Urlacher stumps for Olin Kreutz, Anthony Adams

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Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who most recently complained about the turf at Soldier Field, the trip to London, and the bow tie of Dhani Jones, took a more positive approach on Friday, when he publicly called for the team to re-sign a pair of its looming free agents.

“The two guys I think we gotta get — and I’m hoping I’m not leaving anybody out because we have a few free agents — but [defensive tackle] Anthony Adams and [center] Olin Kreutz,” Urlacher told Ross Tucker and Jim Miller of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “Olin’s the leader of our locker room, the leader of our offensive line.  He takes all the heat, man, when things go bad up front everyone points the finger at him which is not fair.  And he takes the heat, he doesn’t hang guys out to dry, he takes the heat.

“Double A, Anthony Adams, is a great player,” Urlacher said.  “He’s always in his gap, he’s always up the field making plays, and he’s a great teammate.  People don’t realize, man, you get these guys who, sometimes they’re turds and they’re good players and so they’re hard to deal with.  He’s not.  He’s a fun guy to be around.  He’s a great player.”

To summarize, then:  (1) Kreutz, takes the heat; (2) Adams, not a turd.

As to anyone Urlacher may have omitted, there aren’t many.  Danieal Manning tops the list of other free agents on defense.  On offense, receivers Devin Aromashadu and Rashied Davis will be free agents, as will tight end Desmond Clark.  After losing to the Packers in the NFC title game, coach Lovie Smith said there’s “no reason” to break up the team now.  (And then the next month they cut defensive tackle Tommie Harris, linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer, and offensive tackle Kevin Shaffer.)

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  1. I think both of those guys will be re-signed without a doubt since the Bears value them higher than other guys, but I’m worried about Daniel Manning. The guy didn’t give up a touchdown last year – quite amazing for a starting safety. And he led the NFL in kickoff return average two seasons ago….talk about versatile.

  2. Not sure how getting rid of players 51, 52 and 53 on the 53 man roster is breaking up the team. Tommy Harris is done. He could only make a play by guessing the snap count, which he usually got wrong and led to a penalty. That is why he was benched and AA is important to resign. Hunter was on ir all year and shaefer is backup to terrible line.

  3. I agree with Lovie, why break the team up? Teams should never try to improve….psych.

    Everyone was surprised with what the Bears did last season. Personally, I don’t think much of their talent and their cornerstones on offense and defense were not drafted, but signed (Cutler & Peppers). That’s not bad, but if you want to make your mark as a free agent signing team (that I don’t necessarily agree with), then stick to it. I’m surprised Urlacher is so pressing about resigning two average (at this stage) players. Kreutz, I understand because of the leadership, but Adams? My team, the Giants, probably aren’t resigning Barry Cofield who is a damn good player. Giants and Bears ran a similar zone/cover 2/aggressive scheme last year as the Bears did.

  4. It’s a form of dementia — called Brett Favre disease, where high visibility players think they should run the team.

  5. Bears0492 is right, signing Manning should be considered a top priority. Unfortunately, it sounds like the Bears are content letting him walk. I guess now they’ll spend the next three years moving Chris Conte back and forth between SS, FS, CB and Nickel, until he finally entrenches himself as a starter at one of those positions, just in time for him to hit free agency and walk.

  6. Urlacher’s mouth is in the “news” a lot lately. Is he looking past football to start his career as a reality TV star? Maybe he can lead the cast of “Jersey Shore” when MTV re-casts the show.

  7. dd393, apparently you’re the only person to give yourself a thumb-up…perhaps this is something you’re used to doing to yourself?

    That “joke” is almost as bad as a person still using “psych”, like we’re in 7th Grade…totally rad, dude. NOT.


    Not EVERYONE was surprised by what the Bears did last year–most savvy Bears fans knew we were only an OC, a healthy Urlacher, and a free agent or 2 away from serious contention.

    As for the personnel moves — dropping TommIE Harris and Hillenm-I.R. is hardly busting up the team.
    I agree that keeping Kreutz is critical at this point, and Manning should be a priority–the way that poor guy’s been bounced around the secondary, he deserves it. Plus he’s still awesome in the return game, a nice 1-2 punch with Hester, and PART of the reason the Bears still have the best ST unit in the game.

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