Titans/Oilers get their “worst moments” turn on Monday


The PFT Live* “worst moments” tour continues Monday, with a look at the Tennessee Titans.

And since the Titans were the Tennessee Oilers and, before that, the Houston Oilers during the 24-year window since the last work stoppage, it’s no a Titans-only exercise.

Share your favorite lowlights in the comments, and tune in Monday for the top four moments, along with the list of honorable-mention moments.

26 responses to “Titans/Oilers get their “worst moments” turn on Monday

  1. The Comeback in the 1992-93 Playoffs has to be #1. I can agree with fonetiklee on losing the team in a sense.
    Others can be Super Bowl XXXIV coming a yard short of sending the game into Overtime. Those Ravens losses are right there as well.
    Or maybe LenDale White stomping on The Terrible Towel.

  2. Recent memory serves up the Fiasco in Foxborough, where Belicheat’s Patriots embarrassed the holy shiite out of Jeff Fisher and the Titans, with a record 59-0, Week 6 thumping. That put ’em at 0-6 for the year; they went on to win 5 in a row, finishing up 8-8.

    And made the Patriots a marked team for the foreseeable future.

  3. 1. Vince Young
    2. Leavign Houston for Tenneessee and having only 20 people show up to protest.
    3. Losing to the Steelers in Cowher’s first game on a fake punt
    4. 1 yard short vs Rams

  4. Reich game
    snow game
    emerging rep for getting miscreants and troublemakers: Britt, PacMan, Young, Hayneworth, Finnegan, etc.
    owner’s bird shots

    If they came up with that song after ’87 then that should be on the list as well

  5. I agree that the Titans and Oilers should be separate. Among Oilers fans, no doubt the number one worst moment is the team’s move to Tennessee after the ’96 season. But if you’re going to combine the two:
    1. Blowing a 35-3 third quarter lead to Buffalo (’92 season wild-card) and losing 41-38.
    2. Blowing a 21-6 lead in Denver with John Elway converting two 4th downs on the final game-winning drive to win for the Broncos 26-24. (’91 divisional playoffs)
    3. Oilers’ WR Mike Renfro having what was clearly a touchdown called back during the ’79 AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh that would have tied the score (Oilers lost 27-13). One of the Oilers’ best moments came just a few hours later, when for the second consecutive year after a loss in the AFC Championship game 70,000 people showed up in the Houston Astrodome to welcome the team home.
    4. Pick: Firing Head Coach Bum Phillips after the 1980 season/Trading Warren Moon after the 1993 season.
    5. Pick: 1993, 2000, 2008 AFC divisional playoff losses. I’d still give the edge to the Oilers 1993 loss hosting the Chiefs, as for the third year in a row they blew a double-digit lead in the playoffs.
    Dyson coming up one-yard short in the Super Bowl shouldn’t count since it came within the larger context of the franchise’s high water mark in recent history – reaching the Super Bowl. Disappointing for Titans fans, but not a worst moment, especially since that season was the franchise’s first in Nashville.

  6. Hopefully that photo was used as one of the worst moments for their merchandsising designer’s poor choice of slanted solid colors across their caps. Yuck.

    Did anyone else notice the Mavericks gaudy caps they were given after they beat Miami?

  7. How about the ridiculous 59-0 loss to the Patriots in 2009? Not only was it one of the most laughable blowouts in NFL history, that game also put an exclamation point on the team’s miserable 0-6 start, with each loss more humiliating than one before. (This from team that had gone 13-3 the previous season, and with most of the previous season’s roster and coaching staff still intact.)

    Personally, I also think 59-0 was the beginning of the end for Jeff Fisher. I think a number of players quit on him that day on a number of levels, and Fisher was never quite the same after that day.

  8. blowing a 35-3 lead in 3rd quarter to a backup QB, moving to nashville, loss to ravins in 2000, 59-0 loss to pats, firing jeff fisher, signing randy moss, super bowl loss to rams, owner telling other their “#1”, starting out 0-5 in 2006 and just missing the playoffs….. their is more… this is a start

  9. Not sure you can say the Oilers moving to Nashville is a bad moment given that 20 people showed up to protest the move and the fact that for every disappointed Houstonian you probably had an equal if not more excited denizen of Nashville. But the 20 people showing up thing? I was of the opinion to give LA a franchise before Houston ever would get one again after I read about that. That was just sad.

  10. I was at the 1993 AFC wildcard game vs the Bills. Trust me and I’m not a fan of Houston/Tennessee/Buffalo….. this WAS your worst moment in the organizations history. Not only did you blow a 32 point lead, but you blew it to a second string quarterback. The ONLY thing that could top this moment in history is if it had been the Super Bowl.

  11. Blowing a 35-3 lead in the 3rd quarter in the playoffs facing a backup quarterback….

    Not only is that the worst moment in Titans/Oilers history, that may be the worst moment of any team.

  12. I was of the opinion to give LA a franchise before Houston ever would get one again after I read about that. That was just sad.


    It had nothing to do with Houston’s love of football. It was all hate for Bud Adams.

  13. Didn’t the declare the Oilers defunct? As opposed to what happened with the Browns?

  14. @oilersluvyablue

    How about staying within the guidlines, you know, like from the year ’87 and on. If it was team history, you should be able to come up with more than just 6, ecspecially if your a true fan.

  15. On MNF in Houston, who can forget the Oilers losing by about 56 points. Camera focuses in on one of the few fans still watching at the game. The stadium is almost empty. The guy looks over , sees the camera is on him, and flips the camera guy off.

    Cosell and Gifford are speecless in the booth. Don Meredith calmly states: “That’s just a Houston fans way of saying they’re #1”.

    Yep, it hurt to be a Houston fan that night.

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