Chris Palmer likes what he sees in Jake Locker’s college film

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Jay Gruden of the Bengals isn’t the only UFL coach who made the leap to NFL offensive coordinator in 2011.  Former Hartford Colonials coach Chris Palmer is the new offensive coordinator of the Titans.  Both men will be getting rookie quarterbacks ready in their first years on the job, without have the ability to date to actually get their quarterbacks ready.

As Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean explains it, Palmer has been preparing for the task of preparing Jake Locker by studying obsessively Locker’s college film.

“There are things you think they can do, and then you get on the field and say, ‘Hmm, maybe they can’t do it,’” Palmer told Wyatt.  “Well, we can’t do that right now.  So we’re trying to speed up the process.”

Wyatt watched some of Locker’s film with Palmer, and Palmer shared some of his impressions.  One change to anticipate for the Titans once Locker is on the field involves the speed with which the ball gets out of the quarterback’s hand.

“We have not been a big quick-game passing team here,” Palmer said.  “The [previous] coaching staff had a reason and it was a very sound reason why they didn’t do a lot of it.  But if we are playing with a young quarterback, we know that they are going to blitz him.  So the quick game has to be a part of us.”

All in all, Palmer considers Locker a great fit for the team.  (Then again, what else is Palmer gonna say?)

He’ll need to work, and you have to fine tune, but he has all the tools,” Palmer said. “That’s why golfers have a swing coach and a putting coach and everything else.

“[Quarterbacks coach] Dowell Loggains and myself will work very hard to keep him in rhythm and balance and do everything we can to help him be successful,” Palmer said.  “And we’ll always work on his accuracy.  More than anything, we just want to work with him and get going.”

And we very much want the Titans — and every other team — to work with their teams and get going.