League, players should be meeting every day

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With much still to be done (supposedly) in order to strike a handshake deal and then to convert it into a written settlement agreement that would then be approved by Judge Susan Nelson as the settlement of a class action and that would then require the resurrection of the NFLPA as a union, we’re stunned that the league and the players met once again for only two days this week.

Apart from the fact that we’re getting nervous about our June 30 prediction for the announcement of an agreement in principle (maybe I should have predicted that the rapture will happen that day instead), time is getting short in order to salvage the Hall of Fame game, which is due to be played on August 7.  To get there, the Bears and Rams must open camp two weeks before that.  Though we suppose that the Bears and Rams could have a shortened camp before playing a game, the fact that there has been no offseason program would make that unwise, at best.

Then there’s free agency.  If the doors don’t open until, for example, July 25 and the Bears and Rams have to rush to camp while everyone else is signing free agents, that’s no really fair to the Bears and Rams.

Per ESPN.com, talks between the league and the players are expected to continue next week.  Meanwhile, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and however many days from Monday on until they get together will be wasted.

We’ll hope that the self-described hard work continues independently, possibly with the lawyers already drafting large chunks of the settlement agreement that will become the CBA, and with the principals communicating by phone, e-mail, and/or Skype (if any of them even know what Skype is).  But there’s no substitute for keeping the nose to the proverbial grindstone via face-to-face negotiations, especially if both sides think that plenty of work remains.

So instead of telling us how hard they’re working, we’d prefer that the parties show us.  In our view, meeting only two days per week over the last four weeks is a lot closer to hardly working than working hard.

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  1. Could not agree more. Here is to hoping that the lawyers are starting a draft and the continuation of talks via other forms of media through the weekend!

  2. Come on man…Do you really think that these guys go home and twiddle their thumbs when they’re not at the formal negotiation sessions? Do you think these guys have no common sense that they should be working around the clock to get this deal done?

    They’re still working towards a deal even when they’re not sitting face to face with their “opposition” in the same room.

  3. And also for the record, I think they’re a lot closer than what they’re letting on. I expect an agreement in principle next week and a formal, written agreement completed during the first week of July.

  4. 100% right on brother. For the life of me I don’t understand why they think they deserve 3 day, 4 day or even 5 days weekends. Both sides are really showing the fans how much they care about us.

  5. The two sides celebrated with high fives and back slaps once they agreed that ripping the fans off for increases in everything charged would solve the labor impasse.

    ” Let’s keep em begging for football and then tell them about sacrifice.”


  6. Frankly, as long as the regular season starts on time and there is a reasonable off-season, I couldn’t care less about the preseason games. (This coming from a season ticket holder who has to pay for the damn things.)

  7. I admire your courage predicting a June 30th announcement, but I think it’s optimistic. It’s hard to say how much work is going on behind the scenes. The pattern of meetings has never been continuous and doesn’t really tell us how fast they are working. Obviously there are teams on both sides. Also we know the agreement will be a large document and there are more issues to address. With less than a week to the 30th, I think it’s a stretch.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  8. It’s like the people who bash Bush or Obama for being on vacation. Presidents are never on vacation; these guys aren’t sipping martinis on the beach.

  9. You know what makes football so great?
    Every offseason the fans of teams that did not make the playoffs are hopeful that one little change to their teams(draft pick qb, freee agent qb, new coach, new oc or dc) could translate into one or two more wins to vault them into the playoffs.
    Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin already said that there were parts of their offenses and defenses that they were going to have to scrap……………
    AND THAT WAS BACK IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!
    So with each passing day of inactivity, the reps,playbook learning, and team bonding is being lost.
    Sure, if you are the one of the teams that don’t have to make wholesale changes you could get away with less camp time
    The teams that fall into this category probably have the most powerful owners and wouldn’t mind pushing this to the drop dead date.
    Those owners are shrewd.
    What a brilliant way to rid yourself of competiton before the season even starts!!!!!!!!

  10. Perception becoming reality??

    Both sides need to pick a location … with appropriate accommodations (i.e., conference rooms, high-speed internet access, full restaurant on-site, etc.) … and work this thing across the “goal line” …

    Right now, this looks like the running back trying to get to the outside, carrying the ball out in his hand like a loaf of bread … you hope that he doesn’t lose the ball … but you can just see a fumble waiting to happen …

    Get back in there … hammer these issues out … then send electronic copies of the drafts to the attorneys … they don’t need to be there, just be in their respective offices waiting to receive e-mails with the draft documents attached … review the legalese … correct any type-o’s … and compile a new CBA as you go …

    Then again … maybe that’s what the lawyers are doing right now anyway …

    We’ll see …

    Get Er Done !!!

  11. possibly with the lawyers already drafting large chunks of the settlement agreement that will become the CBA, and with the principals communicating by phone, e-mail, and/or Skype (if any of them even know what Skype is). —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

    this is what I hope is being done

  12. In seven years I’ve never worked on a deal where parties sat down and negotiated face to face for 20 hrs a day, for several days straight. I can’t imagine a better way to make people hate each other and NOT get a deal done.

    I have, however, worked on many deals where parties meet face to face for a couple hrs, have their lawyers work on outstanding issues, meet again, work on issues, next day have a conference call in the morning and evening, work on issues etc. and so on and so forth.

    That’s how these things work. If you think they’re just taking it easy when they’re not in the same room as each other you’re a fool. Work is being done on this deal probably 16+ hrs per day. They’re doing it at the pace that will allow a deal to get done PERIOD. Considering where things started with this mess it’s a miracle we’re at that point at all. Let them work at the pace that gets something done in time for the regular season to start. The HOF game can take one for the team this year.

  13. Couldn’t agree more. It’s a 9 billion dollar deal and they work 2 days a week.

    Then…if thats not enough, Goodell and De Smith have the stones to speak to the media and tell us all that they’re working hard and will do whatever it takes.

    Give me a break. Boo that man!

  14. Damnit I hope the HoF game gets played, b/c as a Ram fan seein my team live is very rare thanks to the 6 wins in 3 years stretch. Preseason or playoffs, I’d watch the Rams.

  15. My hypostheses:
    The owners and players are meeting earnestly twice a week, but things are more hush hush as time goes on since folks on both sides can’t keep their mouths shut and leak to the media, which can’t help itself from publishing every little tidbit of info they get without neccessarily vetting the info. Face to face meetings, meanwhile, are making steady, productive progress, with lawyers drafting portions of what will in the end be the massive document that will be the new CBA.

  16. They don’t need Judge Susan Nelson’s approval for anything. First off, the lawsuit against the NFL should just be withdrawn. Second, if there is a new CBA, that means there’s a union, meaning there’s no anti-trust violation anyamore.

    And lastly, the NFL should hold out on the issue of judicial oversight from the Minnesota courts. No way would I continue to put up with DFL appointed labor hacks telling me how to run my business.

  17. Why are you so worked up about how fair or unfair this is to the Rams and Bears? As a Bears fan I doubt if I’ll watch that POS game.

    How we just obliterate the Preseason and just have training camp then with some team on team scrimmages thrown in to help with the cut downs.

  18. just more rich people who dont work like the fans work.. i work 6 days a week… they can easily do 5 days a week.. working only 2 days a week is joke.. they all should be ashamed.. pathetic

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