Terrelle Pryor picks up another endorsement

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Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has earned another gushing endorsement from another former NFL decision-maker who’s been spending time around him, which may indicate that Pryor really does have “rare talent” or may indicate that the only people who get access to Pryor are the ones who will give gushing endorsements.

The “rare talent” assessment came from former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden, who sat down with Pryor for an upcoming ESPN special. And now former NFL personnel man Ken Herock has offered a glowing review of Pryor as well.

I was impressed, I really was,” Herock told Len Pasquarelli of Sports Xchange. “He’s a sharp guy. He was impressive in terms of football knowledge, putting things up on the blackboard, and he was very straightforward about things. He didn’t hold anything back.”

Herock, the former Falcons executive who drafted Brett Favre in 1991 and traded him to the Packers a year later, frequently works with players who are preparing for the draft and was brought in by agent Drew Rosenhaus to work with Pryor. (The list of players Herock has worked with includes Santonio Holmes, whom Herock later said was “ready to explode” because of off-field problems.) Herock spent two days working with Pryor, and he said he believes Pryor is a better passer than most people think.

“From what I saw,” Herock said, “[Pryor] has a nice, tight release and delivery. The ball comes off his hand well, and he was accurate. I’m not into [assessing] where a guy will be picked anymore, and the supplemental [draft] is a little different thing, for sure. But I think, if people have a chance to work him out, they’ll be surprised.”

Still, Pasquarelli writes that the early consensus has Pryor as a middle-round choice at best in the upcoming supplemental draft, which lines up with the assessment that NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock put on Pryor. For all the people talking up Pryor’s talents, not many seem to agree with Rosenhaus that Pryor will be taken with a first-round pick.

32 responses to “Terrelle Pryor picks up another endorsement

  1. Herock, the former Falcons executive who drafted Brett Favre in 1991 and traded him to the Packers a year later,

    Getting endorsements from Jon “I love everyone” Gruden and a guy who traded one of the greatest qb’s of all time can’t be a good sign IMO

  2. Headline should be changed to “Guy who made one of the worst ‘foresight related’ moves in NFL history forsee’s great things for Terrell Pryor.”

  3. And yet another from Rex Ryan. He likes Pryor’s “maturity and willingness to use his feet to get the job done.”

  4. When I saw the title I thought they meant like a non hush-hush company was going to pay him to endorse their brand. My bad.

  5. Herock has always had ties to Al Davis…..Al might be listening. Please Al not before the 4th round………………………

  6. im a osu fan and ill even say hes over rated! i kept telling myself he will be better next next year samething. now we all know hes a me only punk hope a fails

  7. pahdflstc says:
    Lol–yeah I would listen to the guy who traded Bret

    In fairness, Favre himself said he was struggling with alcohol related issues when he was in Atlanta.

    Herock was smart enough to see Favre’s talent when he was chucking it at Southern Miss, and smart enough to dump him when he saw that Brett was a heavy drinker. Give Favre credit for turning things around.

  8. Wait a minute,,,I thought he promised to come back to Ohio State and serve his suspension if they let play in the Sugar Bowl….

  9. Cant stand that dude continues to get rewarded for bad behavior—until he faces consequences for his actions I will treat him with the same dignity and respect I show Lebron.

    -Loyal Cavalier

  10. Jerry Glanville was the one to trade Favre. He had said that if he had traded him to the Jets, no one would have known about Favre because of his drinking and late night clubbing. That is why he traded him to Green Bay because the latest thing that was open was a chili joint which closed at 9pm. All of that had come from Glanville.

  11. wilburmills says:
    Wait a minute,,,I thought he promised to come back to Ohio State and serve his suspension if they let play in the Sugar Bowl….

    Stop being a ridiculous nitpicker.

    Pryor was never going to be allowed to play another down at Ohio State and you know it. You also know that Pryor did OSU a favor by walking away.

    But don’t let that stop you from taking whatever cheap shots you can conjure up.

  12. @ukfaninfl- Yeah, i know alot of OSU fans, and I can definitely say that NO ONE has more negative things to say about TPryor than OSU nation. I still think they had to recruit him just to keep him from going to michigan, but he cost both OSU tressel AND Michigan’s Rich Rod their jobs by signing with OSU. He coulda had a great college career at michigan running the pat white offense. But Krenzel, Germaine, Hoying, etc etc etc were ALL better QB’s for OSU than he was.

  13. @tommyf15- Brett didn’t turn anything around. He remained the talented QB with a rocket arm, the risk taker, and the substance abuser that he was in college and his short tenure in atlanta. He just also set every NFL passing record in the books. For the Packers. Not the falcons. Meanwhile, the falcons qb’s… yeah, enough said.

  14. Wow, I’m shocked that a guy Drew Rosenhaus hired would have good things to say about one of Drew’s clients. Why should this opinion be taken seriously? It’s no more than a paid advertisement.

  15. Time to expand the Drew Rosenhaus agency. This guy can sell anyone.
    Why would you not want Drew repping your interests. You don’t have to like they guy, but he gets the job done for his clients.

  16. PFT made a post about Pryor’s earnings at Ohio State and insinuated that he better pay taxes on it. Remember that anyone can give anyone else $12,000 per year and it’s tax free. So he should be good to go re:not paying taxes on the benefits he got.

  17. I’m pulling for the guy (Pryor). I hope he makes it as a player and proves to be a much better person than people think he is. However if any of my team’s take him with a pick higher than 4, i will be disapointed.

  18. There seems to be a plethora of Pryor haters on this site.

    The kid is 22 years old, he has never had good parental guidance, because of his talent he has been coddled all his life, the results are predictable.

    Those of you who take such delight in calling him a punk – wouldn’t you just LOVE to be in his shoes? All he needs is someone to discipline him and believe in him and he’s off to the races.

    Good luck TP.

  19. Hey Pryor. Know what N.F.L stands for???. “Not for long” as far as your career goes…..

    Pryor is destined to be the anti-Kurt Warner. It will be N.F.L to bagging groceries…..

  20. Terrelle is a great athlete and will bring alot of talent to any team that picks him up,but like 75%of the Nfl players he has no common sense off the field and the Diva “Look at me Attitude” . So depending on whether or not the franchise puts value on character over talent we’ll see. I have a feeling Karma will get to him eventually, just like his buddy Lebron the Magician who magically disappears at the end of games!

  21. 1hitorian- I would LOVE to be in his shoes. But if it was me in his shoes, and not punkass entitled him, I’d be gearing up for another college football season and grateful for my opportunity. The whole “if you were in their shoes” metaphor is “YOU” in that person’s shoes, not you being them and experiencing all the idiotic choices they’ve made. It’s a “would you make the same choices; feel the same way” exercise. I didn’t sell my crap when i played cfb… so I’m not thinking I’d do it now.

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