Roethlisberger says his foot feels fine

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger says his foot injury was a serious problem for him last season. But not anymore.

The foot injury, which the Steelers were evasive about during the season, was serious: Roethlisberger told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that “there were times during practice and games where I didn’t feel like I’d be able to walk.”

Roethlisberger considered surgery after the season but says rest has done the trick.

“I could have had surgery, but according to the doctors it would have been a really nasty process because of where the break was,” Roethlisberger said. “It was better off trying not to do anything. . . . It’s doing really good. It’s healed up. Obviously, it helps when I’m not cutting and planting and doing all of these different activities. It’s really come a long way. I haven’t had too many problems with it recently.”

Still, Roethlisberger says the foot injury is something that has stayed with him and might have to be surgically repaired eventually.

“It’s going to be something where we’re just going to have to, in essence, play it by ear,” he said. “If it continues to be as painful as it was at the end of last year, then I’m going to probably have to have the surgery.”

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  1. Bill Belichick would have listed it on the injury report as a lower leg problem (or plantar facetious, if pressed for specifics).

  2. If Ben played for the Jets, no doubt Rex “The Podiatrist” Ryan would relentlessly insist on serving up a little TLC on Ben’s feet issues.

  3. On a slightly more serious note, Ben really tends to pack on the pounds when he’s not training/dieting, etc. — so the hope here is that this extended period of off-season rest hasn’t got his gut on the Sonny Jurgensen/Billy Kilmer/Jamarcus Russell path.

  4. There was definitely something amiss towards the end of the season. I would be interested to know if the serious part of the injury occurred with the original reaggravation against NE or with one of the following ones later.

  5. I clicked this just to see the ugly car wreak of comments that will be directed at Roethlis-whatever.

    I don’t give a damn about his foot.

  6. I hope Ben comes into this season as focused and in-shape as he did last season.

    I like what we did in the draft. I hope we can resign some of our O-line and maybe get a FA or two.

    It is going to be super important to keep Ike Taylor.

  7. “…plantar facetious…”
    ———————————————————-The condition experienced when the connective tissue between the heel and toes (forming the arch) of a foot become humorous, amusing or lacking serious intent.

  8. Oh dear, oh dear … here I am agreeing with paulieorkid again. I’ve been concerned about him staying in shape during the lockout, too. He was highly motivated last season and showed up game five looking his best in years. Now he has a wedding coming up at the end of July (they couldn’t have done that a couple of months earlier?). And if he’s been resting that foot a lot, I’m a little worried about him porking up. With the delayed free agency, we’re not sure what our o-line is going to look like, and he needs to be as mobile as possible. I hope he’s still working with that QB coach who trained him during the suspension.

  9. When I hear Ben say “different activities” I don’t think about football, I don’t even think about rape…I think about step brothers!

  10. Exiled1 says:
    Jun 25, 2011 9:45 AM
    I clicked this just to see the ugly car wreak of comments that will be directed at Roethlis-whatever.

    I don’t give a damn about his foot.

    You mean the comments from “turds” like you ?
    There are 2 things that scare turds. Toilet paper, because you get smeared all over someones ass, and the commode, “FLUSH”. Scared ya, didnt I.

  11. Foot injury? I think he needs to hire better writers if he wants to truly trump up this blue collar tough guy image he’s crafted. Why not roll with severe brain damage? It would certainly get him the admiration he craves & people would absolutely believe it.

  12. Child, please! Ben satisfied me that he is tough as nails after Ngata broke his nose & he played on. BUT, is there a bigger drama queen & exaggerator of every bump & bruise than Ben Roethlisberger? When he says there were times his foot was so bad that he didn’t think he could walk, I take that to mean he stubbed his toe.

  13. He should have had the surgery; it seriously slowed him down. With the CBA negotiation and possible late start to the season he had an ideal window to heal fully.

  14. We all know that surgery can be quite expensive these days, so maybe he can ask Rex Ryan to help FOOT the bill. We all know Rexy can STOMACH what Ben’s going through, after being all TIED up in the offseason.

  15. We all know he is faking, just like he faked that broken nose in the Ravens game.

    He needs to stop faking like he is so tough and pretending to be playing through pain- we all know playing QB is the easiest most injury free job in the NFL.

  16. @halftermguv …

    Yeah, I was thinking that, too. The foot’s been bothering him for a couple of seasons, so I don’t see how it will truly get better without surgery. Then again, foot surgery is like back surgery–it doesn’t always turn out as promised. Just hope he made the right decision in going with rest over surgery.

    @mswravens …

    Not a toe stubb. He was playing with a break in the foot last season.

  17. It doesnt matter if he is feeling good, the bottom line is he sits in the pocket way too long and takes big shots because of it. His career will be shortened because of this stupidity and the steelers window for winning has already closed, they are now a team on the decline and will not be a factor for a long long time

  18. arrogantathlete, I am surprised that the Debster hasn’t jumped all over you for your comment. She tends to go on and on about how the medical examination proved Ben didn’t rape anyone. Her logic is somewhat flawed, of course, because the examining physician said there was indeed male DNA in the alleged victim but not enough to determine who put it there. That simply means it could have been anyone, and anyone includes Ben. Put another way, while it did not implicate Ben, it also did not rule out Ben.

  19. @ Deb (and everyone else for that matter):

    No question – Ben packs on the weight unless his caloric output exceeds his caloric intake. Like Charles Barkley, Ben is vulnerable to going Nutty Professor-esque.

    Some folks have exceptionally high metabolisms — check out what LAL power forward Lamar Odom’s diet consists of; check out what former DEN WR Rod Smith used to ingest regularly; MIA WR Brandon Marshall too. Those guys can “get away” with it. Ben, like many in the world, can’t.

