Syracuse signs Steve “Spygate” Scarnecchia

Steve Scarnecchia was fired from the Denver Broncos for taping the San Francisco 49ers’ walk-through practice last year. But his role in “Spygate II” didn’t end Scarnecchia’s football career.

Syracuse has announced that Scarnecchia is the football team’s new video coordinator, and Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone said he stands completely behind his new hire.

I am 100 percent certain he is the right man for this job,” Marrone told the Post-Standard. “Steve knows he made a mistake. He acknowledged his mistake and faced the consequences. I am convinced that he has learned his lesson. Steve is a Syracuse University graduate, and I am thrilled to have him back at his alma mater.”

Calling what Scarnecchia did a “mistake” may be letting him off a little easy: It’s not like Scarnecchia accidentally left his camera running and turned it off as soon as he realized. Scarnecchia surreptitiously taped the 49ers’ practice and gave the tape to Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, in clear violation of NFL rules. And the NFL considers Scarnecchia a repeat offender based on his previous work with the Patriots’ video department, although Scarnecchia was actually with the Jets, not the Patriots, at the time that the first “Spygate” scandal broke.

But Marrone says he’s confident Scarnecchia has learned his lesson. If he hasn’t by now, it’s safe to say he never will.

20 responses to “Syracuse signs Steve “Spygate” Scarnecchia

  1. Marrone had only one question for Scarnacchia, “Howa comma you get caught, paysan?”.

  2. I believe the Broncos got clobbered in that game against the 49ers in London as well. So much for the unfair advantage.

  3. In a related story, Syracuse also signed ex-Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi to upgrade its punt return unit.

  4. As a Bronco fan, you can’t imagine my pride in knowing that we taped one of the worst teams in the NFL and then ….got ……effing…..BEAT by them. AUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH.

  5. pb&j-
    SS was there only through 04 and I don’t even know if he was fired or left on his own. And I bet no one outside the organization ever will know if he was fired either. Most of us Pats fans believe the last real DC (Pees) was fired but it was presented as a non renewal of contract. BB seldom fires anyone. A CB coach a couple times, that’s it AFAIK. Plus SS’s father is a god of an OL coach so I would bet that out of respect for Dante BB wouldn’t allow any real info to come out on that one.
    Don’t forget McDaniels threw BB under the bus when he was caught but BB threw no one under the bus. I mean how bad do you have to be when Tony Dungy sticks up for the Pats against you????

  6. You cannot convince me that Scarnecchia wasn’t acting at the direction of the Denver Bronco organization, specifically Josh McDaniels.

    Steve has been around too long to just tape the 49ers on his own in what he had to know was a violation of NFL rules, and run up to McDaniels saying “look what I did, Coach!”.

    Another reason to dislike McDaniels, leaving Scarnecchia to twist in the wind alone and trying to save his own hide. As McDaniels and Mangini have shown, not everyone who works under Bill Belichick is a good man.

  7. hobartbaker says:
    Marrone had only one question for Scarnacchia, “Howa comma you get caught, paysan?”.
    Not only was that not the least bit funny, you just showed the worst kind of Neanderthal mentality that is all but stamped out in this country.

    On behalf of Italian-Americans everywhere – hell, on behalf of EVERY American ethnic group:

    climb back under your rock, moron.

  8. So half the people responding here think it’s OK to use ethnic stereotypes and slurs?

    Too funny, if it weren’t so sad.

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