Ochocinco talks wrestling alligators, Carson Palmer’s exit

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Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco had been planning to do some snake wrangling as his next offseason stunt. Instead he’ll turn to alligator wrestling.

And when the lockout is finally over and Ochocinco is ready to return to his primary occupation, he doesn’t believe Carson Palmer will be his quarterback.

Ochocinco told WXIX-TV that in response to Bengals owner Mike Brown saying Ochocinco should focus on football, not snake wrangling, he’s going to go one step further.

“I just one-upped [Brown]: I am going to wrestle alligators,” Ochocinco said, via NFL.com. “Don’t laugh, like I am serious. . . . It’s pretty dangerous, I could lose an arm, lose a leg.”

Whether Ochocinco is actually serious about wrestling alligators, he sounds serious when he says that Palmer won’t be back in Cincinnati.

“There’s this one thing you have to understand about Carson. When a guy that grows a random beard says he’s going to do something, he means it,” Ochocinco said. “Seriously. Seriously, That’s totally out of his character. When someone like that grows a random beard and says he’s going to retire — if he doesn’t mean traded — he means business. And it’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.”

I don’t know how relevant Palmer’s beard is, but Ochocinco sounds like he’s joining his teammates and coaches in coming to terms with the likelihood that Palmer won’t be back. With the possible exception of Mike Brown, just about everyone in Cincinnati seems to view Palmer as a former Bengal.

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  1. That’s true, Carson won’t be Chad’s QB for 2 reasons:

    1. Carson isn’t playing for the Bengals anymore
    2. Chad won’t be playing for the Bengals anymore

  2. it’s sad that such an overrated overpaid qb is willing to leave so much money on the table. come on carson super bowl rings are overrated anyway. just like you.

  3. Ocho has seen one too many episodes of Swamp People, where the men wrestle alligators and the women grow random beards and mean business.

  4. Why don’t they trade him and get SOMETHING out of him leaving. There are a few teams that would trade for him rather than the over sold corn on the Kolb. I think Palmer is a better QB. That’s just my opinion.

  5. With the possible exception of Mike Brown, just about everyone in the NFL seems to view Mike Brown as a terrible owner.

    Seriously, I feel bad for Bengals fans. The crap they put up with every year… can’t be easy.

  6. Just by looking dangerous, Och often gets entire sections of the aircraft to himself.

  7. This guy is dumber than I thought……….forget the gators(that’s just plain stupid)…………publicly saying you have “one upped” the guy who pays you probably won;t endear you to him ……….or any other owner/GM/coach

  8. When Champ Bailey got disgusted with the Redskins and wanted out, they got some value in a trade for him. This nonsense about not trading Palmer when he is disgusted with a dysfunctional team shows why the Redskins are only 121st worst team in sports and the Bengals are 122nd worst team.

  9. Palmer said at the beginning that he didn’t need the money, and he was done playing for the Bengals. He hasn’t backed off an inch.

    Good for him.

    Think the fact that the Bengals have been rated the worst organization in all of professional sports – #122 – might have something to do with it?


  10. Cowboysfan18 if you knew anything about the Bengals historically, then you would know that during the 90’s the Bengals were generally used as a bargaining chip by free agents. The FA’s would basically tell their team pay up or I’ll go play for Cincinnati. If their team did not pay up, the FA’s were happy to come to Ohio for a big payday after which they would give a less than 100% at which point they would be released. Once released they would go on to another team and suddenly return to top form- (see Louis Oliver). Or you’d have a player suddenly start whining about being underpaid. They would demand more money or they would want to be traded. The most famous comment coming from Corey Dillon claiming he would go flip burgers if he wasn’t traded.

    Mike Brown for better or worse is not bending to the threats any more. Just ask Chad Ochocinco about it.

  11. irchs1963 says: Jun 25, 2011 6:10 PM

    Ocho…..just practice playing football {your profession…at least the last time I checked}


    So he’s not allowed to do anything other than practice playing football? Seriously, these comments are retarded.

    Yes his profession is football; yes he is allowed to have a life outside of football.

  12. I don’t think Mike Brown is a good owner but I have to agree with if you pay someone millions of dollars some players multi.. he dont want you to go out and do things to get yourself injured or posibly worst! Make your millions and do it when ur done…after football your still young!

  13. I’d like to say I wish he’d leave the game and his access to the media, but I know he’ll only end up a broadcaster. Kind of like Shannon Sharpe and CBS.

    I’d love to hear his excuse when he retires and has no ring to show for it. My money is on him blaming Carson Palmer.

  14. cowboysfan18- First off Kolb has more potential than Palmer and Palmer hasn’t been an aove average quarterback in years. I think that either you really don’t know football or your jaded by being a cowboys fan and the fact that Kolb plays for the eagles. Second it’s not about etting something in return it’s about not setting a precedent that if a guy who is under contract decides he no longer wants to play for you he will just demand a trade and get it. If that happen the Bengals organization(Although it is a very horrible organization) would not have a leg to sstand on. Put it this way; if Demarcus Ware said he either wants to be traded or he will retire would you be complaining that the Cowboys need to trade him and get something in return? No because then what would happen if a year later Jason Witten said the same thing? When you cave in to a demand like this the organization is put on a slippery slope. Brown may be an idiot but for once I agree with his stance.

  15. Two things….1) Ocho stinks…no one wants this derisive POS on their team. 2) Carson is an OK guy, but he has been less than great since he got Von Oled.

  16. Alligators hoping he speaks the truth. They been dying to have a nice Ochocinco skin purse.

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