    Also, like Barkley – Ben’s play suffers when he’s got his weight up. His play is slower, more sluggish, it even appears labored at times.

    Sure, Ben will impress with guile and pocket-savvy – but he looks like he’s got a Steinway Grand on his back once he ducks the heat and there’s nothing but 25 yards of green grass in front of him.

    Does recognizing this simple truism make someone a Ben “hater?” Of course not – it simply makes them a realist.

    In parting, my respect for Ben’s play is enormous. Ben brings many elements of game to the table other QBs can’t touch – much respect. But when he gets heavy, his play suffers.

    Right now, a serious foot injury compromised his ability to stay in shape – let’s hope now that his foot is ready to rock that he can exhibit some of the drive the Jerry Rices and Walter Paytons did to optimize their play.

  20. arrogantathlete, there is another aspect of the medical exam to consider. The examining physician found tissue damage that could or could not be from rape. Here again, it was inconclusive. The medical exam taken as a whole fails to support the contention that a rape did NOT occur. Actually, in the court of pubic opinion, it helps neither side.

    While I am here, I will address another of the Debster’s frequent claims, the sorority sisters who went to the police in the street conspired to accuse Ben falsely due to some slight earlier in the evening. One of them called a close relative in law enforcement to ask for advice before going to the police in the street. This call was confirmed by the GBI. Involving an outside party in a theoretical conspiracy group contemplating a false accusation, expecially an outside party from law enforcement, defies common sense. Another sorority sister in the group earlier in the evening let everyone know she was an avid Steelers fan from a large family of avid Steelers fans. Willie pointed her out when shown photos during his videotaped statement. As with the first sorority sister, this one being part of the theoretical conspiracy group defies common sense.

    I admire the Debster’s diligence in defending Ben against sometimes really nasty comments on this website. All I am saying is she needs to come up with a new, more compelling set of arguments. Some of them just don’t stand up to the bright light of logic and common sense.

    My work is done here.

  21. @thetruthinator3 …

    No, I don’t have to come up with anything. It was the role of the GBI to investigate the case. They didn’t find enough evidence to charge and DA Bright said the case would never be revisited. It’s a closed matter. I also know from my own contacts within the investigation that they believe no rape occurred and the matter was handled appropriately.

    As to the DNA findings, the exam found slight vaginal bruising and a small bleeding scratch. Given her level of intoxication, the scratch could easily have occurred when she went to the bathroom. The vaginal bruising was also consistent with consensual sex, and there was evidence that she’d had consensual sex earlier in the evening. When asked to confirm that, the DA said he couldn’t comment because it would violate her privacy rights.

    The two samples of male DNA found on her were so small and degraded, they could not be tested for identity even using the PCR method. They were not semen samples, but the minutest of degraded DNA samples, leading to the conclusion that they had been on her person for some time, probably left behind after she showered following an earlier sexual encounter. If she’d had intercourse with anyone that evening–consensual or otherwise–the exam would have found traces of semen (even if a condom had been used), pubic hair, and other bodily fluids. None were found. No evidence of a sexual encounter was found.

    You might want to brush up on your research of typical forensic findings in rape kits.

    You have no work here. You’re objective here is jerking the chains of Steelers fans. As I’ve said dozens of times, I know people who worked the investigation. You’re wasting your keystrokes with me.

  22. Debster, my keystrokes are meant for others, not you. We all know you claimed dozens of times to know people who worked the investigation (something readers cannot easily verify, by the way). However, that does not guarantee your personal postings are logical and pass the common sense sniff test.

    I will be back as the need for clarity arises.

  23. @thetruthinator …

    Well, hon, if your keystrokes are meant for others, please stop trying to capture my attention by calling for “the Debster” in every post. No, you can’t verify my contact–and I wouldn’t buy it if I were you. The coincidence of me having a close friend in that position was too bizarre. But it’s true.

    My postings are accurate, though “conspired” isn’t a great word choice. One pissed-off twit created a lot of drama with the cops and dragged the accuser and at least one other person into it. As the DA said, the whole thing was alcohol-fueled and he hoped they learned their lesson. The so-called “conspiracy” was in sticking to their story after they sobered up rather than admitting their idiocy.

    Yeah, your clarifying presence is a comfort to us all 🙄

  24. Debster,

    You must watch way too much CSI. Medical science has yet to establish a reliable “molecular clock” for semen degradation. Also, there are environmental factors that when present can speed up the degredation of semen. One is stress (gee, it seems to me a woman being sexually assaulted would be kind of stressed). Another is excessive alcohol consumption by the male who delivered the semen (everything I read said there was lots of booze flowing that night). Do YOUR research.

    I said it before, and I will say it again, Debster, you really need to come up with a new, more compelling set of arguments when defending Ben on this website. Right now the fabrications you share may be doing more harm than good.

  25. Sorry, don’t watch any CSI. Sounds like that’s your thing. I’ve been writing books on medical research topics for years, so it’s all in a day’s work for me.

    BTW, we are not talking about semen. DNA and semen are not interchangeable. No semen was found on the accuser. No sperm was found. No hair was found. No chemicals from a condom were found. Only a minute sample of DNA was found that was too small and too degraded to be identified using the most advanced method for testing small, degraded DNA samples. I made no attempt to set a specific timeline for the sample. It wasn’t necessary. The relevant fact is that no semen, sperm, hair, or other traces of sex were found.

    Roethlisberger doesn’t need a defense–he’s never been charged with anything because there’s no evidence against him. All I’ve done is accurately repeat the investigative findings … the ones you clearly don’t know. I’m not a particular fan of Roethlisberger’s, but as a rape survivor, I have an aversion to women who make false claims and the damage they do real victims. All these “Debster” cracks show you have no interest in anything other than ragging on me, and I’ve wasted enough time on you.

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