocracy you should include links to your resume, the Google street view of your house and a few references.

  20. Does Gruden EVER have anything truly interesting to say about any player or would be player? He’s like Jaworski on steroids.

    With Gruden, it seems that virtually every player he “evaluates” is a special talent.

  21. Although Gruden is not obligated to press Pryor on the Elephant in the room, you can bet your bottom dollar that GMs and Coaches will.

  22. Hey ratbastardshanahandjob:
    I’ll have you know that Jeff george (like Derrick Anderson) hand cannons for arms, and could throw a football like they came out of a pipe. Problem is, neither one could AIM his cannon very well.
    I’m from Ohio. Life-long Buckeye fan. Pryor will be a bust. Period. At any position. Bet ya a case of beer

  23. If Gruden isn’t being paid to say this I wouldn’t beleive it. Yes Pryor is big and strong and probably can develop into a quality qarterback but one thing about Pryor, he ain’t going to get the time he had at OSU standing around waiting for the play to open.

    He must be able to pass to places not people and thats the nut to crack.

    He may be able to read comic books or whatever but he better be able to read defenses.

  24. “Thanks a million Jon. Do I make the check out to you personally?”
    -Drew Rosenhaus, 2 seconds after Grudens interview concluded.

  25. Pryor and Cam Newton need to start a foundation together. Pryor can’t hit the side of a barn. He is a freak of an athlete, but has the mental capacity of a rider on the short yellow bus.

  26. Accepting perks to play at a particular college or to connect to an adviser [agent] does not validate the possibility of having issues at the Pro level.

    In other words, he can’t corrupt a system that already pays to play.

    I honesty can’t fathom why 18-22 year old kids who take money are treated like villains. Every person on this planet bends the rules a little for the green.

    The kid has talent and brains. No reason why he can’t make it in the NFL.

  27. Hi, Bucs fan here.

    I only read the headline, thus I only have this to say after having Chucky as my head coach for 4 seasons:

    He is not a good evaluator of talent, especially when it comes to QB’s. Actually I digress, he can pick veterans who have already proved themselves like a champ, but with guys who have never played? He might as well play eni-menii-minni-moe when choosing someone with a “rare talent”

    What a hack

  28. Pryor is very talented in lying, cheating & doing whatever 2 get what he wants. As far as talent 2 be a successful NFL signal caller…NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I think he’ll be far less of a train wreck in the pros than what most people think. If you do wanna see a wreck just follow Cam Newton’s pro career.

  30. damn. everyone is a hater. at least wait till the guy plays. so he took money??? they all do.

    as for his talent- as long as he’s hard working he WILL succeed in the NFL, whether he plays QB or not.

    I don’t even need to start naming qb’s that werent rated “amazing” by the “experts” that are succeeding.
    or the “amazing” qbs out of college that aren’t doing anything.

    speculation = nothing

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