Jets will stay home for training camp


The list of training camp sites to fall victim to the lockout is up to two.

The Jets released a statement on Friday to let everybody know that they won’t be taking their show on the road to SUNY-Cortland for training camp this summer. Assuming there is a training camp, it will be held at the Jets’ facility in Florham Park, New Jersey. The news comes a couple of days after the Ravens made a similar announcement and you can bet that other usual hosts of NFL camps are bracing themselves for bad news.

“With all the variables presented by this unique offseason, we felt it was best for the Jets that we hold our training camp here at our practice facility,” general manager Mike Tannenbaum said. “This was not an easy decision, but it’s one we felt we needed to make in order to give us the best chance to win.”

Teams need several weeks of lead time to get all the equipment and material needed to hold training camp to offsite facilities and the uncertainty about when and if camp will be held is going to make it difficult for any team to follow normal procedures. The Jets have held camp in Cortland in each of Rex Ryan’s two seasons as head coach. Hofstra University on Long Island hosted Jets camp for the 40 years before Ryan’s arrival and the team held some workouts there last summer as well.

Sixteen teams went away for training camp before the 2010 season. There will be a lot less this summer unless the lockout ends in the next couple of weeks.

12 responses to “Jets will stay home for training camp

  1. Why do the Jets need training camp? Aren’t they already the Super Bowl Champs for this upcoming season?

  2. Jets will also be staying home for the playoffs this year, watching them on TV like everyone else.

  3. Nice of them to use it considering I’m sure it cost us NJ taxpayers (for the land, I believe) to acquire that space. Was ridiculous that they bailed out of it after using it for training camp just once.


  4. Poor Cortland, the Jets training up there basically kept them on the map. At least they’ll have an excuse to use the state of the art training facility in Florham Park.

  5. The Jets don’t need any training camp this year. Seriously, they are going to win the whole pie, the last 2 seasons have prepared the Jets and their fans for this:

    NY Jets – Super Bowl Champions 2011-2012
    M. Sanchez SB MVP

    put it in the books

  6. NY Jets – Super Bowl Champions 2011-2012
    M. Sanchez SB MVP

    put it in the books

    I guess there are some who like to read fantasy novels

  7. Jets SB Champs 2012-2019 According to Ryan’s mouth….

    Jets, please see “Buffalo Bills” playoff history, and how it’s useless to win playoff games, and fail to win Super Bowls!!!

  8. I see Rex Can Coach has started his weekend early, just stay off the roads and sleep it off.

    Good for the Jets. Newark and its suburbs are nice in August.

    So true steelchuck123

  9. WOW!!! Rex Ryan was hired to help make the Jets contenders….accomplished. He was also hired to create a buzz around an organization that was living in the shadow of the Giants, as well as sell tickets to a new stadium. When a story about training camp generates the response this one did, I would say he succeeded in all area’s. I understand the negative reaction to Rex can coach comment, but all the others directed at The Jets?…your just strengthening Rex’s position…. See you in the playoff’s.

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